All Stars Three: Seventh Grade Talent Show Challenge

All stars work roomRuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars, Season 3, Episode 1, All Star Variety Show

We get a little treat before things start!  A Handmaid’s Tale parody starring Chad Michaels, and Alaska.

Trixie is the first one to literally roll into the workroom on skates, and almost falls, then falls.
Milk enters second, dressed in Milk couture from wig to toe that she
Bayou Queen Chi Chi De Vayne walks in in a bright yellow ensemble made of trash bags, and she looks great.
Thorgy comes in with a clown theme, wearing a wig made out of pom-pom materials.  Chi Chi tells us Thorgy complained on her season that Bob was the reason why she didn’t win, so we’ll all see what she brings now.  Slightly over five minutes in, and it’s the first shady comment thrown at a specific queen.
Morgan McMichaels makes her entrance, saying she is back from the dead!  Chi Chi sees Morgan at someone to beat, because she works seven days a week, and is a threat. Milk makes some comment at Morgan, and Morgan tells us she hates people who act like divas.
Aja walks in, and tells everyone she has had a lot of work done on her skin and face. Several people tell her she didn’t need to do work on her chin, but Aja tells us she doesn’t feel like a “ugly duckling” now.
BenDeLaCreme is here, wearing a recycled version of her Miss Congeniality gown.  When in confessional, and out of drag, he wears a purple Jughead crown hat!  Milk says she surprised she is alive, Morgan, throws some shade.  I am surprised by these comments, since BenDeLa seems to tour when she wants, and likes to otherwise work at home, in Seattle.
Kennedy Davenport makes the best entrance, in a yellow, and mirrored- disco dots from her dress, to her face, to her hair, and a disco ball. Chi Chi is of course happy to see her mentor, Trixie says Kennedy looks like Chi Chi in the future, and calls her look  “the white noise of fugly”.
A Tiffany-blue box comes in to the workroom, and Shangela pops out, wearing an oversized, Minnie Mouse-style bow, and a Hallelu dress.

Ru enters the workroom, wearing all red. He tell us there is one more queen he would like to introduce into the competition. As a lot of you may have heard, it is indeed Bebe Zahara Benet! Yes she has won a season of Drag Race before, but as Ru points out, 2009 was a long time ago, and the prize money was a lot less.
The eliminiation rules are same as last All Stars. The top-two winner of Lip Sync For Your Legacy will send home one of the queens in the bottom two.

It’s already time for The Reading Room!  Thorgy is first, and makes a comment about Bob, who isn’t even there. Chi Chi calls Thorgy’s wig, “Christmas With the Kranks”. Milk reads with her wig in her face.  Morgan is good, Shangela does a really good job, and is always an entertainer.  Trixie is hilarious, Aja is good, BenDeLa is great. I think it’s between Shangela, Trixie, and BenDeLa.  Bebe goes, and than the library is closed.  BenDeLaCreme wins the challenge!  Where has she been since season six, some of the contestants ask?  Apparently sharpening her reading skills.

Ru tells us that the maxi challenge this week is an All Stars variety show, which will really be a talent competition.

It’s time to get settled in the workroom, and get ready!  Bebe has a self-proclaimed Oprah moment explaining why she wanted to come to All Stars.  Morgan tells BenDeLa, and Trixie that her strategy will be to send strong people home. Aja thinks it’s a great strategy, but Morgan should not have said anything to the others.
Bebe is amazing in confession, complaining how everyone is “all kissy kissy”, and fake nice, but this will be a competition!  Morgan says everyone’s true colors will come out tonight as soon as the top, and bottom contestants are announced.  Trixie talks about how  Drag Race was the scariest thing she’s ever done with drag, and BenDeLa says when she had to leave on her season, she was devastated.
Kennedy starts talking loudly about Aja, saying she is “fresh meat even though she’s been doing drag for six years”.  Aja tells us in confessional, she is happy the other girls are underestimating what a threat she is.

It’s time for the min competition!  Ru enters wearing a hot pink and orange, half sequinsed gown, half faux fur gown, with matching tribble hair pieces. The guest judge tonight is Vanessa Hudgens.
We see everyone’s talent entries.  First up, Shangela sings, dances and performs.
Bebe does a performance to her Cameroon single, where she gives us some serious African-inspired dancing. It felt so good to watch her!
Thorgy plays a piece on the violin, then does some cartwheels!  Then, she plays some more on the violin.
Aja come out in full voguing mode, with a hot lip sync routine.  She does a death drop halfway, then at the end, she jumps over a three, or four foot cube, and does a death drop  from that height. We are all slain by this performance.
Kenedy is next, doing a dance number which gets everyone going, with some serious  hair whipping, and doing cartwheels onto the cube off which Aja had death dropped.
BenDeLa gives us a comedy burlesque number where she is wearing too many breast coverings.
ChiChi does a majorette dance number, with a baton, then does some cartwheels, and a split.
Morgan does a lipsync routine, and she looks great. That’s about all I can say.
Trixie dresses like Dolly Parton, and plays the autoharp. Trixie performs her own single, “Moving Parts”.
Milk does a performance art lip sync piece where she changes outfits like a paper doll.

Ru chooses who is safe, and the safe girls leave the stage. Aja, BenDeLa, Chi Chi, Morgan, Shangela and Thorgy are left onstage.
Shangela is judged first. Ross gives her a ten, guest judge Vanessa Hudgens loves it, Michelle tells her no more body suits, since there are four queens on the stage wearing bodysuits
Thorgy is next, Michelle loved that she married drag and classical music, a nice compliment from Michelle!
Aja is next. Carson says he loved the reveals, Ross says she was amazing tonight, Michelle loved it.  I agree, Aja!
BenDeLa is next. Ross says he always can’t wait to see what she does next.
Chi Chi is next, and is told she should have not worn flats, and her performance was flat.
Morgan is last, Michelle says Morgan’s bodysuit is her favorite bodysuit of the night, and that she seemed nervous tonight. Ross also notes something was off, and she should knock it off.
Ru decides that Aja, and BenDeLaCreme are the top queens of the week. Chi Chi, and Morgan are the bottom two.  Morgan is immediately upset that she was voted into bottom two the first night of the competition.

The queens are all backstage, BenDeLa suggests that they establish some kind of elimination code like last season.  Everyone wants to go by the judge’s critiques, but Kennedy thinks everything should be taken into consideration. Shangela points out in confession that everyone last season went against the code.
BenDeLa gives Chi Chi a pep talk.  Aja gives Morgan a pep talk.  Aja thinks she will win Lip Sync For Your Life, but is torn about who she would eliminate.
Morgan makes her case to BenDeLa, in case DeLa wins LSFYL.

The judges entertain themselves by making Vanessa do a LSFYL against a porkchop. This is one of the highlights of the night, and the queens were already fantastic.  Bravo, writers!

It’s over-dramatic elimination time! BenDeLa, and Aja both say they are going with what the judges said.  Lip Sync For Your Legacy begins!  The song is Anaconda, by Nicki Minaj, so I can’t wait to see what these two do. Aja is werking the hell out of the song, voguing with costume changes.  BenDeLa is bringing her comedy skills.  Ru laughs throughout entire performance, so it is no surprise that she announces BenDeLa as the winner.
Chi Chi and Morgan come back onstage.  BenDeLa sends Morgan home, and explain that she did not bring her best, and that her elimination strategy went against those of all the other girls.

Morgan is visited backstage by Ru on a monitor, telling her she has a chance for revenge.  I’m pretty sure Morgan watched last season like everyone else , so she feigns confusion about what it all means.

What did we learn this week-  Again, if you were wondering where DeLa has been since season six, she has been improving , and growing as a drag artist enough to win both challenges on the premiere episode of All Stars 3.

Aja killed it tonight by doing a death drop over that cube, and then Kennedy killed it when she cartwheeled onto that cube. Aja is definitely a threat, and I love it.  Tonight is just a small part of what we never got to see on season nine.  Kennedy is here to win, and you can see she is focused on her goal.  This is going to be a season to remember!

-Aoife, TV Guru



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