No Beef, All Wig

Atlanta mama joyce porshaaThe Real Housewives of Atlanta, Season 10, Episode 12, Peaches Be Trippin’

We were left at Kandi’s party, in the middle of some Will drama, and Porsha is about to tell Cynthia was she has been hearing about Will. We have been waiting for this moment for two weeks, because it would have aired the same time as the Superbowl halftime show. Two weeks waiting for this, so let us hear it!

Porsha tells Cynthia she heard Will is a self-proclaimed opportunist, with a girlfriend who is not Cynthia. Will appears to whisk Cynthia off “to talk”.  Who let this person back in the party, or was he just lurking inside, waiting for Cynthia? The ladies are not pleased at all.
Cynthia and Will are in the back of their drama limo.  Cynthia tells Will everything she heard. Will gets defensive, but then attempts to call out Cynthia for “twisting things around”.  Will, open the door to the limo, and roll on out!!

Porsha, and Mama Joyce get together the morning after Kandi’s event. Mama Joyce asks Porsha if she really believed what Phaedra said about Kandi, and Todd trying to drug her.  Porsha is saved by some brussels sprouts delivered by a genuinely delightful, white, tatted server. Porsha tells Mama Joyce that Phaedrae kept insisting this rumor was true over, and over, and she believed Phaedra.  Mama Joyce also tells Porsha that she resents Phaedra  for introducing Todd and Kandi. She tells Porsha she likes that she is “ride or die”, but she needs to make hard decisions in situations like this.  Porsha asks Mama Joyce what she should do to make things better with Kandi, and  Mama Joyce just tells her to be herself.  Porsha is really happy that Mama Joyce got to hear her side of things, and so am I.

Nene and Cynthia go to lunch to talk about what happened at Kandi’s party the night before. Cynthia sports a red Yankees hat, and  Nene is wearing a headpiece that makes her look like the Goddess of Shade. I love Nene’s look today.
Cynthia says she needs to spend same time without Will, and to go Barcelona.  She wants to make it a girls trip.  She tells Nene it’s cool if she brings Eva, and Cynthia wants to invite Marlo, and Kim. I’m sure it will be a peaceful trip, with no drama, and I’m sure Cynthia won’t end up in tears about it at some point.  Yup.

Cynthia and Peter meet for lunch.  Cynthia says she was trying to find him at Kandi’s party, and she felt bad that he ignored her.  Peter says he saw she was on a date, and just wanted to let her have her space.  Also, it was the first time he had ever seen her with another man. Cynthia tells her what some of the ladies have been saying.  Peter tells her to “stop stressin'”, and to live her life.  Cynthia wants to set up some divorce rules, and that they should say hello to each other, even if one of them is on a date.

Porsha is throwing a “No Beef”, vegan dinner.  Kenya, Kandi, and Nene will not be able to attend. Kim arrives, and we know this is not going to be cool.
The ladies are out on the terrace doing shots, and smoke some hookah.  Kim declines, because it is been several years since she quit smoking.
The topic of Eva, and the rumors about Will come up, just as Cynthia arrives.  Cynthia walks out to complete silence on the terrace.  Great cover, everyone!
Marlo covers by cheering after the awkward. but Cynthia knows everyone was just talking about her, and tells us about it in confessional.  Marlo is honest with Cynthia, and says they were talking about her and the Will issue. Cynthia says that Will does not have a girlfriend right now, and that is all she cares about.
Everyone decides this conversation is over, and everyone goes inside for dinner, Sheree brings up Peter.  Will you all let Cynthia have a break for a few minutes?  Marlo burps, and blames it on Cynthia. This provides a distraction, and no one brings up Peter or Will again!
The food looks delicious, but Marlo says she wants some seafood.  Cynthia brings up the girls trip.  Marlo gets up, and knocks on a glass to demand silence,  then tells Porsha to get real China.  Marlo asks Kim if she is able to do a real girl trip with this group of African-American women.  Kim says she has health problems, which makes long flights difficult, and she will be bringing Kroy for support.

Everyone heads to the airport for Barcelona.  In their car, Nene tells Cynthia that Kim is not going on the trip. In their car, Sheree and Porsha call Kim, because they are unhappy that Kim couldn’t go on this girls trip because she wanted to bring Kroy. Kim apologizes for not being able to come. Cynthia tells Nene that Kenya is not going on the trip, because she wants to spend time with Marc.  Kandi tells us in confessional that this is a girls trip, and she didn’t want Kim to come with Kroy.
Well, it looks like there may not be drama in Barcelona. Hurra!

What did we learn this week-  Always invite Marlo to small gatherings, because she .  Also, more  Marlo shots equals more Marlo fun.

With Kim, it’s hard to tell what is bullshit, and what is not.  However, if you have a friend with a health condition, and they need their partner-caretaker with them in order to travel to a girls trip, or any trip, be cool about it.  It’s really not that hard, and their partners can stay far away from all activities, meals, and events.  Also, be happy your friend is with someone who loves them enough to be a caretaker when needed. A lot of people have no partner at all, no family at all, and no friends who are nearby. Blah blah blah, just be cool.

-Aoife, TV Guru


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