PK Party: On Her Majesty’s Constant Drama

beverly hills boy george
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Season 8, Episode 7, Birthday Fever

Erika and Kyle go shnopping!   They talk about having Pretty Woman shopping moments.  Erika says that store staff used to be rude to her.  Tom has recovered enough to go back to the office, which is good news. Erika tells Kyle that she and Dorit went to test drive sexy cars, and that PK’s party will have a 007 theme. When they leave the store, they are happy the staff at the store was so nice, and they did not have a Pretty Woman moment. I take solace in my assumption that Erika had that moment where people working in stores were finally forced to treat her like a human being.

Dorit, and Vanderpump are on a huge, multi-storied yacht to check out the setting for PK’s birthday. Dorit mentions she and PK will be flying in on a helicopter.  Boy George suggested that she and him sing “Fever” for PK, and Lisa is not very enthusiastic about that. At least when she wants to, Lisa can be an honest friend. Vanderpump mentions that Teddi was talking about a friend making a fuss about wine in a champagne glass. Dorit mentions she was that friend, and she doesn’t appreciate Teddi talking about it. Lisa thinks Teddi is a lovely person, and tries to convince Dorit to see where she is coming from.

Dorit, and George are going to go practice singing at PK’s birthday, and the cover story for PK is they are taking George shopping. They go to the studio, and are joined by Erika, and Mikey. George, Mikey, and Erika all give Dorit some tips. Erika shows her some moves onstage, Mikey shows her some moves offstage. I would like a karaoke help session with Erika, Boy George, and Mikey.  In case you were wondering, Mikey did not suggest that Dorit pat the puss.

Dorit has told PK that they are having a casual dinner for their birthday.  She has laid out a white tie outfit for him, and he wonders why she wants him to dress up.  Dorit tells him she wants him to dress like James Bond, because he is her James Bond.  PK seems to react well to this, but Dorit wonders how she is going to get him on the helicopter.

Everyone arrives on the birthday party yacht! Dorit’s parents, and PK’s family are there, Boy George, and Camille schmooze.
Dorit and PK arrive at the airport, and PK is certain they are going to Vegas.  Dorit does not say a thing, and they fly off.  As they land on the yacht, PK looks really, really happy.
PK and Dorit walk in, and PK is overwhelmed by seeing his friends and family, and there being a surprise party for him.  PK cries a little, and is beaming.
All of the ladies, and their husbands are at the same table, except for Dorit, and Lisa, who are at the main table.  Lisa Rinna talks a little to Erika about how she is ready to go act on Days of Our Lives again, which makes me thrilled.
In a private room, Erika gives Dorit one last performance lesson.  Dorit says Erika’s support is the only thing getting her through her nervousness.
Dorit goes on stage, and starts a speech to PK.  PK says she is going to make him cry again.
George and Dorit perform, and Dorit has taken alllll of Erika and Mikey’s advice in regards to dance moves. She is adorable.  PK loves it, Vanderpump is very impressed, and says it went much better than she thought it would.
Afterward, Dorit’s father asks her mother if she will be performing like that for him.

For some reason, Dorit picks this time to talk to Teddi about her talking to Vanderpump about the drinking glass comments.  This is not going to be good for anyone.
Teddi talks about how they should appreciate their differences, and that Dorit did a really good job singing.  Vanderpump, and Kyle walk over. Lisa explains the difference between a wine glass and a champagne glass.  Teddi says she feels like she is being talked down to, and Dorit says it is basic etiquette.  Teddi feels like this is some classist bs, and she is correct.  Kyle stands up for Teddi, and Dorit yells at her for it. Dorit gets more angry, says that she is being made to look like a villain calls Teddi a psycho, Kyle is over it, and walks away.  Teddi asks Dorit if they can move on, and Dorit says not if she is going to keep mistreating her.  What?

What did we learn this week-  If you ever find yourself in a Pretty Woman situation at a shop, remember this line from the show, Absolutely Fabulous.  Also try, “Oi, shopkeep!”, the way Eddie does in the beginning of that scene from Ab Fab.

Don’t start drama at parties, especially one you threw.  Even if it’s in the script, don’t do it.
Also, realize the rest of the world doesn’t care if you were brought up in a wealthy family where you learned booze glass etiquette.

-Aoife, TV Guru


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