Pride n Pasta

Screenshot-2018-1-9 vanderpump rules - Google Search

Vanderpump Rules – Season 6 Episode 7 – It’s Not About the Pasta

This episode begins with Jax almost showing emotion.  The Reiki healer got to his psyche so instead he sexualized her to diminish the experience.  Scheana continues to be obsessed with herself and her rumor.  She won’t shut up and she keeps perpetuating it.  I do find it hilarious that her boyfriend doesn’t kiss her….

James tells his buds Logan and Lala that him and Raquel are moving in together.  No one cares.  So he tells Lala she’s a bitch and she fucks her fat boyfriend so he pays her rent.  That’s what friends are for.

Scheana opens SUR for Pride Fest while Rob sets her up on camera with a conversation foreshadowing their breakup.  Lisa has Billie Lee speak about being transgender in front of the crowd at SUR.  Somehow her and Jax have things in common.

James shovels down the vodka red bulls with Logan while Raquel looks bored.  Well she’s bored until she realizes her boyfriend is in love with Logan.  Lisa getting Scheana a plate of french fries becomes a storyline. WOW.

Next week Schwartz rails on Scheana and the James/Logan affair comes to light!!!





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