Wig vs Nene: No One Wins

atlanta kim
The Real Housewives of Atlanta – Season 10, Episode 16,
 Driving Miss Kim

Mama Joyce talks to Kandi about the trip to Barcelona, and Kandi tells her all about the Kim roach video drama.  Meanwhile, Ace is too busy being adorable to pay attention to this mess.
Kandi then tells her Porsha went home early from the trip, and Mama Joyce confesses that she met with Porsha.  Mama Joyce feels like Porsha was utterly manipulated by Phaedra.  Kandi is sick of hearing this, since Porsha is responsible for her own actions.  Kandi tells us in confessional, that until Porsha apologizes, she does not want to hear from her.

Porsha and her sister Lauren grab a bite to each, and have boba tea! Porsha tells Lauren she really is sick of all the drama, and mentions that she and Nene had a good talk before Porsha left Barcelona.  Porsha says she wants to admit to all of the women that what she did to Kandi was wrong, and then tell them to kiss her “ass” if they have any further issues.  Do it Porsha! Please apologize to Kandi already!

Kim arrives at Chateau Sheree. After complimenting the way the house looks, Kim asks about what happened in Barcelona.
At Maison Nene, Nene tells Gregg there is a social media brawl going on between her, and Kim and Brielle.  She called them #racisttrash, and they did not appreciate that. Gregg says she wishes she had not done that.  Nene tells him, and her son Brentt about the roach video.
Kim tells Sheree exactly how the video was filmed. Kim also says since Kim posted the roach video she has had to hire extra security.  She does not like being called a racist.
Nene says it feels racist when people talk about black people and roaches in this way, since it is part of a pattern of Kim saying all kind of racist things.  We then get a clip montage of Kim saying racist comments to Nene whilst they fight through the years.
Nene asks Brentt if it was okay for Brielle to do this.  He says he would have just killed the roach. Brentt is a teenage boy who was not raised by Kim, of course he would just kill it!  If there were no other bathrooms available, I would just yell at it to stay the hell away from me until I got out of there.

Sheree and Kandi have some smoothies.  Sheree is sporting the world most expensive fanny back. Kandi tells Sheree there is something going on with Nene and the Xscape tour. Nene had told a heckler she hoped they get raped, after this person told Nene to kill herself.  She did release a public apology.  Xscape wanted her off the upcoming tour, and Kandi had to be the one to tell tell Nene the news.
Sheree tells Kandi that Kim was saying she needed security, and they were getting death threats after Nene called Kim and her family racists.
Kandi tells Sheree she will be meeting Kim for lunch.  Sheree suggests telling Kim that she thinks Nene was wrong to call her a racist on social media.

Nene, and Marlo are at Cynthia’s, and Kim comes up again. She brings up the fact that Kim sent her a Cease & Desist letter for the roach video, and that has been adding to her stress.
Nene then tells them what happened at her comedy show.  She starts sobbing saying she regrets what she did.  Marlo asks Nene if she apologized. Nene says she did, but she still feels horrible.  She also feels horrible that someone told her to kill herself, and feels like she was not able to properly stick up for herself.  Cynthia and Marlo tell Nene she needs to be a lot more careful and mindful of what she says, even during moments like that.  Cynthia comforts her, tells her everyone makes mistakes, and she will move on from this.

Kandi and Kim have lunch.  Kandi says it has been years since the two of them have hung out one-on-one. Kim is late, really late.  Kandi comments that she is Tardy For the Party.  Finally, after two hours, Kim arrives.
Kim says she heard Kandi was complaining that Kroy drops her off everywhere she goes. Kandi says it is not about that, it is about her being present with whoever she she is spending time.  Kim says it is jealousy, not coming from Kandi, but jealousy from other people in the group.  Kandi says sometimes during gatherings, it looks like she is looking for an excuse to leave.  At first. Kim does not address it, but then she wonders why someone would care about that.  Did you just not hear that Kandi said to you?
Kandi tries to explain, but Kim keeps yelling about why does anyone care who is parked outside.  Kim finally demands an example of a time where she wasn’t present, and made an excuse to leave early, and Kandi gives her one, Elephant Night.  Kim gets upset about the examples, and then Kandi lays down the law.  She tells Kim if she is going to behave like this, she can get up, leave, and go right back in that car. Kandi says she came here for an cool conversation, not a fight, and she isn’t going to take this nonsense,  Kim is speechless for a few seconds, her mouth agape.
Thankfully, the waiter comes over to take their order. After they are done, Kim then says she did not expect things to go in this direction.  Kandi asks if she was overstepping her bounds by saying she was not present.  Kim changes the topic, and talks about her family, and then Kandi does the same.
The topic Nene comes up, and her rape comment at her comedy show..  Kim tells Kandi it was a really twisted thing to say, and that Kim is really upset about the racist comment.  Kandi explains that why the roach comments are racist. Kim keeps talking on and on about other things Nene has done, and once again turns the conversation around to something positive.  What happened here?  Kim is the queen of deflection.

What did we learn this week-  Porsha needs to apologize to Kandi in order to move on with anyone in this group.
Nene needs to work on not saying really inexcusable things to, or about people. It ends up hurting other people, and then herself. We all need to work on ourselves, Nene at least recognizes this, she can still deliver the cutting lines we love without crossing into territory we do not like at all.
Kim.  Where to start? Perhaps with a few things, since I don’t have all night to write about this person.
We can start with a big one, stop intentionally saying racist things, and take a look at your racism, and things you might do or say without noticing.
One other thing, if you want to be friends with someone, you have to be able to be honest about your actions.  Hold yourself accountable, and not constantly deflect, and change the subject.

Also, again, do not mess with Kandi. You will not fare well.

We need more love and light on the beach with Cynthia.  Cynthia, please take us back there!

-Aoife, TV Guru


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