Nancy Pelosi, and Ornacia: Two Of Our Final Four

all stars pelosi closeRuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars – Season 3, Episode 7, My Best Squirrelfriend’s Dragsmaids Wedding Trip

It’s been quite a week for Drag Race fans, from last week’s exit by BenDeLa, to Ru’s interview, and the backlash.

In the workroom, everyone is shook to the core as they come back from BenDeLa’s exit onstage. Morgan wonders why she was chosen to come back, and why DeLa left.  Bebe says the process was getting to DeLa, Trixie mentions she really hated choosing lipsticks.  Kennedy has no idea why BenDeLa left, but feels like if someone does not want to be here, they should not be here.
The queens also recognize that the probable winner is gone, which gives them all more opportunity.
Bebe does not mention who she was going to send home “out of respect” for BenDeLa. None of the other queens are having this, but say nothing about it to Bebe.
Shangela gives us more GoT commentary about Bebe’s strategy with not revealing the lipstick.  She actually said that DeLA was still working her game plan even upon leaving, which I  absolutely love.  Conspiracy theories, who’s playing the game, and GoT references, I have enjoyed this season’s play-by-play commentary from Shangela.

Ru walks in the room with House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi.  What are you doing here? Nancy give a little speech, and reminds everyone to vote.  This is so bizarre. The queens are very happy about the visit, but it is truly weird. There are so many women elected officials I would have rather seen than Pelosi, since this is Drag Race. Pelosi is the House Minority Leader, though, which is a powerful position.
Ru mentions his love of strong women, and that this week’s maxi challenge will be playing strong women characters in the movie, “My Squirrelfriend’s Dragsmaids Weddimg Trip”. Morgan gets to play casting director, and will be choosing who will play who.  Bebe is given the role of The Queen.  Bebe can’t understand why she is playing a character who is so cold, and snooty.
all stars girls trip

It’s time to film the movie, with coach Ross Matthews!  Trixie’s character was not a role she wanted, but she is hilarious.  Morgan is not doing well as Beige Swan, and runs round the room hissing, and no one is understands what is going on.  Ross tells Morgan to make it funnier, and campier.

Everyone gets ready for Red For Filth runway time.  Bebe says that people say she is a little bougie, and Shangela confirms this, saying, “you do have an air”. This just makes Bebe laugh.
Kennedy talks about not being a “second thought queen”, the one who everyone runs over to during a meet and greet, only after they have gotten photos with the queens they really love. She tells the others she wants to work hard to get to that point, and it’s another reason why she wants to win.

Everyone shows off their red looks on the runway.  Bebe comes out with a jeweled mask, kind of like Ornacia, but better.  Kennedy gives us an elegant, red pageant look. She looks great, but it’s not very exciting. Morgan wears a petticoat under a red plaid dress, and shows the judges a little crotch. Shangela comes out in an inflatable, spiky, red dress.  She looks like a very cool sea urchin.  Trixie does a simple, but adorable school kid look, with a pile of books, and an apple on top of her head.
The film is aired.  Trixie is hilarious as the Erin Brockovitch character, and Shangela is great as Octavia, the pie-making maid, who is also a rocket scientist, who works for NASA.

Ru declares Shangela and Trixie as the top two winners.  Everyone else is in the bottom, since there is no one else left!  This could be a tough choice, unless Shangela and Trixie vote off Morgan.
Backstage, Morgan tells us in confessional that usually when a constestant gets voted back on, they leave the next week, and she does not want that to happen to her.
Trixie tells Bebe she looks like Ornacia, and I almost faint!  Great minds think alike.  Bebe says she has no idea who Ornacia is, and everyone wonders how Bebe has never watched Drag Race.
Trixie, and Shangela talk to the other queens.  Both Trixie and Shangela have a problem with Bebe not being able to take the critiques she was given. Shangela wants to give Morgan another chance, and does not want to send Kennedy home either.
Lipstick time is really difficult for both of the top two , Shangela says she is “like Natalie Imbruglia, Torn“.

Trixie and Shangela do an amazing LYFYL. Shangela comes out in a housecoat, reveals a fat suit with a tiny outfit, twerks her behind off, and opens her bandeau top to reveal some pepperoni-sized, red, sparkly nipples.  She is all over the stage, dancing, and stealing the show.  It is no surprise that Shangela wins.
Shangela chooses Morgan to leave, and all is as it usually is after a queen is brought back.

We have a final four!!  Now is the time we all must choose who you want as your queen, and Ru will probably ignore us.  We do it anyway!  I feel like Shangela will win, but we shall see!

What did we learn this week-  Once again a queen gets brought back one week, and sent home the next.  It would have been better to do this earlier in the competition, and not an episode that decides the final five.

How do you go on All Stars never having watched Drag Race?  At the very least, would you not want to know competitors’ strengths and weaknesses before setting foot in the workroom?

I am looking forward to the finale, and the start of season 10.

-Aoife, TV Guru


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