Kitty Girl, Why To Base Look Like Chalk

all stars workRuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars – Season 3, Episode 6, Handmaids to Kitty Girls

The Handmaids reveal themselves, it’s all of the eliminated queens! Surprise!
The queens walk back into the workroom, and see a sweet message from Aja on the mirror. Trixie reveals that she chose to eliminate Aja too.

The day after, the top five are told by Ru that they will be auditioning for his girl group, the Kitty Girls.  Everyone has to create their own personas and will be writing their own lyrics.
Ru then says he is going to audition some others girls, and the eliminated queens come back into the workroom!  They will be forming their own Kitty Girls group.
At the end of the episode, one of the top five will be sent home, and replaced by one of the eliminated queens.

Everyone smooches and hugs, and we all know this will last about five seconds.
Thorgy asks Shangela about what happened with the note, and Shangela tells her exactly how she feels.  Kennedy says that note never should have been up in the workroom, and if she had received the note, she would have put it away. Thorgy feels attacked, and goes on the defensive.  Trixie tell us in confessional she hates that note.  Thorgy  asks why Shangela eliminated her. Shangela tries to answer, but Thorgy keeps interrupting, and they just talk over each other. After a few minutes Thorgy decides it is time to move on.
After all of that, Morgan goes after BenDeLa about why DeLa sent her home.  Morgan mentions that DeLa did not vote according to the judge’s critiques, and is a hypocrite.  DeLa cannot handle being called out, and she shuts down.
Aja goes after Bebe, because Aja helped her a lot in this competition, including designing a dress on which the judges gave her compliments.  Bebe says she is sorry, but that is what she felt was the bet decision.
Milk tries to talk next, and Kennedy goes after her, and tells her how hurt she was by Milk .  Milk says she was sent home because Kennedy wanted to save Chi Chi.  Kennedy tells Milk everyone thought Milk was only about Milk, and the some of the other queens agree.  Milk starts to cry, and wonders if she is an “asshole”.  Yes Milk, you were acting like one, but it’s a competition and we get it.

Everyone breaks up into their groups, the eliminated queens, and the remaining queens. The remaining queens seem to be excited, except for BenDeLa.  She is a feeling down about what just happened with Morgan, and says she is tired of all the drama.  Shangela says she is glad Thorgy cleared the air, and they can move on now.  Everyone tells DeLa to just shake it off and focus,  Bebe is concerned that BenDeLa is a weak link in their group.  Have some faith, Bebe!

The eliminated queens to go record their Kitty Girl songs with Adam Lambert.  Unfortunately, they all have to rap. Aja does the best, as Banjee Kitty. Milk does a fun job, and Aja is certain that their team will win.
The remaining queens record their songs.  Bebe does some out of control bizarre goodness on the mic, which Adam and I love.  Trixie’s kitty is a “nymphomaniac mathlete”.  This sounds amazing, but she has some issues. She also digs at Adam for saying since Trixie will be in a dress, maybe her voice should be higher.  I enjoyed that, Trixie is right, how do traditional gender roles fit in here?  Oh right, they do not!
DeLa is doing a depressed, goth kitty, hoping to work out her sadness this way.  BenDeLa, you don’t know about being goth! Adam keeps telling her she isn’t giving him goth, and then stops giving energy on the mic.  DeLa, do not let this get to you!

It is elimination day, and the workroom is buzzing.  Shangela asks BenDeLa if she and Morgan have had a chance to talk today.  DeLa is questioning a lot of things.  Shangela suggests they talk, since it would be good to clear the air.  Morgan starts talking to BenDeLa from across the room, and explains that she unleashed on DeLa yesterday because she thought that would be the only time to say what she said.  Morgan apologizes to DeLa for not giving her a chance to talk, and Morgan also says she thinks BenDeLa is sweet, and great.  BenDeLa feels a lot better!
Milk tries to do the same thing with Kennedy.  Kennedy says she does feel bad they didn’t talk about it, but tells us Milk has a big ego. Milk says she wishes someone had told her about these things on the show.

We see the eliminated queens’s Kitty Girls Girl Group performances, which is great!  The lyrics are fun, everyone looks great, everyone is dancing, Aja is doing cartwheels in her choreography.  This was great.
The remaining queens are also great, but seem much more refined than the first group. and I feel like they are going to win this challenge.
How are the judges going to vote, since everyone was great?? No one gave a weak performance, everyone was bringing their best game.

Ru decides the remaining five are the winners of the challenge.  During the judges critiques, Adam reads Trixie a little for her behavior during recording, but everyone else loves her. During BenDeLa’s turn, Emma asks her why she chose goth. DeLa explains that she was having a bad day, and channeled her feelings into this conversation. Ru seems to be very impressed by this.
Bebe gets rave reviews, especially from Adam.
Ru decides that BenDeLa and Bebe are the top two of the week!

Everyone is backtage. Kennedy had the harshest critiques, and feels like she is going home. BenDeLa has no idea who to sent home, and want to talk to the other three girls. DeLa feels like she can’t sent Trixie home, because she deserves to continue in this competition.  Shangela tells DeLa she is nervous, and that she has been proud of BenDeLa during the entire competition.  DeLa says pretty much the same thing about Shangela, and tells us in confessional that Shangela should be one of the top three finalists.
Bebe loves Trixie, so I don’t think Bebe will vote for her to go home.
BenDeLa mentions all of Kennedy’s many great attributes, and tells us in confessional she cannot vote for Kennedy either, and has no idea what to do.

The eliminated queens plead their cases for why they should be allowed back. BenDeLa has made a choice, but will not reveal it to us.
Bebe and BenDeLa have made their decisions, and LYFYL to  “NoBody’s Supposed to Be Here”, covered by Deborah Cox.  They are both so good!! Bebe does some amazing mouth acrobatics, and removes her wig, but I wish she had kept it on.
Ru choose BenDeLa as the winner!  This is going to really be difficult for DeLa right now. BenDeLa chooses Morgan to rejoin the competition, because she wants to give Morgan a chance to show more of herself.  I wanted Aja to return, but Morgan is still a great choice.
BenDeLa cannot choose from the other queens, and sends herself home. WHAT?!  Nooooooo!  Everyone is shocked.  Ru says she does not know how to take this, but lets DeLa go.  BenDeLa whaaaaat did you do? DeLa says she feels good about her decision, she won five out of six challenges, and thinks the remaining queens all deserve to be there. Wow!

What did we learn this week-  I can’t believe BenDeLa sent herself home! We all heard her reasons why, but she could have won All Stars! I don’t know how to feel about this.  Was it all just too hard for her, emotionally?  Drag Race really takes its toll on the competitors.

It’s good that some of the queens got to work out their elimination issues with the top five. They have to work with each other, so it’s best they get all of these issues resolved asap for everyone’s sake. I am excited to see what Morgan will do.  Now that she has a second chance, I hope she channels every ounce of her talent, and skills into each competition.

-Aoife, TV Guru


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