Kim D. and Hitler Can’t Have Their Cake and Eat It Too

jersey reunion andy sock

The Real Housewives of New Jersey- Season 8, Episode 15, Reunion Part 2 

Last time on part one of the reunion, Kim D walked out on the stage, and she and Teresa started arguing. Bravo must be paying her well enough for this appearance. Andy asks Siggy, and Dolores if it was worth it to cause such problems with the women to walk in Kim D’s fashion show.  Dolores says yes, because it helped out two families. Teresa, and Kim D yell some more.

Andy interrupts, but is drowned out by Teresa and Kim D.  Melissa says she heard Kim D took money from the fundraiser, and then more yelling commences.  Melissa tells Kim D
that she comes for the jugular, as Andy puts it she “goes under the belt”.  Kim D. seems very proud of the fact that she spread rumors about Teresa.  Teresa asks Kim D. how she affords her lifestyle, then alleges that it is “that prostitution company you have”.  Damn, Teresa!

Andy asks if Teresa is saying Kim D. is a Madam, and she says yes.  Andy asks Kim D. if she is one, and Kim D. says he is not a madam, but she would be if she wanted to be one . She accuses Teresa of stealing from people, and then Melissa, Teresa and Kim D. just all yell at each other. Siggy says she is praying they can get through this.  Melissa tells Siggy that she can’t have her cake and eat it too. Cake.  I don’t know whether this was intentional on Melissa’s part, but I love it either way.
Kim D. ends by telling us she is not a trouble maker, and that these women are evil.
We hope Kim is about to leave. Then, Andy brings up the 2010, hair-pulling incident involving Danielle at one of Kim D.’s infamous fashion shows.  The two women yell at each other, and Andy sends Kim D. on her way.  I get that this reunion needed some drama, but Kim D. is always a disaster.

The Dolores vs. Danielle fight comes up.  Dolores tells Danielle that she just made up that story about what she said about Teresa. There is arguing, Dolores calls Danielle a pathological liar, and asks what kind of drugs she was on during one of their fights. Danielle calls her a skank, and eventually storms off.  Dolores says she loves messing with Danielle like this, and tells Teresa good luck with Danielle.

It’s Hitler discussion time!  We are shown Margaret’s Hitler comment, Siggy’s resulting continuous blowup, Margaret’s apology, and then argument between Siggy and her dad about whether or not Margaret is really anti-Semetic.
Margaret does the usual,” I know Jews, and love Jews, so I can say these things like Jews without being a Jew” nonsense.   Siggy yells at her, and tells her she doesn’t “give a fuck” that her children were raised Jewish.  The other ladies think Margaret is not an anti-Semite, and Margaret says that being called an anti-Semite is worse than her Hitler comment.  Danielle says it upset her to see how upset Margaret was after Siggy called her that.  Siggy and Margaret yell at each other some more, and yell over each other.  Margaret yells that everyone she loves is Jewish.  Andy says he called his parents, who were not offended by the Hitler comment, and neither was he.  Andy, you don’t come from a Shoah survivor family, so hush.  Siggy repeats that she DGAF, this time about what Andy and his parents think.  I agree with Siggy on Andy chiming in.

Andy brings out a lovely three-tiered cake that looks just like the cake that was thrown at Melissa’s party.  Everyone eats the cake, and does not throw it.  Except for Hitler, who is dead, and Kim D., who has long since slithered off the set.

What did we learn this week- Kim D. seems to have hit another new low.  I wonder if she is a perfectly lovely person who is paid to act like a malicious gossiper on TV. I guess that will remain one of History’s Mysteries.  Jersey Housewife edition.

I hope there is no cake-related drama next season, and whatever the main topic of drama is nothing like throwing some cake. Who will replace Siggy?  What horrible things will Andy bring Kim D. back to do, or say? We’ll find out next season!

-Aoife, TV Guru




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