It’s Always Shady in Barcelona…and Abelist

Atlanta barcelona
The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Season 10, Episode 13, Livin’ la Villa Loca

It’s Barcelona time, and the women are on the drama bus, on the way back from the airport. Cynthia hands everyone a bucket list of fun ideas, and everyone has to do some challenges.  One is to act like Kandi for a day, and everyone wants to do that challenge.
People wonder where Kim and Kenya are, and Nene explains that Kim is not there, because she wanted to come with Kroy, and it was a girls trip.  Then, she goes on an ableist adventure, saying Kim has had every illness in the world, a stroke, a blood clot,  cancer, thyroid problems, open heart surgery, so she should be able to go on a trip. Also, did she really have cancer?  Nene, and whoever asked about the cancer, are you kidding me? Does every Housewives franchise have to do this Web MD nonsense?

At the hotel, Eva is asked if she dated Missy Elliot.  Eva says no, because that did not happen.  Eva tells us in confessional she has experimented before, but that is nobody’s business. I love Missy Elliot, and like Eva, so I kind of wish they were friends, at the very least.
Eva also apologizes to Cynthia about the party the other night. Cynthia insists that Will is not dating anyone right now. Nene asks Cynthia if she is sure she believes Will, and not what Eva and Porsha were saying. Cynthia explains to everyone that she got a little more emotional with Porsha because they have history over this kind of talk before. Cynthia compares what Porsha told her about Will ,to what Phaedra told Porsha about Kandi and Todd.  Porsha is understandably not pleased, and fires back. Eva apologizes again, and Cynthia gets everyone moving to the next activity,

On the bus Nene says that she did one thing on the bucket list, which is have a delicacy. Cynthia reminds her that anchovies are not delicacies.  Then, someone gets on the subject of teabagging.  The single ladies in the group are going to have some fun in Barcelona!
They arrive at the beautiful Sagrada Familia, only to discover it is closed,  The women are not thrilled they went all the way here just to see it from the outside, but it is worth seeing.
Shamea does some interpretive dance moves for a crowd, before everyone gets back on the van,  I hope she got some tips! Nene tell us in confessional that Shamea would not have lasted long at her old strip club.

The women arrive at the Villa.  They are greeted by flamenco dancers, which makes Marlo quote Cardi B.  Marlo, I love you right now.
The accommodations at the Villa do not impress any of the women.  They all fight over the rooms, Nene is not happy about sharing a bathroom.  She throws major shade in confessional at Kandi, who took the nicest room, and did not offer it to the host. I agree on the part about being gracious to your host, but Nene just wants to stay in the room. Sheree complains about being in a moldy basement.  I know these women are used to nice things, but can you all deal? This is not some sleazy motel! Cynthia should have just  told the women they were going camping, they would have been happier.
Nene holds a house meeting to get Kandi to swap rooms with her and Cynthia. This is not the The Real World  Nene!  Surprisingly, Kandi does not go for Nene’s brilliant idea, and ends up singing , “IIIIIIIII’m not changin, I’m not movin”.  Marlo gets in on this and calls Kandi a spoiled brat once Kandi is out of the room.

Shamea and Porsha hang out in Porsha’s room, while Porsha reads through a script.  She is wearing sunglasses at night, because she has an infection from latex eyelash glue. Ow!! Not fun.
Nene, and Marlo are trying to talk trash about Kandi to Cynthia.  You two need to get over the room thing, and get out of Cynthia’s room.
Sheree comes into Porsha’s room.  She decides to call Kim. Porsha tells her Kenya didn’t make the trip.  Sheree tells Kim everything that happened on the drama bus.  Porsha tells Kim she didn’t know she was a cancer survivor, and that’s a wonderful thing.  Kim says, “Wait, what did you say?!”.  Here we go AGAIN, on one of Bravo’s favorite brand of drama that gets dragged out over the course of multiple seasons, ableism over medical conditions. Get a new kind of storyline, Bravo.
Kim gets very upset and tells the women she is not a cancer survivor.  Sheree tells Kim Nene rattled off a list of medical conditions, implying she did not have any conditions.  Kim blows up, saying she did go through most of these problems, does have thyroid problems, and wondering who does this? She then repeats that Nene parks in handicapped spots and has roaches in her house.

The women have a dinner in pjs.  Cynthia wants to bless the table, and Nene says a prayer, asking Jesus to not let her go from zero to one hundred. Marlo gets into Kandi about etiquette.
Marlo and Kandi check their phones, and see that Kim sent a group text to everyone, unleashing on Nene about what she had been saying on the drama bus.  Besides calling Nene out, she talks about the roaches and the handicapped spot again, and there is a video included, of roaches crawling in Nene’s bathroom.
Soon thehe question comes up, who told Kim?  Sheree has no problem saying it was her. Nene tries to defend herself, and starts by defending her house.  Are you serious Nene?  This is not about your house, it is the harmful ableist nonsense you were spouting on the bus about Kim’s medical conditions. You know this, aren’t you a mature woman, like you just said when you were after Kandi’s room?
Porsha alerts the group that Kim has just posted a photo of Nene’s car in a handicapped spot. Nene explains that happened when she was with Gregg after heart surgery.
Nene continues to go on about how wonderful is her house, and says Kim has, is, and will always be trash.  Nene is asked about if she believes Kim has these medical conditions, and Nene deflects and says she doesn’t believe anything Kim says, and that Kim is trash.

What did we learn this week-  Cynthia should not be a travel planner, but I did like the bucket list challenge, and the pajamas dinner. It’s great that she was so thoughtful when planning this trip, and really wanted make it fun.

I’ve said this many times, but Bravo needs to stop making storylines out of ableist behavior. Disabled people have it hard enough without this nonsense being promoted on television, leading to more difficulty with disabled people being believed when they tell people in their lives their experiences.  It does bring this issues to light, but that is not Bravo’s intention, nor do they show it by implying this behavior is wrong. We are not entertainment.  This happens on almost every Housewives franchise, stop it already.
Readers, please write to Bravo about this if it bothers you too.
Also, please call your senators, spread the word, say something on social media, or join a protest to save the Americans With Disabilities Act! Disabled people need everyone in on this with us!  Thank you, lovahs.

-Aoife, TV Guru


3 thoughts on “It’s Always Shady in Barcelona…and Abelist

  1. I approved that anonymous troll’s comment, because this is the kind of bs disabled people hear all the time. Don’t talk about a problem, just keep away from whatever it is you are trying to do that involves the problem.


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