Reunion: The Second to Last Time We Will Ever See Siggy

Jersey reunion kim d
The Real Housewives of New Jersey – Season 8, Episode 14,  Reunion Part 1

Melissa is addressed first, and the topic of  Joe springing the restaurant on her comes up. Melissa just repeats she was not pleased about it.  She and Teresa are getting along, and she says nothing will ever come between them again.  I love to hear this.

Margaret is up next. She is not wearing her pigtails tonight, but the topic comes up. Designer Betsey Johnson still wears pigtails at age seventy-five, and also wrote to Margaret about it!  Siggy rolls her eyes at the mention of this, but this reunion will hopefully be the last we see of Siggy.  I’ll deal for now.
Siggy and Margaret start yelling at each other, with Margaret challenging Siggy to “bring it”.  Yes, Margaret!

It’s time to rehash the Margaret and Siggy drama, and look back throughout the season.  Teresa is asked how she feels about the feud, and she says she likes both of the women, but understands the situation they are in.
Siggy still thinks that Margaret intentionally left out Siggy and Dolores.  She also answers a viewer’s comment about how holding a pigtail party was like Mean Girls by saying, “that was the point”.
Apparently now Margaret is getting death threats because Siggy posted a photo to PETA,  of a trophy bear in Margaret’s hallway. Why? Siggy says. “you made fun of my foyer”.
I guess Siggy has to be as ridiculous as possible, since hopefully, this is the last time she will be on the show, and TV in general.

Thankfully, the topic shifts to Danielle and Teresa’s new relationship, and Teresa apologizing to Danielle and her daughter .  Thankfully, they have come a long way from the “prostitution whore” days, and it is great to see how they have mended their friendship.

It’s time to bring up the cake!  We are shown what is basically a long clip of Siggy yelling, and yelling.  Siggy repeats the cake story for all of us, because we have just not heard anything about it all season.  We have not heard about the three tiers, the time and love and care that went into the creation of this cake!  I’m so glad it’s finally coming out now.
Siggy is asked why pouring out wine is ok, but throwing a cake is not?  Oh, because someone took a jab at Michael, which did not happen, and is not an excuse to throw wine around.
Siggy is asked why she humiliated Melissa, and she says she was trying to be entertaining and funny at her party.  She gets called out on this by Melissa and Margaret.  Margaret also tells Siggy she belongs on “Real Housewives of Bellvue“.  Margret, you were doing so well calling out Siggy on her behavior this season without any mental health slurs, damn it!
Siggy apologizes to Melissa, “if you were embarrassed”, which Margaret points out is not an apology.  Teresa thinks Melissa handled things at the party very well.

The topic of Kim D. comes up.  Melissa doesn’t understand why Dolores, and Siggy are friends with her, considering she tries to destroy businesses and families.  Siggy says it’s because he has known her longer, and says that Teresa and Melissa might make up tomorrow.  Margaret mentions that when someone says Teresa’s husband is cheating on her, it doesn’t just effect Teresa, it effects the whole family.  Siggy makes fun of this to Dolores the entire time, because she is a grown up brat.
Andy brings out a surprise, Kim D.  No joke, Kim D. walks out onto the set.

What did we learn tonight – We will never have to see Siggy again after this reunion, so even if she gets even more ridiculous next week, it will be the last time you ever have to hear her yell about cake, or anything else.

There are plenty of ways to call someone out on their abhorrent behavior without resorting to joking that they have mental health issues.

-Aoife, TV Guru



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