Men in America

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Vanderpump Rules – Season 6 Episode 6 – See You Next Tuesday

This episode starts at the early morning hours of Brittany and Jax’s housewarming party.  Brittany is listening to the “audio” as Jax proclaims this is a blackout party.  Lots of drinks plus hearing Jax speak the truth on recording is tough.

Shit gets crazy. Jax smashes a phone in a coke infused rage. James Kennedy runs away from the women like an MC Hammer Rat Man.  Carter caresses Kristen for she has fucked the dark side.  All of this occurs while Brittany is possess-edly screaming bloody murder in the living room.

Lala proclaims “FEMINISM” (essentially) to James Kennedy and plays the recording for 10 women (and Peter in the background).

All of a sudden the audio becomes Ariana’s fault.  Tom Sandoval you suck.  Jax tells Brittany to “Take responsibility for her actions.”  Victim blamer.  You put your dick in Faith and said those words.  The misogyny is rich this episode.  Patrick says that since Schwartz doesn’t remember making out/cheating on Katie it’s essential a dead issue and no big deal.  WHY MEN WHY.

DJ James Kennedy has his dj night on Tuesday at SUR.  He chooses to name it after a female slur. Brittany wants to be with one special person her whole life.  Honey I wouldn’t put your money on Jason Taylor.  In the end Brittany forgives Jax- until he cheats again.

Next week- can’t wait to hear the dirt Lala and James Kennedy have on each other.


One thought on “Men in America

  1. Deidre, I love this recap from the title onward. Brittany and Ariana were on WWHL the night this aired. Everything seems to be peachy with them, and the awful men they are choosing to be with for whatever reasons.
    Love and relationships are complex, but this is infuriating to watch.

    I loved Lala’s FEMINISM moment. Your sentence about Kristin so well describes how Carter was hugging her throughout Brittany’s playing of the recording, and reaction to it.

    The men on this show are all awful, and I really don’t understand how Bravo is still rewarding them for this.


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