Keep Beverly Hills Weird

beverly erika dorit beach
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Season 8, Episode 9, That Was Weird

It is morning at Teddi’s beach house.  We are shown drunken fun from the night before, including Kyle sticking her nude-colored bra almost into Vanderpump’s semi-turned away face. This is of course, minus Erika, who stayed at a hotel because she had cramps.
Erika walks into the house, and Kyle tells her she missed all the fun, including Lisa giving Kyle a wedgie. Dorit tells us in confessional she is upset that no one is bringing up Erika leaving, because everyone had been talking about it since the previous night.

Dorit, and Erika hang back in the kitchen, as the other ladies are working out. Dorit tells Erika that after she left, a couple of the women were really mad that she left.  Erika wonders why they would be mad she stayed somewhere else.  After some pushing, Dorit tells Erika that Kyle, and Teddi were the ones talking about it.  Erika tells us in confessional that she was not feeling well, went to a hotel, and that should not have been a problem for anyone.
When the other women are done with their session. Erika asks Kyle, and Teddi if they were mad she didn’t stay over.  They both give wishy-washy answers, and then ask Dorit why she told Erika.  Erika quickly snaps back that it doesn’t matter why.   Camille then calls Dorit a tattle-tale, and wonders in confessional, if Dorit is trying to tie herself to Erika. Dorit acts like this is the most juvenille thing she has ever heard.  I am on Dorit’s side of something for once! Also, again silly Housewives, never come for Erika.

Camille and Dorit start getting into it, and Camille tells Dorit she thinks she just likes to say things for attention. Teddi still stands by her point that Erika’s behavior was weird.  Erika cries, and says she thinks it is gross.  Teddi comes over to comfort Erika, and Erika tells her she doesn’t need anymore petting.  Great job ladies!
Teddi gets teary, and tells her she was just “trying to put an olive branch out”, and got shot down, and Erika tells Teddi that is because she is hurt. Teddi again tearfully insists that it was weird that Erika left!  Are you kidding me Teddi?  Lisa feels bad for Teddi, and Kyle thinks it was not a big deal.

Everyone is in New York, for Fashion Week! Rinna’s daughters are walking in shows, Camille’s daughter is walking in a show. Dorit is hosting a party for Bella magazine, because she is going to be on the cover.
Rinna, Teddi, Camille, and Dorit all go to lunch. Vanderpump and Kyle are at Kyle’s store.  Erika shows up late.  Rinna asks everyone what has been doing.  Dorit tells Rinna about Kyle’s blowout with her, and Lisa the other night, and how Lisa just got up and left dinner. Dorit, you were super late, and that is part of  why Lisa was so upset.  Erika tells us in confessional she is sure Vanderpump loves that these two women are fighting for her affections.
Dorit then brings up Erika having to leave the other night, and how Kyle started all the trash talking about Erika.  Teddi once again states that is was weird that Erika left.  Rinna tells us in confession that it wasn’t weird.  Erika tells Teddi she knows she is telling the truth, and does not care what Teddi thinks.

Camille asks Dorit if she thinks Vanderpump was hurt, or jealous the night she left. Dorit tells the women that Vanderpump said that when they are talking together, she feels like Dorit doesn’t listen to her, and does not give her enough attention. Ok?
Rinna wonders how Vanderpump will react once she hears about this.

What did we learn this week-  Never, ever, ever, come for Erika.  If you talk behind her back, she will confront you about it.

Why does Teddi think Erika leaving was weird, and why is she so insistent that it was weird even after hearing Erika explain things?  That is weird.

-Aoife, TV Guru


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