Drag Race Thailand!

dragracet judges ep 3



Drag Race has a new franchise in Thailand! The show has been on for the last month, and you need to watch it!  Finish this piece, and then please go watch this show.  It is so refreshing, new, and who doesn’t love global drag?  Also, you will learn a little Thai, and also a word or two of Tagalog from the contestants. You’ll learn a little about Thai culture, too. You’re so worldly now!
Wake up producers at Vh1! All Stars 3 fans are enjoying the debut season of Drag Race Thailand a lot!

art arya
Who is the host of this competition?  It is Art Arya, a former designer, stylist, judge on Thai reality tv show, The Designer, and the only drag queen in Thailand who could fill Ru’s Thai shoes.  As a designer, Arya really appreciates the fashions the queens create, she is firm, critical, but loving, and nurturing.  I really enjoy her as a host.
Dragt Pangina heals

Arya has brought a friend along, kind of as her own Michelle Visage, Pangina Heals!  Pangina is one of the most famous drag queens in Thailand.  Pangina went to UCLA, then went back to Thailand.  There, she made waacking  popular, then won T Battle , the country’s first drag competition show.  She also competed on Thailand Dance, and Lip Sync Battle Thailand. Sigh, if only we could have drag queens competing on Lip Sync Battle here, I might actually watch an episode once in a while.
She is a perfectionist, but a lot of fun, and very creative.
dragracet workroom
L-R: Dearis Doll, Annee Maywong, Natalia Pliacam
The queens on this show are so talented, incredibly creative and they are fantastic! My top three are in the above photo, with B Ella as my fourth.  I can’t spoil things completely here, because I want you to watch, and see how they transform.   I want you to flip out with joy.  Keep your eye on Natalia on the far right, there, she will amaze you.
The contestants have a different vibe together than most groups of US contestants on Drag Race.  They are fun, super enthusiastic, shady as hell, but they are all supportive and good to each other for the most part. They were not very nice to an eighteen year old contestant.  However,  I love that one queen said another’s face “looks like pubic lice”, but was legit just saying that to be outrageous, and likes the other contestant. You can really tell the producers are setting the tone here.  I love this group, and I want you to get to know them!

dragracet judges ep 2The judges, including Arya and Pangina, are even more critical than Santino, but are not nasty about it. The group of judges in Episode Three, shown in the header photo were loudly noting details the entire time. It was like if Michelle Visage was multiplied, and critiqued on the tiniest detail of every aspect of a runway, acting, outfit, everything!

Go forth and watch Drag Race Thailand!  You know everything you need to know!

-Aoife, TV Guru


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