Sexy Photo Shoots: Full of Love and Light

Atlanta kandi song
The Real Housewives of Atlanta – Season 10, Episode 15, Let There Be Light and Love

On the drama bus, Nene tells the group that Porsha is going home, she did not say it was because of anyone, and she needed to leave for her own reasons.  The others understand They feel like if ,right now, this is what is best for Porsha, she should go home, and work on herself.  They also seem like they just want to enjoy the rest of the trip. Everyone arrives at the hotel Nene has booked for everyone, excited to shower. I still do not understand how bad the conditions were in this villa, that no one could shower.

The ladies have late night, room service nibbles, except Sheree, who is talking to Tyrone. The ladies want to give her a makeover, so she can send Tyrone sexy photos. Nene asks the women if they talked to Sheree about this plan.  Kandi asks Nene if she, and Sheree have talked about Tyrone since the Elephant Room night.  Nene rambles off a non-answer, talking about her marriage and says she never went out with Tyrone.  This is news to Kandi, and she asks Nene who said they went out.  Nene tells the women never to ask her about Tyrone again, saying she never had anything to do with him, and he is a con man.  Eva, and Kandi separately, and in confessional tell us they take Nene’s over-defensive answer as a sign that maybe Nene did go out with Tyrone.
Sheree walks into the room, and Kandi tells her about this sexy photos plan. I believe Sheree’s response was a “hells no”.  Sheree is in her cute star pjs, it’s late, and she is not feeling her sexiest. Marlo grabs Sheree, and gets her in wardrobe. Eva gives some posing ideas to the ladies.  Sheree is not really feeling her outfit, but looks great.  Cynthia poses next, and then Marlo tapes up Sheree’s breasts. Marlo notes that Sheree is a good sport, letting people do this to her in the middle of the night. Eva shows her some poses.  It all just makes Sheree nervous, and feeling shy.  She looks great, and the photos are sexy.  Everyone is happy, I have a feeling Sheree was not pleased about removing that tape.

The next day the ladies are hurting from their late night fun.  Kandi is the only one dressed, and note that she was the last one to go to sleep, and the first one to wake up.
Shamea asks some of the women, minus Nene, Marlo, and Cynthia what is up with Nene and Tyrone.  Kandi explains what happened on Elephant Room night, and how then, Nene was also super defensive about Tyrone.  Sheree tells us in confessional that years ago, Nene liked Tyrone, and possibly tried to pursue him.  All the ladies feel like they know is that something happened with Nene and Tyrone that has Nene still feeling badly about it.
We see a clip of Nene and Sheree from six years ago talking to Tyrone, because someone said that Nene had been taking money from him years ago.  Sheree also tells Eva and Shamea that after that Nene did not talk to her for four years.   Why are we only seeing these old Tyrone clips now? I know other fans have already been talking about this old footage, but how did Bravo not air it before?

There is a slight issue with the women getting around Barcelona, namely last year’s Catalonian Independence protests that were all over Barcelona, and the rest of Catalonia.  It ends up being a minor traffic issue, and everyone is on their way to see the sights.
The ladies hit up a Jamon spot, that has a tour.  Cynthia declares that this counts as the delicacy part of the Barcelona bucket list.
The women have dinner, and Kandi, Sheree, and Shamea break off from the rest of the group to do more shopping.  After a big afternoon for the trio, they sit down for dinner.  Shortly after they are seated, they hear the protests outside.
At the other dinner, Eva asks Nene about Tyrone, and says she did not know that Nene and Sheree recently became friends again.  Nene tells Eva to mind her own business and to never ask her about Tyrone again.  Cynthia hopes his name is not brought up for the remainder of the trip.

The next morning, Nene, Marlo, and Cynthia all have breakfast in the room together.  Sheree’s name comes up again. Nene says Sheree is only looking out for herself.  Nene is also upset that Sheree let Kim and her daughter come into her home, and take the roach video.
As the protests continue, the women get on the drama bus to get out of town. Cynthia declares the rest of this trip be all about love and light, and asks if anyone has anything positive to share. Kandi plays a little bit of a new song, and everyone loves it. The song is a literal “fuck you” to people in her life who have hurt her, and it is great. Cynthia feels like it was not the most positive thing to share.
Cynthia takes the women to a beach for a cleansing ritual involving candles. It feels like a scene from The Craft. So many rituals on these shows.  We need a Housewives franchise were everyone is in the same coven, with a few solitary practitioners to keep things lively.
The women each get a candle with another’s name on it, and must talk about the person, and say some nice things..  Everyone is all sweet, until Eva gets Shamea.  Eva notes they got off on the wrong foot, and what Shamea asked her about Missy Elliot was childish, wack, sad, and tired. Then, Eva apologizes to Shamea, and says she hopes they can get to a better place together. Shamea gets Eva, and says she wants to get to know Eva better, and there are more hugs between the two.  Good work Cynthia, bringer of sisterly love and light!
Nene gets Porsha.  Nene says some nice things about her, and wishes her well from afar, and says the group loves her, and forgives her.  Kandi tells us she does not like what Porsha did, but she wants them to move on from it.
Cynthia is really happy about how things went with this love and light ritual.  We have an ending of a Housewives episode where everyone is content!

What did we learn this week-  These trips are so much fun when not everyone attends. Sheree’s late-night makeover/ sexy photo shoot party might have never happened if there was all kinds of drama that night.  Watching that was way more fun than watching some of the ladies, and Porsha fighting.

When an episode of Housewives ends on a positive note like this, you know the next episode is going to be bad news.  All I know is that it involves Kim, so maybe it was good that the rest of the women did a love and light ritual.

-Aoife, TV Guru



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