Stankface and Seance

beverly psyhic rinna
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Season 8, Episode 14, Heaven Knows

Dorit is walking around with a Gucci fanny pack, when Teddi calls, and she reluctantly answers.  Teddi apologizes to Dorit, but Dorit wonders why she won’t do it in person the next day.  Teddi says she may not go to Rinna’s luncheon because of what happened with Erika.  Dorit still has an issue with Teddi, but Teddi apologizes some more.  In confessional, Teddi tells us that she would like it if someone would just accept her apologies when she says she is sorry about something.

Kyle and Teddi have lunch, and Teddi tells her what happened with Erika.  Teddi explains Erika’s reaction to what she said was extreme.  She also says she is not afraid of Erika, and that she does not have to be mean. Teddi also thinks it’s hypocritical for Erika to tear down other women like this, when she is going to speak at conferences that deal with empowerment of women.  Teddi, really?  Maybe you should stop saying whatever you want to people, if you do not like the consequences.
Vanderpump calls Kyle in tears, she and Ken are heartbroken over the passing of Pink Dog.  Lisa Vanderpump, you two gave that dog a better life than most people get to experience on this planet. Teddi actually says this, and Lisa appreciates it, but is grieving.  I feel for Lisa and Ken.

Mikey explains to Erika what this event she is going to today at Girl Cult.  It’s a group for the empowerment of women.  She will be joining other women like Tyra Banks who do have a lot of advice to give younger women.

Teddi picks up Kyle to go to Rinna’s luncheon.  Rinna’ mom Lois is already with Rinna, rocking a black manicure.  Yes Lois!  Rinna tells us everyone loves Lois.  Yes, yes we do.
Dorit starts droning on about her creative processes, and Camille cannot stop making faces. I feel Camille when it comes to anything Dorit.
Teddi and Kyle arrive, and Lois tells everyone she wanted to be an actor, but no one would go to New York with her, and she was too shy to go herself.
Lisa Vanderpump will not be coming, and neither will Erika.  Teddi is thrilled Erika will not be in attendance.
Kyle tells the group she is having a seance with her medium, and everyone is invited!
After someone asks her how old she feels, Lois tells everyone that at eighty-nine, but says she feels thirty. It is good to know people feel like that in their minds at that age.
Lois asks the group if they all drink a lot, and only one person fesses up.

Erika goes onstage at the Girl Cult event.  Erika talks about why it is important for women to support other women.  Erika talks about addressing drama, and sticking up for yourself. A lot of people do look up to Erika, so it is good that she does things like this.

Kyle is setting the ambiance for her seance!  Vanderpump is picking up Teddi to go to the event, and mentions that another one of her dogs, Pikachu, is on a ventilator.  I’m sure the last thing Lisa wants to do is attend a seance, so she gets actual friend points here.  Vanderpump asks Teddi how things went at Rinna’s luncheon, and Teddi says well, because Erika did not show up. Teddi does not think Erika will apologize, and is worried about how things will go that night.
On the way to the seance, Erika tells Rinna she wants to plan a girls trip to Berlin to forget all the drama lately.  She has to do some work there, and wants to have a good time. The two walk in to Kyle’s house, and Lisa and Teddi make faces in a way that isn’t amusing, like Camille’s faces earlier in the episode.  Erika does not even say hello to Teddi, and  Erika tells us she does not care to talk to Teddi.
Kyle introduces Rebecca to the group, and the seance begins! Rebecca tells the women she calls god Papa God, and she talks to him and spirits.. This makes all the skeptics either try not to laugh, or look shocked, like Vanderpump,who wonders how this person has a direct line to heaven The women are summoned outside for dinner.
Vanderpump grabs Erika and wonders what happened that she has not heard from her about the passing of Pink Dog. Erika says she just found out, and gives Lisa a big hug.  Will this cut down on Lisa’s stankface?
Rebecca mentions that she feels like Marilyn Monroe is joining the ladies for dinner.  No, she would not be there.
Rebecca asks is anyone knows a Frannie, and Rinna says her dad is Frank.  Guess what Rinna, that is what the spirits were trying to tell her and he is sitting right next to you!

Dinner ends, and it is seance time.  No electronic cigarettes Kyle says, referring to the psychic on whom the old tv show Medium was based. She told Kyle that Mauricio would never emotionally satisfy her.
Rebecca tells Dorit she met PK in a previous lifetime.  Rebecca also says three dogs are here, and Erika has some psychic ability like she does.  Erika says she has seen pictures moved, had a previous lifetime as a Spanish prince who was kidnapped, and saved.  After this, I forget about the dog comment, right after Lisa’s dog passed. The ladies ponder on their last lives.  Rinna thinks she was a farmer, in prison, or a sex worker in the 19th century.  Kyle thinks she was a queen in a castle. That is this life, Kyle.
Rebecca says a friend of hers who died young is saying hello, and loves her earrings. Teddi gets emotional just thinking about her friend, but does not believe what Rebecca is saying.
The women go back outside for dessert.  Erika announces the Berlin girls trip.  She says if everyone can put their differences aside, they can be a good group.  Erika apologizes to Teddi, and says she would like to discuss it more another time.  Teddi thinks she is just doing this for the sake of their other friends, but still appreciates an invite to Berlin.

What did we learn this week-  Teddi really just needs to understand that when she talks ill of someone, they are doing to respond, and she may not like it.

What can I say about psychic Rebecca?  The three dogs with me, and Marilyn Monroe, who is totally hanging out with me as I write this recap are telling me she is full of crap, and Kyle stop giving her a lot of money.

-Aoife, TV Guru


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