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The Real Housewives of Atlanta – Season 10, Episode 10, Storming Out

Porsha and Lauren arrive at a warehouse, where emergency supplies are being shipped   to Houston,  thanks to Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless.  Porsha takes this work seriously, and is inspired by her grandfather, who used to organize emergency supply drives, among other charitable works.  Porsha is also disappointed that none of the women in the group came to help out.
Porsha is about to leave when she gets a call from Shamea, who tells her if she needs anything for the supply drive to let her know.

Cynthia, and Kandi meet for dinner.  Kenya just sent a text saying she will not be joining them. They make fun of the “Elephant in the Room” party. Cynthia is part of a Hurricane Harvey benefit, and invites Kandi.  Kandi explains she has to do things will Riley, and spending time with family is a priority right now.  In case anyone thinks otherwise, Kandi gave generously to charities helping the people of Houston after the hurricane.
Kenya calls, and Cynthia tells her about the event, and invites her.  Kenya can’t make it that weekend either, but Cynthia is bummed out.

Sheree is in her chateau, and gets a call from Tyrone. Sheree decides to tell Tyrone about the Elephant Room, and mentions that Nene has been saying things about him.  Tyrone says he knew Nene from years ago, and that Nene “doesn’t want to go down that road”.  That does not sound omnious and creepy whatsoever. Not at all. Nope.

Porsha, Cynthia, and Lauren drive down to Houston.  Porsha will be attending Cynthia’s event, and Cynthia will be attending Porsha’s event. As soon as they approach, the devastation is evident everywhere. The ladies arrive at Porsha’s event, and put together supplies for the people. They give out love, hugs, and support.  One woman who says ninety-five percent of her community was destroyed comments, “I’m surviving on hugs these days”.
Porsha goes to a local radio station to talk about why she came to Houston. Watching Porsha talk right now makes me love her so much.  She talks about how she could not just sit there anymore, and not do anything.  This is how a lot of people are able to start up their volunteering, advocacy, and activism game.  Anyone can do something to help.

Cynthia and Porsha arrive to the benefit concerts.  Cynthia speaks to an older man who survived hurricanes Katrina, and Harvey.  This episode is going to get to you.
Onstage, Cynthia starts speaking at the benefit, and calls up Porsha, who announces she will be donating five-thousand dollars to the event.
Cynthia meets a fan who just lost his uncle in the storm, and of course, she gives big hugs.
Kenya shows up and surprises the ladies!  She felt like she had to do something, and has a lot of family in Houston, so she came down.

Shamea and Porsha have a talk about their relationship.  Shamea apologizes about the incident at the bad-hat bridal shower where she and Kandi made fun of a medical issue.  They make up, and decide to move on.
Kenya has an event with Habitat For Humanity, but Porsha’s event starts an hour later.
Porsha feels a little hurt that Cynthia is going to Kenya’s event, but isn’t going to her event.  She says she feels like a “sidechick”, after Kenya came to town. I get this is all about helping Houston, but also understand how Porsha felt hurt about this.

Porsha’s, ” A Heart 4 Houston”event, there is a line of people around the block ready to come in.
Kenya and her adorable nieces, Cynthia and her sister Malorie, and the other volunteers are helping rebuild a woman’s home.  They gear up, and get ready to tear up some walls.
Porsha’ event runs out of food, because more people came than expected. She starts crying because she wants everyone who showed up to get a meal.
Kenya, and her team are tearing up some drywall.  Shamea calls, and Porsha tells her to come over and help out.  Shamea arrives, and tells Kenya she is there on behalf of Porsha, who sent her with a donation.  Kenya tells her they will discuss that later, and she should get to work. As they work, Shamea mentions how good it feels to help people, and Kenya shuts her up again.
Porsha is very upset that the event ran out of food, but is happy that a lot of people got some supplies, and music, even if they weren’t able to get a meal.

All of the women go out to dinner after their busy day.  Kenya will be joining them.  The food looks really good. Once again, because of the food, I actually want to be at a Housewives disaster dinner,
Porsha brings up how she feels about Cynthia not going to her event, and how she feels like Cynthia dropped her when Kenya came to town.  Cynthia tells us in confessional that Porsha should be happy anyone from the group is supporting her.  Shamea says that she feels like Kenya was down in Houston “for the wrong reasons”.  Cynthia shuts that down.
Kenya arrives, and Shamea feels like she was being dismissed when she came over to assist.  Kenya keeps interrupting her by ordering drinks, and is totally dismissive of Shamea.  Kenya tells us it’s not about Shamea and her feelings, it’s about the people of Houston.  Kenya tells her this, and that letting it go “is a better look”.
Porsha and Kenya get into an argument about if this is the right time to discuss this.  Cynthia tells Kenya that feels were hurt here, so it is better to talk about it.  Shamea tries to say something to Kenya again, and Kenya walks off into the bathroom.  Porsha goes to see how Kenya is doing.  Kenya yells that these women are why Marc doesn’t want to be on the show, then takes off her microphone. Porsha walks in, Kenya tells the camera goodbye, flips the bird, and walks off.
Cynthia leaves the restaurant to go after Kenya, who is in her car.  Kenya dismisses Cynthia, and drives off.

What did we learn this week-  You can do all kinds of things to help people, even if you can’t take out drywall while being rude, or host a benefit. Small actions count, and help a lot. If you can do bigger things like organize events, go for it!

-Aoife, TV Guru


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