NYFY: Post-Drama Snoozefest

beverly bethanyThe Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Season 8, Episode 11, Thank you, Thuck you

It’s the morning after last night’s blow out, and Camille’s daughter Mason is walking in the Milan Breton fashion show on the Intrepid! I hope the models didn’t have to do hair and makeup in the submarine.

The ladies ride quietly on the drama bus to go see Mason walk.  No one makes a peep.  Erika tries to get people talking, but it does not work.  Dorit has her sunglasses on, and just stares at her phone.  She feels very uncomfortable around Lisa and Kyle this morning, and does not want to be on this drama bus right now.
The ladies are front row, Mason looks lovely, some of these clothes are gorgeous.  Erika’s sunglasses are from a hundred years in the future.
Everyone gets back on the bus, and silence again.  Rinna wonders what is going on, and if she really wants to know the answer.  No Lisa, you do not.

Later, Kyle explains to Rinna what happened the night before, while Kyle’s glam squad works on her hair. Everyone is getting ready for a trunk sale at Kyle’s New York store.
Dorit wears a vampire shirt as a symbol. A symbol!  Vanderpump comes in to talks to Dorit.  Lisa tells her she is upset that Dorit has been saying she is needy, insecure, and jealous.  They move on to Kyle, and Lisa says just because they both talked about her behind her back does not make things better.
Lisa says she has grown to love Dorit because of her friendship with PK, and said she does not want a falling out with her. Dorit says does not either and says she never wants to say anything that would hurt Lisa.  Lisa is pleased with Dorit’s apology, but feels she was complicit in all the talking behind Lisa’s back.

It’s back on the drama bus again! We get a look back at some of Erika’s outfit, and she tells us she likes to dress fun, and switch things up.
At Kyle’s store, We see Fat Jewish again, and Bethany Frankel!  The rest of the group arrives.
Kyle, Bethany, and Vanderpump talk, and Bethany finds out Dorit is not English. Kyle and Lisa are having a laugh about it, but Kyle wants an apology from Lisa.  Lisa buys a pinkish-red, faux fur coat that Dorit also likes. I am sure that is the best thing that happens all night.
Dorit and Kyle have a moment together,  Kyle tells Dorit that she was disappointed and hurt about everything that happened, and she thought they were friends.  Dorit says she wishes they were not all fighting, because they have great times together.  Kyle tells Dorit she can always trust her, and Kyle hopes she can trust Dorit too.  Dorit accepts this apology, but says in confessional that she will always remember that Kyle tried to drive a wedge between her and Vanderpump.

Lisa and Kyle have lunch to talk about all the drama between them at the moment.  They barely discuss anything, and then the episode ends.

What did we learn this week-  Always buy the pink-red, faux fur coat, you know it looks great on you!

Everyone did a great job this week of barely scratching the surface of everything that went on last week. This episode was quite boring, and uneventful, except for the Milan Breton fashion show, and everything Erika.  I guess it will all be back in full force next week.  Great.

-Aoife, TV Guru


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