Drag Race Season 10: Meet The Queens!

RuPaul’s Drag Race – Season 10

We’re still recovering from All Stars, but a new season of Drag Race is upon us, which means 14 new queens! Hooray! Let’s meet them now!


Aquaria, at the age of 21, is already one of NYC’s favorite drag queens, big on the Brooklyn scene. She grew up in West Chester, PA, and mentored under her drag mother, Sharon Needles. I cannot wait to see what she does this season!

Asia O’Hara
Asia ohara2

Asia O’Hara hails from the Texas pageant circuit, where she won Miss Gay America Texas in 2015, and won the national title in 2016. The 35 year old also has a costume design business, so we know she can slay, and sew! No hot glue gun disasters.

Blair St. Clair
blair st clair
Blair St. Clair is from Indianapolis, and considers herself to be a “Broadway retro queen”.  We shall see this 22 year old’s musical skills this season.

Dusty Ray Bottoms
Dusty ray bottoms
This 29 year old from Louisville Kentucky serves up electrifying, “theatrical”, “witchy” goodness, mixed with dark, “trashy” glam.  Dusty came to New York to pursue a career in acting, but started performing drag.  Her signature look is makeup instead of eyebrows, so I hope we get to see lots of  creative looks.

Eureka O’Hara
eureka ohara
Hey again Girrrrrrrl! We all remember Eureka O’Hara from Season 9, when the 27 year old had to leave when she injured her knee.  She  definitely has an edge in this competition, already knowing what it is like to have to be perfection under the pressure.  I am sure she has upped her game since last season, so everyone had better watch out!

Kalorie Karbdashian-Williams
kalorie karbdashian williams
First off, how could one possibly not love Kalorie’s name? This 27 year old from Albuquerque delivers body ody ody, and curves galore. I always hope a drag queen with a great name will be a great drag queen, we shall see what Kalorie will do.

Kameron Michaels
kameron michaels2

From her hometown of Nashville, Kameron also serves body ody ody, but in a different way.  When she is not doing drag, she is a serious bodybuilder.

Mayhem Miller
mayhem miller2
Mayhem, a 35 year old Riverside California native, has been on the Hollywood drag scene for years.  She is also the drag sister of Morgan McMichaels, Detox, Raven, and Delta Work. I can’t wait to see what she brings us.

Miz Cracker
miz cracker
This cracker is actually a Jewish drag queen from New York! Miz Matzah does not quite have that same appeal, or does it?  The 33 year old first got involved with drag after participating in Bob The Drag Queen’s marriage equality marches in 2010. She is Bob’s drag daughter and loves that someone described her style as “Jewish Barbie on bath salts”.  I love that too!

Monet X Change
monet x change

This 27 year old queen is from the Bronx, and has a degree in opera performance. I hope every look is right out of avant garde opera productions at the Met, but more fun.

Monique Heart
monique heart

Monique is from Kansas City, Missouri, and describes herself as a “glam look queen on a budget”.  The 31 year old tells us fans that she will be the heart of season ten. She seems very confident in herself, and I look forward to seeing her this season.

Vanessa Vanjie Mateo
vanessa vanjie mateo
This 25 year old from Tampa, wants us to “get these cookies”!  She is the drag daughter of Alexis Mateo, and I hope she is every bit as fun as her drag mother, if not more.

The Vixen
the vixen
This 26 year old queen is from Chicago, and brings social and political issues to her drag.  In face she says she will be the “political queen” this season.  O’ The Vixen, bring it all, we need this now!

Yuhua Hamasaki
Yuhua Hamasaki2

When she was 7, this 27 year old moved to New York’s Chinatown from China. She will be serving camp, and futuristic fierceness!  Yuhua also knows how to sew, as she has created gowns for Bob The Drag Queen, and Peppermint.

I can’t wait to see what happens tonight, and the new season!

-Aoife, TV Guru



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