Birthday Battle

Screenshot-2018-1-12 vanderpump rules - Google Search

Vanderpump Rules – Season 6 Episode 10 – Screams and Queens

Stassi and Ariana plan their epic birthday parties on the same day.  Stassi’s Murder theme versus Ariana’s Queen theme.  At the bar the Toms’ stand around hungover looking at rubble.  Then they finally write a big fat check and become official partners with Lisa and Ken.  I bet they can barely pay for the flooring with that money but kudos to them for having any capital.

Ariana goes to therapy. She hates the thought of giving birth.  Yea being a woman is gross.  Welcome to life as a mammal.  Tom thinks he was giving her multiple orgasms and he wasn’t.  Easy mistake bro!  But stop trying to convince yourself that she was.  Ariana explains all the hot sex was just an act.

Stassi seems really excited that her boyfriend showed up to her party.  Funny.  He explains to her mom that’s he’s good by himself.  He explains to her friends that she can have sex with other people.  Stassi is offended by an ass shot and runs away from her own party and makes Katie cover the $1400 bill.  Stassi plz just dump that weird looking Patrick guy; he is killing your mojo.

Ariana wins!  She actually had a good time at her party. QUEENS!


One thought on “Birthday Battle

  1. There have been six seasons of this show now? At least four Stassi birthday parties have resulted in her storming off, or exploding, and saying, “It’s MY Birthday!!”.
    I want the men on this show to be shot into space together, not to return to Earth for at least fifty years.


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