Barcelona is Brutal

atlanta porsha marlo
The Real Housewives of Atlanta – Season 10, Episode 14, Barcelona Breakdown

It’s the morning after last night’s hard partying, and everyone is slowly getting up.
Over breakfast, the topic comes up of why Kim took a video of roaches in Nene’s bathroom, instead of why Nene was talking some ableist nonsense about Kim.  Kim told Sheree she was trying to take a selfie, and taped the roaches.  No one at the table buys it, because there is no mirror visible, and she got close up on the floors.  This is some weirdness for sure, but there were so many things Nene could have said about Kim that did not involve her medical issues.

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Soup Night at Studio 54: A Rupaulhol Production

all stars ruhol2RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars – Season 3, Episode 5, Pop Art Ball

Everyone returns to the workroom to a genuinely sweet mirror message from Chi Chi.  The queens all appreciate it. Kennedy says Chi Chi is almost like her daughter, and will miss her. Love that Chi Chi!
Trixie is very happy she is safe, and Shangela wants to let Trixie know she can trust her to make an alliance with her.  Shangela did not make any Game of Throne references, which will make one of my friends happy, but I kind of want to hear some more.
BenDeLa tells the group that now it is getting harder to make fair decisions.  Trixie jokes that everyone should keep it nice with the mirror messages.

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Vanderpump Puppet Fight: NYC Edition

beverly dinner fight
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Season 8,  Episode 10, The Big Apple Bites

Camille, Teddi, and Kyle all get together for lunch.  Kyle reminds the ladies not to put their purses on the floor, because of a superstition I have never heard of before tonight. You do not put your purse on the floor in New York City for different reasons, such as, in New York City, you never know what is on the floor.  Teddi tells Kyle what Dorit said the night before, about Vanderpump abandoning the dinner the three of them had together. Kyle is upset, and wants to immediately tell Lisa.

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It’s Always Shady in Barcelona…and Abelist

Atlanta barcelona
The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Season 10, Episode 13, Livin’ la Villa Loca

It’s Barcelona time, and the women are on the drama bus, on the way back from the airport. Cynthia hands everyone a bucket list of fun ideas, and everyone has to do some challenges.  One is to act like Kandi for a day, and everyone wants to do that challenge.
People wonder where Kim and Kenya are, and Nene explains that Kim is not there, because she wanted to come with Kroy, and it was a girls trip.  Then, she goes on an ableist adventure, saying Kim has had every illness in the world, a stroke, a blood clot,  cancer, thyroid problems, open heart surgery, so she should be able to go on a trip. Also, did she really have cancer?  Nene, and whoever asked about the cancer, are you kidding me? Does every Housewives franchise have to do this Web MD nonsense?

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Are You Ready For Some Snatch Game

all stars worroom trixie ajaRuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars, Season 3, Episode 4, All Stars Snatch Game

It’s everyone’s favorite episode of the season, SNATCH GAME!
The queens enter the workroom to see that Milk has written “This is bogus” on the mirror. Shangela comments that the mirror messages have been very shady, and there have only been three eliminations. Kennedy talks about her decision to choose Milk, and no one says a word, or disagrees.  BenDeLa tells Chi Chi that she voted for her to be eliminated. Chi Chi isn’t pleased to hear it, but does not take it personally.  Trixie feels like there is no comfort level, and no real rules for elimination.

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Birthday Battle

Screenshot-2018-1-12 vanderpump rules - Google Search

Vanderpump Rules – Season 6 Episode 10 – Screams and Queens

Stassi and Ariana plan their epic birthday parties on the same day.  Stassi’s Murder theme versus Ariana’s Queen theme.  At the bar the Toms’ stand around hungover looking at rubble.  Then they finally write a big fat check and become official partners with Lisa and Ken.  I bet they can barely pay for the flooring with that money but kudos to them for having any capital.

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Keep Beverly Hills Weird

beverly erika dorit beach
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Season 8, Episode 9, That Was Weird

It is morning at Teddi’s beach house.  We are shown drunken fun from the night before, including Kyle sticking her nude-colored bra almost into Vanderpump’s semi-turned away face. This is of course, minus Erika, who stayed at a hotel because she had cramps.
Erika walks into the house, and Kyle tells her she missed all the fun, including Lisa giving Kyle a wedgie. Dorit tells us in confessional she is upset that no one is bringing up Erika leaving, because everyone had been talking about it since the previous night.

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No Beef, All Wig

Atlanta mama joyce porshaaThe Real Housewives of Atlanta, Season 10, Episode 12, Peaches Be Trippin’

We were left at Kandi’s party, in the middle of some Will drama, and Porsha is about to tell Cynthia was she has been hearing about Will. We have been waiting for this moment for two weeks, because it would have aired the same time as the Superbowl halftime show. Two weeks waiting for this, so let us hear it!

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Snatchelor Party

dragrace bitchelorRuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars, Season 3, Episode 3, The Bitchelor

The queens return to the workroom, and are not pleased to see that, before she left, Thorgy drew a penis on the mirror.  Milk tells everyone to calm down, because Thorgy is a clown, and it is a joke.  Kennedy says she does not think it was appropriate, and then Milk calls her a clown.  Kennedy is not having this right now.

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