Stress-Filled Spa Party!

beverly fun
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Season 8, Episode 6, Wham Glam, Thank you Ma’am

Ken, and Lisa discuss the lawsuit with the manager of Vanderpump Dogs.  A woman is suing Ken and Lisa for renegging on being a partner in a business.  Lisa feels like Ken is brushing things aside, but is hurting more than he is showing, since his integrity is being attacked.  Nothing was mentioned about an assault charge, so I am wondering where Lisa Rinna gets her harmful gossip.

Teddi goes to the spa.  She tells her facialist Josh, about how she wants to have a spa event for the ladies, since they were so nice to her in Vegas on her birthday.  I hope there will be no drama at spa night, but you know there will be plenty of it.

Erika, and Dorit are going to pick out a birthday present for PK, a Pagani.  There are only one hundred of this particular model in the entire world, and it costs three million dollars.  The two go for a test drive, and Erika gets behind the wheel first.  Erika says it feels like a spaceship, and feels like the Pagani blows away her Lamborghini.  Dorit says there is no way she is going to spend three million dollars on a car, but at least the two ladies had a lot of fun on this test drive.

Teddi calls Dorit, to ask her to come to the spa party earlier, so they can talk.  Dorit thinks it’s weird, but agrees.  I’m assuming this is not going to go well.
Dorit arrives on time. She doesn’t anyone “touching her face”, except her own skincare team.  That sounds fair enough.  Teddi says she doesn’t appreciate that Dorit left her waiting for fifty four minutes.  Dorit once again disputes this. Teddi mentions that Kyle told her that Dorit said it was six minutes. Dorit asks Teddi if she thinks Dorit deliberately made up what time it was to sound like she wasn’t late.  Teddi says Dorit should have come to her and talked about this, not Kyle. Dorit says, “don’t be ridiculous, Teddi”, of course she is going to talk to her friends about this.  It’s so easy to say, I’m sorry I kept you waiting.  So easy!
Dorit tells Teddi she is making this into a “big thing”, and asks Teddi if she told any of the other girls about this.  Teddi says she did, but Dorit calls her a hypocrite.  Nothing seems to be resolved.

The other women arrive, and Rinna is first.  Rinna says he always needs a spa day. Dorit makes sure to change her glass, and make sure she is drinking wine out of a wine glass, not a champagne flute!  I understand this, but sometimes in life, just deal.  Dorit talks about PK’s fiftieth birthday party.  She is renting out a huge yacht, and he has never had anyone throw a party for him in his entire life.  Dorit has a slew of surprises lined up, including flying in PK’s family. She says it will be black tie.  Vanderpump arrives, and tells Rinna she heard she was spreading gossip about Ken. Rinna says it was in the paper, but Vanderpump wonders why Rinna didn’t talk to her first.  Rinna tells us in confession that Vanderpump has talked about her plenty of times, so Rinna doesn’t care that she was talking about her this time.
Dorit gets into a heated argument with Kyle, over Kyle’s telling Teddi about the lateness incident.  Kyle doesn’t want to hear it, and just wants a massage.

Camille arrives.  Dorit yells at Teddi, who tells her to drop it.  Dorit rudely tells her to consider it dropped.
All the ladies start getting massages, and a lot of  vagina jokes are made.
Dorit goes over to Camille to apologize for the comments she made while she was blackout drunk.  Camille says it was the “c word”, and the strap-on comments that hurt the most.  Camille accepts Dorits apology, and thinks it is genuine, but says it will take a lot before she will trust this woman.

What did we learn this week- Do not ever throw any events for groups of Housewives ever, especially if there is unresolved dramarama.

-Aoife, TV Guru


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