Season Ten’s Invasion of the New York Queens, and Diva on a Dime

drag race x workroomRupaul’s Drag Race – Season 10, Episode 1, 10s Across the Board

It is Spring, Drag Race Lovers! A new season, a new group of talented queens! Here we go!

Eureka walks into the workroom wearing a tall, feathered headdress!  We love her from Season 9, and she’s coming back for the crown!
Asia O’Hara walks in second. She and Eureka are glad to see each other. Eureka tells us she is a legend, and some fierce competition.
Next walks in Miz Cracker,  but Asia seems shocked by her name.  She tells the other two she is from Harlem, and at first, Eureka doesn’t know where that is.
Yuhua Hamasaki greets the group with, “Hi gay people!” ,and she is happy to see Miz Cracker from the New York scene.
Blair St. Clair sings her way into the workroom, she also tap dances!
Monet X Change walks in to tear her clothes off, and flips out when she sees Yuhua and Miz Cracker.  The New York queens have a little group now.
Kameron Michaels walks in next. Miz Cracker tells her she is so hot as a boy and girl, and she stalks her in instagram. I agree!
Mayhem Miller walks in, representing the Hollywood scene.
Kalorie Karbdashian-Williams comes in next, and give everyone lots of booty.
Monique Heart comes sparkling into the workrom. She knows Asia, and they are happy to see each other.
Dusty Ray Bottoms enters next to a cheer from the ever-multiplying New York queens.
The Vixen comes in next, wearing a top that is all about Chicago, and tells the other girls that she is a political queen, and does a lot of protest art.
Vanessa Vanjie Mateo comes in next, ad everyone knows Alexis is her drag mother. Bam!
Aquaria enters next to more and more cheers from the NYC queens, as well as the others!  Miz Cracker does not look pleased.  Monet explains to us that they are always at odds on the scene at home, and that things are not going to be good between them here at Drag Race.
I am loving every single one of the queens so far! I cannot believe there are five from New York city.

Ru appears on the monitor with an odd message featuring past Drag Race favorites.  Ru enters the room.  He mentions the workroom has been revamped, and declares it is time to take over the “motherfucking” world.  He mentions the mini challenge, which is a runway that will be judged by so many legendary Drag Race queens, I cannot even name  them all.
Mayhem works the runway, voguing, and then does a cartwheel in a gown.  Trixie Mattel loves it.
Miz Cracker is very silly, and gets love from her drag mother Bob.
Asia works the fringe on her outfit.
Kalorie shakes it on the runway, then does a split.
Monique dances her way down.
The Vixen kills it!  She jumps around, she works that runway.
Dusty comes out and rips apart her shirt. She walks, and does not dance.
Yuhua does a fun, campy walk
Vanessa works that runway hard, dances, and does a death drop.
Kameron really walks and dance well, and also does a split.
Monet looks amazing from beginning to end of her walk.
Aquaria is last, and Adore has been a fan of hers for years, from before Aquaria was old enough to drink!

Back in the workroom, everyone gets out of makeup. Yuhua tries to talk to Monique, but accidentally talks to Asia.  Everyone thinks Kameron is fine, because Kameron is fine.
Ru comes in to announce that one person scored a perfect ten among all the runway scores, Monet X Change!
Ru then announces that the main challenge for the first episode of season ten , which is a reboot of the first main challenge ever, Drag on a Dime!  The Pit Crew wheels out shopping carts full of dollar star finds, and then an over-sized cart is rolled in, with what I assume is the tallest member of the Pit Crew.
Everyone grabs their trashy finds, and runs.  Eureka finds a dog toy that goes with her idea.
The Vixen is making use of some yellow foam tubes. I know the tubes got used in the last challenge, and I’m curious to see what The Vixen can do with them.
Miz Cracker trades things with Monet.  She talks wth Kameron about how she has always made fashion out of things on the street. Miz Cracker grew up poor, and her mom was an artist who always challenged her to get materials off the street and make something out of what she found.
Yuhua is worried about what look she should do, and does not want her first creation on Drag Race to look shabby.
At the end of the day, everyone is weary from working on their creations.

The next day, everyone puts the finishing touches on their looks.
Eureka is asked about her knee injury last season, and her recovery.  She was not sure she would be physically ready to come back for season ten.  You are here, Eureka!
It is makeup time. and Miz Cracker and Aquaria are doing similar makeup.  Aquaria is loud about it, and claims that Cracker steals her makeup looks all the time.  Cracker continues doing her makeup in silence.

Hooray for runway time!
Aquaria comes out in a Little Bo Peep inspired outfit, with a giant hat, glitter pasties, and a hoop skirt.
Asia is dressed like the dollar store itself, with a basket full of goodies on her head as garnish.
Kalorie comes out in her Momager Kris Kardashian wig, and a dress made of dollars.
Blair looks very aluminum futuristic, in an ensemble made of reflective visors.
Dusty comes out kind of looking like the Tin Man, but with better makeup.
Monet looks amazing, and is wearing an incredible outfit made of  some kind of cleaning supplies, and sponges. She also has sparkly blue earrings.
The Vixen comes out wearing tubes. I was hoping she would be able to do something else besides tubes.
Kameron gives a gardening lady look, with a dress that looks like it is made of grass and flowers.
Mayhem comes out wearing black garbage bag, and black rubber gloves couture.
Eureeka looks adorable in a dress with a donut top, and her little dog with purse.
Monique’s Queen of Hearts look is adorable!
Vanessa is dressed in a unitard made of Dollar Store Barbies, and some tulle draped around her arms.
Yuhua’s caution tape dress is flowy, and she rocks a tall, caution tape headpiece.
Miz Cracker says she is going for a sad widow look, made of straw hats, and a shower curtain. It looks like an outfit from the ’40s.

Ru announces the names of the queens who are safe, Before the final judging begins, Ru announces that a queen  will be joining from another season, Farrah Moan.  Instead, a wild Christina Aguilera appears dressed like Farrah, including the pink wig, and acting like Farrah, then she sings.
Ru declares Mayhem is the winner of the Drag on a Dime challenge.  Kalorie and Vanessa are announced as the bottom two, and must LSFYL to Ain’t No Other Man , by Christina Aguilera.
Kalorie soon loses her skirt so she can dance.  Vanessa is moving all over the stage.  They are both really fun to watch, and this is going to be hard for the judges.  I have never seen such an impressive LSFYL on a first episode of a season of Drag Race.  Neither of them should go home!
Ru sends Vanessa away.  I’m disappointed, I wanted to see a lot more of her.

New York Queens Remaining– 5

What did we learn this week-  We are all familiar with queens who have had issues with each other, either before Drag Race, or on Drag Race. Whatever happens with Aquaria and Miz Cracker, I hope it quickly gets resolved.

I love this group of queens! They are all so talented, super energetic, and hungry to be here.  I hope we get to see them shine this season, instead of doing lazy, snoozefest scripted challenges all the time.  This is such a great cast for season ten!

-Aoife, TV Guru


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