Barcelona is Brutal

atlanta porsha marlo
The Real Housewives of Atlanta – Season 10, Episode 14, Barcelona Breakdown

It’s the morning after last night’s hard partying, and everyone is slowly getting up.
Over breakfast, the topic comes up of why Kim took a video of roaches in Nene’s bathroom, instead of why Nene was talking some ableist nonsense about Kim.  Kim told Sheree she was trying to take a selfie, and taped the roaches.  No one at the table buys it, because there is no mirror visible, and she got close up on the floors.  This is some weirdness for sure, but there were so many things Nene could have said about Kim that did not involve her medical issues.

Eva gets grilled about how she reacted when she was asked if she dated Missy Elliot, bringing about an unwanted discussion about her sexual preferences. Again, the group explains this is just how things are, but some of the women do pipe up and say Eva does not have to say anything she isn’t comfortable saying.  Eva does not appreciate any of this, but keeps it cool.
Nene walks out to the breakfast table, and says they have all  has some issues with the villa, and announces that she has arranged for everyone to stay at a hotel.  She acknowledges that Cynthia put a lot of hard work with their scheduling, and they will be staying to Cynthia’s plans. The group is thrilled!

The woman are on the drama bus, planning what things on their bucket lists they will do, while watching a video of Marlo twerking at three in the morning. Cynthia asks for more suggestions for the bucket list.  Marlo suggests two of the women should kiss each other.  A lot of the ladies say who they want to kiss first, loudly claiming each other.  It has been decided that Cynthia and Porsha are going to smooch.  They stretch their lips out, and kiss quicker than an anxious kid playing spin the bottle.  No Porsha, that is not how you kiss a woman, that is not how you kiss anyone.
The women arrive at a go car rental, and are allowed to drive around Barcelona in these go cart-like vehicles.  It looks like a lot of fun, but I worry for the denizens of Barcelona, and people in town visiting.  Porsha crashes into the go car in front of her, because the breaks were faulty.  The GoCar company gives Porsha and Shamea a new car. All the ladies place all the blame on Porsha, and not faulty breaks.  Marlo shouts hello to some local men and gives them the warmest greetings from Atlanta.

The women arrive at lunch in one piece.  They eat a “baby fish”, and octopus at part of the bucket list delicacies challenge. These are not delicacies! What is a “baby fish”?
The subject of Kim comes up, and everyone says how foul it is that Kim made that video in Nene’s bathroom.  I absolutely agree, it is a slimy move.  Nene says that is as low as you can possibly go. What Nene said was inexcusable.  Nene, hold yourself accountable. Attacking someone by making fun of their health problems, and then saying they are faking everything is as low as you can possibly go.
Kim’s comments are out of control, this roach video is just wrong. The response is what it was because of what Nene did, and these problems between these women.
Sheree tells the women she will talk to Kim about the video.  Marlo brings up the health issues.  Porsha tells Nene, that whatever beef Kim and Nene have together should stay between them.  Nene is upset, because Kim started the rumors about her parking in a handicapped spot months ago.
Marlo asks Porsha if she is going to talk to Kim.  Porsha says it is not her problem, and Marlo goes in on her.  Nene demands that she talk to Kim.  Porsha tells us in confessional that Nene and Kim are constantly fighting, and making up, and she does not want to get in the middle of this. Marlo is really getting nasty with Porsha, and even Nene thinks it is too much.  Nene says Marlo can really go too far sometimes, and she is afraid she is going to do that with Porsha right now.
Porsha starts to cry a little because Cynthia was teasing her about a sentimental doormat. Marlo says she should apologize to Kandi about believing, and spreading Phaedra’s rumor.  Porsha tries to defend herself, but Marlo keeps on her, and yells at her.  Porsha notes in confessional that Marlo could care less about Kandi, but is making this into an issue because she just wants to go after her at the table. Things get to a breaking point when Porsha points her fan in Marlo’s face. Porsha get up from the table and leaves.
Cynthia tries to comfort Marlo.  Kandi tells us in confessional that people are going to keep bringing up the Porsha and Phaedra rumor until she owns up to what she did.  Marlo reads Porsha for filth, Nene tries to get Marlo to calm down because she doesn’t want to be Locked Up Abroad.
Marlo, Nene, and Kandi leave in a cab.   On the street, Shamea wonders how everything went so wrong.  Sheree says Marlo was wrong for what she did at the table, and feels bad for Porsha.

The ladies are packing up at the Villa to go to the hotel Nene booked for the group.  Porsha goes to talk to Nene, and thanks her for the invitation to Barcelona, but Porsha feels like she needs to leave. Nene says she understands, and has been where Porsha is with this group right now.  Porsha cries, and says she feels like she does not belong with the group anymore.  She feels like she is giving a lot, and getting nothing back but grief.  Nene tells her she knows last year was very hard for her, and she keeps getting attacked because of the Phaedra/Kandi situation.  Nene understands if she needs to take a break from the group, and gives her big hugs.

The women get on the drama bus, and notice Porsha is not there.  Nene tells the women she will tell them where she is on the bus.

What did we learn this week-  Marlo can be a lot of fun, but she can be brutal just because she feels like it.  I love fun Marlo, who has so many good lines, but brutal Marlo can be cruel.  Brutal Marlo still has all the good lines when she is being mean. I felt bad for Porsha outside the restaurant, but  Marlo had some amazing verbal barbs.

Porsha really needs to own up to her part in spreading harmful, baseless rumors about Kandi, and Todd.  Kandi, and Todd deserve that, and no, this group is never going to let up about it until Porsha works to make this right.  Does this mean Porsha is out for next season?

-Aoife, TV Guru


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