Drug Ads and Side Effects, The Musical

drag race alyssaRuPaul’s Drag Race – Season 10, Episode 2, PharmaRusical

The queens make their way back into the workroom, and fondly wipe off Vanessa’s message. Our first mirror message was full of love, and everyone loves Vanessa.  I hope this trend keeps up for the rest of the season, and we have no nasty mirrors.
Eureka complains that Vanessa’s “Miss Banjee” comments will be carried over by the others all season.  Banjee!

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Stankface and Seance

beverly psyhic rinna
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Season 8, Episode 14, Heaven Knows

Dorit is walking around with a Gucci fanny pack, when Teddi calls, and she reluctantly answers.  Teddi apologizes to Dorit, but Dorit wonders why she won’t do it in person the next day.  Teddi says she may not go to Rinna’s luncheon because of what happened with Erika.  Dorit still has an issue with Teddi, but Teddi apologizes some more.  In confessional, Teddi tells us that she would like it if someone would just accept her apologies when she says she is sorry about something.

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Wig vs Nene: No One Wins

atlanta kim
The Real Housewives of Atlanta – Season 10, Episode 16,
 Driving Miss Kim

Mama Joyce talks to Kandi about the trip to Barcelona, and Kandi tells her all about the Kim roach video drama.  Meanwhile, Ace is too busy being adorable to pay attention to this mess.
Kandi then tells her Porsha went home early from the trip, and Mama Joyce confesses that she met with Porsha.  Mama Joyce feels like Porsha was utterly manipulated by Phaedra.  Kandi is sick of hearing this, since Porsha is responsible for her own actions.  Kandi tells us in confessional, that until Porsha apologizes, she does not want to hear from her.

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The Crowning: Return of The Queens

All stars revenge queens
RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars – Season 3, Episode 8, A Jury of Their Queers

This is the first post-elimination moment when the queens joyfully return to the workroom!  Our final four!  Morgan wrote a very sweet note on the mirror.  Trixie is asked who she voted for and beings with, “Out of respect for Morgan…”, which makes everyone laugh.  Trixie chose Morgan. Trixie is trying to figure out who will not make the top three, and thinks she is safe.  You had better be correct Trixie, because you are one of my top three!

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