Will, You Leave This Party: Men in America

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta – Season 10, Episode 11 – Tea Is of the Essence

Porsha tells us is a new vegan, and she and Chef Gully are making  a meal.  Portia invites Kim, since no one else is vegetarian, or vegan. Kim has apparently been a vegetarian since childhood. Excitement abounds!

The two of them have gotten to know each other. Kim says she really likes Porsha, and she is like a breath of fresh air in this group of ladies. Porsha tells Kim she will be throwing a vegan party, but won’t tell any of the women it will be a vegan dinner.
Kim asks about Houston, and Porsha tells her the story of Kenya’s pop-up, and resulting drama.  Kim talk trash about how hard Kenya has been pretending that she is in a real marriage. This woman is such an absolute delight. I really hope she is not like this when there are no cameras around.

Nene has lunch with a special friend, and new Housewife, Eva Marcille!  Eva, in case you don’t know, won America’s Top Model, and has done a lot of reality television since then. Eva talks about how living in Atlanta is a fresh start. Nene invites Eva to Kandi’s Essence cover party.
Eva talks about dating Michael Sterling, who was running for mayor of Atlanta at the time of taping.

It’s Kandi’s Essence Magazine cover reveal party! This is a large affair.
Porsha comes over to say hello to Kandi and Todd, gets no hug, but Kandi is still civil.  Mama Joyce is there, and Kenya arrives bearing flowers. Cynthia goes over to talk to Kenya, who she has not spoken to since Kenya drove off into the Houston night.
Nene, Eva, and Gregg are driving to the event, and Nene reflects on her own Essence over.  Nene tells Eva about Will.  Eva says that she met Will recently, but he was with his girlfriend.  Eva also says it didn’t seem like a new relationship.  Nene is rightfully concerned.
Kim and Kroy arrive. Kandi is not super happy to see them, but again, is very civil and does give hugs.
Cynthia’s night gets weirder, as Marlo points out that Peter is at the party. Will is with Cynthia as her date, and Cynthia has never been in this situation before.
Todd and Kandi give speeches, afterwards, Kandi gets hugs from one of the other women in Xscape, LaTosha Scott.  Everyone in Atlanta is at this party!

Nene and Eva, tell Kandi, Kenya, and Marlo the news about Will.  Kenya immediately sprints away, to pull Cynthia off to the side to tell her the news.  As Kenya is telling Cynthia, Nene and friends roll up outside to make sure Cynthia gets the correct information.  Eva tells Cynthia what happened the night she met Will.  Will comes out and Kenya tells him to basically get away from Cynthia, and takes him to the side.  She asks him about the incident, and he said it happened seven months ago.  Eva said it happened two months prior to the night of the party. Kenya, and I do not buy Will’s story.

Cynthia tells Will she knows they are not exclusive, but she doesn’t want to date someone who is dating someone else.  Will calls Eva over and tries to turn everything on her.  He literally tells Eva this situation is all her fault. How dare you talk to any woman like that Will, how dare you talk to Eva like that! Leave, and take all the other men like you, with you. Bye.  Also, opp
Eva mentions to Will, and everyone watching, several times that she has only met him one time, he was with a girlfriend, and that afterward he claimed he become friends with her and Michael.  Will admits he was dating someone that night.  Nene, and Kenya tell us in their confessionals exactly how they feel about Will.
Will tells Eva he wished she had talked to him first, as if they are friends, or even know each other. Will, I guess you are not only a liar, but you are delusional as well.  Will announces that he is leaving, I don’t think anyone is sad to see him go, except maybe Cynthia. He goes back inside the party, presumably to leave.
Cynthia is appreciative to Eva for telling her what happened, and asks the other women to please tell her if they know something. Someone from the group speaks up, but this is all  to be continued next week. Oh snap!  Yes! This is how you end an episode with a cliffhanger! Bravo to you, Bravo.

What did we learn this week-  Readers, please pass along the message that no man should ever talk to anyone the way Will talked to Eva tonight. Men, if someone confronts you about something you actually did, don’t turn it on them. Also, don’t treat anyone like Will treated Cynthia.

Now that Eva is Atlanta’s newest Housewife, I hope we get to see more of  her. Atlanta fans only get Nene every other week, I hope this is not a new trend for the franchise.

-Aoife, TV Guru



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