Snatchelor Party

dragrace bitchelorRuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars, Season 3, Episode 3, The Bitchelor

The queens return to the workroom, and are not pleased to see that, before she left, Thorgy drew a penis on the mirror.  Milk tells everyone to calm down, because Thorgy is a clown, and it is a joke.  Kennedy says she does not think it was appropriate, and then Milk calls her a clown.  Kennedy is not having this right now.

The focus turns to BenDeLa. She is having a difficult time talking who she voted for, and what her determining factor was in voting.  Shangela feels this is more of DeLa’s fake nice nonsense, because she won’t talk about this.
Milk brings up the point that there isn’t as much one can do portraying drag Stevie Nicks, in the same way it is to do Mariah Carey.  Shangela tells us in confessional, if this was season three, she would throw a cocktail in Milk’s face, but Beyonce has shown her the way since then.
Kennedy gets into it with Milk again.  Aja tells us in confession that she is glad she isn’t involved in any of this current drama.

Another day, another challenge announcement!  Ru tells the contestants that they will be on The Bitchelor, and will each be improving an assigned role. Aja is the needy girl. Keynedy is the party girl.  Trixie is the fake bitch. Milk is the “psycho” stalker.  BenDeLa is the cougar. Bebe is the shy virgin. Chi Chi and Shangela will be a polyamorous couple, and Shangela will be more interested in Chi Chi, than the Bitchelor.

Bebe is excited that she will be the shy virgin, and wants to make her an African princess.  BenDeLa tries to give her some comedy advice to maybe play the virgin part in a different way. Bebe thinks it’s funny, but wants to do things her way.
Milk says it will be fun to play a stalker, and says she kind of staked her current on myspace. She and Trixie seem to have a good working vibe together.

It’s time for The Bitchelor!!  Jeffery Bowyer-Chapman from Unreal is playing the role of The Bitchelor.
The first girl is Bebe who is playing her African princess part to the hilt, dropping rose petals everywhere.
BenDeLa is hilarious as The Cougar, wearing a short blond haircut, pink mini-dress with a large pair of breasts constantly popping out, and showing as much fake vagina as possible.  Trixie, the fake bitch, talks on her phone, and leaves getting Jeffery’s name wrong.  Milk says her character has had to move around a lot for different reasons, and makes it clear she is the stalker.  Aja comes out of the limo already in tears, crying to Jeffery, and gives us an amazing confessional, where she gives us a hint of disturbed.  Kennedy is hilarious as the party girl, wearing fangs, overpadding on the breasts and behind, and has her own booze.  Shangela and Chi Chi are adorable as the polyamorous couple.  Chi Chi loves limos!

All Stars bitchelorr

The girls go on their two on one dates with Jeffery!  BenDeLa and Bebe are first.  BenDeLa pours Jeffery’s drink into hers, and chugs a banana, and ends up rubbing whatever part of it she didn’t shove down her throat onto her breasts.  Bebe is giggling, and being cute, then BenDeLa asks Jeffery if he’s ever removed a catheter.  DeLa is clearly outshining Bebe here.
Trixie and Milk are next.  Trixie is hilarious, and spends most of her time on the phone,  saying Jeffery is an LA two. Milk is playing a decent enough stalker. Shangela feels like Trixie isn’t acting in order to be a fake bitch.  Bebe thinks Milk is going “wayyyyyyyy” overboard. Trixie is great!
Kennedy and Aja are next.  Aja goes on Jeffery’s lap, Kennedy pulls a bottle of vodka out of her crotch.  She offers a toast to love, and Jeffery’s “nice ass”.  During Jeffery’s massage, Aja almost bursts out laughing, because Kennedy is making everyone laugh. During the judge’s critiques, Jeffery tells Kennedy that every time she said something, he had a very hard time not laughing.
The last date is with polyamorous couple Shangela, and ChiChi with Jeffery in the hot tub.  Shangela reveals to us, that she wants to get Jeffery’s sperm so she and Chi Chi can have a baby.
It is time for The Bitchelor to hand out his eggplant.  To everyone’s surprise, Jeffery gives his eggplant to Ru, and the queens all react in character. This was a good challenge, and Kennedy killed this.

It’s time to work on runway looks.  Chi Chi says she is feeling bad.  She thought she has elevated her drag, but is nervous that she won’t be able to keep up with the other girls.
Trixie talks about how for once, she would like to win a challenge.
BenDeLa asks Shangela and Milk, who they think is in their bottom three.  Shangela mentions Milk, but Milk thinks she will be on the top two this week.
Kennedy talks with Chi Chi about Milk.  Aja overhears, and thinks Kennedy is a great queen, and she absolutely belongs in this competition.  Kennedy says that she felt like Milk has thrown her under the bus, and they have not spoken to each other since the other day.  Aja comes over, and essentially tells Kennedy that Milk is like this with everyone, and Kennedy has nothing to worry about in terms of what she’s been doing on All Stars.

It’s wig reveal runway time!!  Everyone must pull a Roxxy Andrews, removing one wig to reveal another. Trixie walks out dressed like Lady Bunny, then reveals a short wig.  Aja doe a triple reveal, dressed like a super kawaii anime character, in a vinyl bodysuit covered in puffy bows, with a pink wig as her third reveal.  Kennedy also does a triple reveal, from afro, to pink, to short platinum. Shangela comes out dressed as the glitteriest, unshucked ear of corn I have ever seen, and her wig reveal shows us a green vine-like wig with popcorn.
Ru decides that Kennedy and BenDeLa are the winners of the week,  Milk, Aja, and Chi Chi are in the bottom three. Aja should not be going home this week, because she rocked her runway look, and even Michelle loved it!
I don’t know if Milk, or Chi Chi will be going home.  Chi Chi is loveable, whereas no one seems to want Milk around, and both were on the same level for both challenges.

Backstage, the girls toast to Kennedy for her comeback this week.  Milk once again tells the others, she did not see it coming that she would be in the bottom three.  She says she is being penalized for going one hundred percent full throttle.  Bebe, and Shangela tell us that Milk is delusional if this is what she really thinks.
Kennedy says she won’t be talking to the bottom three, and will make up her mind based on all the factors.
BenDeLa talks to Aja first, and DeLa seems like she is going to definitely keep Aja, and thinks it just was not her best week.
Chi Chi talks to the other girls about how she feels like she is not ready to be here, and they try to comfort her.  Chi Chi tells BenDeLa that she feel intimidated, and that she doesn’t feel like she belongs here.
When Milk goes to talk to BenDeLa, all the other queens feel like Trixie would have been in the top two this week if she didn’t have to perform with Milk.
Milk still doesn’t think she belongs on the bottom with Aja and Chi Chi.  Milk, please join the rest of us in reality.

BenDeLa and Kennedy are doing Lorde’s “Green Light” as their LSFYL song.  Kennedy does a dress reveal, BenDeLa pulls her wig hairstyle down, and Kennedy does  a wig reveal.  Kennedy is giving us so much emotion.
Ru decides Kennedy is the winner, and rightfully so!
Kennedy votes for Milk to leave.  Milk looks absolutely shocked, but gives Kennedy a big hugs before leaving the stage.
In the workroom, Milk thinks the decision was “stupid”, and “dumb”.  We continue to be haunted by Alaska and Chad .

What did we learn this week-  Kennedy is hilarious, and I can’t wait to see what she does in future comedy challenges.
dragrace kennedy

I hope that, “Chi Chi loves limos” is already a new Chi Chi line.

Also, don’t be an asshole.  It does not help you in life, and in Drag Race All Stars.

-Aoife, TV Guru


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