Vegas: Same Shit Different Year

Screenshot-2017-12-5 Get Your First Look At the Vanderpump Rules Season 6 Show Open

Vanderpump Rules – Season 6 Episode 13 – Vegas, Baby

From the previews, the culmination of this episode is that Brittany might be pregnant. Fuuuuuuck.  Couldn’t they have this episode almost every day*?  Well, truthfully, I think fatherhood could do Jax some good but I feel for the mother.


This episode begins with SUR reopening and Lala bringing Scheana to her recording session.  Lala’s sex centered feminism isn’t always my cup of tea but she does a decent job trying to talk some sense into a delusional Scheana.  I see these conversations her and Rob have about buying a house and their children similar to Big Bear.  He is basically sleeping while she blah blah blahs to him so she considers it a mutual conversation.  Which is crazy.  But she isn’t a terrible person or anything, just a tad bit cray.

The crew heads to Vegas and Jax seems pissed he doesn’t get a VIP suite.  Well, Jax, Lisa did give you a fucking spin off show.  Did you forget that?  Or have you already spent all that cash?!  His moping around about being a bartender at SUR forever is getting annoying.  Being a semi-famous bartender seems like an awesome career especially because he sucks at bartending.

Lala, Billie, and Scheana get drinks and Scheana can totally relate to Billie’s relationship issues because it is like her and her ex. UM NO IT’S NOT.  NOT AT ALL. Then she disses Stassi’s event planning career (ok she tells the truth on this one).

I love seeing Katie and Ariana having a good time in Vegas together.  Katie looks absolutely beautiful – her makeup is on point!  Somehow ClearBlueEasy™ sponsored this episode because Brittany knows she isn’t pregnant but needs to take a pregnancy test.  She then admits she’s not on birth control and uses the foolproof “Spray and Pray” method. Dear god. Jax gives her the coke eyes the entire scene which is creepy.  He also gives the coke eyes to the robot bartenders because yes the robot arms are much better at their jobs.

Lala lets James know he won’t be drinking at her showcase.  James points out it’s kinda shitty that her boyfriend doesn’t support her at her events.  Which is totally true.

Tom and Tom are late for their meeting on the second day and all hyped on adderall- which is not a good look.  Till next week!

*Turns out this episode had a ClearBlueEasy sponsorship to fulfill





One thought on “Vegas: Same Shit Different Year

  1. I hope to never see an episode where anyone is pregnant by Jax.
    Tom Toms are a joke. Again, all the men on this show need to be sent into outer space for a few decades.


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