Vanderpump Puppet Fight: NYC Edition

beverly dinner fight
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Season 8,  Episode 10, The Big Apple Bites

Camille, Teddi, and Kyle all get together for lunch.  Kyle reminds the ladies not to put their purses on the floor, because of a superstition I have never heard of before tonight. You do not put your purse on the floor in New York City for different reasons, such as, in New York City, you never know what is on the floor.  Teddi tells Kyle what Dorit said the night before, about Vanderpump abandoning the dinner the three of them had together. Kyle is upset, and wants to immediately tell Lisa.

Dorit is with Vanderpump, and tells her how shocking it was when she left her and Kyle at their dinner.  She has wondering what would have made Lisa leave like that.  Dorit also tells Lisa she mentioned this all to the other women, the night before. Dorit says she doesn’t want there to be any misunderstanding about what happened when Lisa left dinner. Lisa doesn’t appreciate that Dorit told the others she needed affection, and does not feel that way.  They seem to be alright about everything, and hug. What just happened?

Later, Dorit, and the other women get ready for Dorit’s Bella magazine cover party.
Kyle gets ready, and Vanderpump comes in to talk to her.  Lisa tells Kyle, she doesn’t know why Dorit thinks she is in need of affection, since she had plenty of affection growing up.  Kyle repeats everything she heard Dorit had said the night before, which is a little different than Dorit’s version of events. Lisa doesn’t appreciate that she was called insecure, jealous, and needy. She feels hurt by Dorit.  Kyle tells Lisa she will say something to Dorit that night.  Lisa does not try to stop her.

The ladies arrive at the party!  Dorit cannot believe this is all happening, this party is all in her honor, and feels like the last time all this attention was paid to her at a party, it was her wedding day.
Kyle tries to talk to Erika about the beach house, and explains to Erika that she wasn’t the only person who said anything about Erika going to a hotel.  Erika, and Rinna tell Kyle not to worry about it, and it is all over, and in the past.
Vanderpump talks to Teddi about what she heard Dorit say about her.  Teddi tells Lisa nothing was meant to be malicious, but that maybe Dorit just likes to have the attention.

Dorit could not be happier about the Bella event, and the ladies brave two seconds of rain to and from their bus, from the party for dinner.  The women toast to Dorit and to friendship. They are all drinking.
Kyle brings up the beach house to Dorit, and wonders why she was singled out when Dorit was talking to Erika.  Dorit does not know how she made it a big deal.  Kyle says everyone thought it was weird, and she was not the only one who said so.  Erika tries to shut it down, tells everyone she loves them, she does not want to fight, and she loves Rinna’s booty.
Kyle then asks Dorit why she would want to hurt her, or Lisa.  Vanderpump is silent, and wonders why Kyle is doing this now, on this night.  Because she told you she was going to do it, and you seemed to be cool with it!  We just saw this a few minutes ago.
Dorit gets very upset, and asks who told Lisa what she said.  Teddi admits it was her, and repeats what she told Kyle and Vanderpump.  Dorit yells at Teddi, and Teddi tells her she will always speak up if she thinks something is wrong.  Rinna, and Erika are sandwiched between a silent, fuming Vanderpump.
The fighting has now moved on to Kyle and Dorit. Erika tries to break it up.  Rinna, and Camille walk out, and go back to the hotel.

In the stairway,  Erika plays lawyer, and tries to defend Dorit to all the other remaining ladies, as Dorit walks out the door alone.  They catch each other out on the street, and Dorit announces she will be taking a cab.  Vanderpump offers to give her a ride.  Kyle feels really hurt.  Erika talks Dorit into going back on the bus with the other women.  Kyle is crying on the bus, and Vanderpump tries to comfort her.  Kyle tearfully tells Lisa to “leave her the fuck alone”.  Erika Girardi, Esq., tells her client Dorit not to talk to anyone, and sits next to her on the bus.
Dorit asks Kyle why she is trying to divide her and Lisa.  Lisa keeps telling Kyle she loves her, but Kyle is very hurt by Vanderpump’s behavior.
Back at the hotel, Lisa asks Dorit if everything she said to her earlier that day was true, and Dorit says it was. Lisa acts like she believes Dorit.
Everyone is comforting a still-crying Kyle, and then Lisa comes over to yell at her.  Why is Vanderpump putting all of this on Kyle? Kyle cries to Teddi on a different couch.  Vanderpump comes in, and death-grips Kyle to her bosom.  Lisa, let the woman go! Kyle squeaks that Lisa is choking her. Lisa gives up on getting anywhere with Kyle and goes upstairs to go to bed. This just makes Kyle more upset, and Teddi tries to comfort her.

What did we learn tonight- Vanderpump should start handling her own drama, instead of letting her friends/puppets fight on her behalf.

-Aoife, TV Guru


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