Untucked Episode One

drag race untucked oneRuPaul’s Drag Race Untucked, Season 10, Episode 1

There appears to be some Untucked action this season!  Thank you VH1, for finally listening to the fans!

After the runnway, all the queens who were declared safe, chat it up backstage. Aquaria and Cracker’s beef is brought up.  Aquaria says it all started when she once made an outfit, and two weeks later, Cracker did the same outfit.  Aquaria is asked if she ever confronted Cracker about it, and Aquaria says it will eventually happen at some point during the competition.  Monet and The Vixen clash a little, because Monet thinks The Vixen said that Cracker faked her way onto Drag Race.  Monet says that Miz Cracker is a talented drag queen, and that is how she got on the competition.  The topic is dropped.
The Vixen also mentions how much it means to her to just be on the show.
Eureka says her mother has throat cancer, but she wanted Eureka to take her rightful  spot in season ten.
The top and bottom queens return!
Vanessa announces that she is in the bottom with Kalorie, Everyone mentions the judges were critical because the money look has been done so many times.  Kalorie gets pretty defensive, and insults Monet’s look.  Monet explains her look is good, original, and Kalorie’s is not, and the judges said this. Kalorie then calls out Aquaria for just wearing a hoop skirt.
Mayhem has an emotional moment about how hard it was to get on the show, and how she felt like all her years of drag were validated when she got that call.

Christina Aguilera comes backstage! She is asked if her song Spider was about someone, and they try to get all the information about who it was about, but to no avail.  Christina has her emotional Untucked Moment, and gives an inspiring speech. Group hug!

Eureka tries to comfort Vanessa, who really does not want to go home. Oh Vanessa, why couldn’t Ru have decided not to let anyone go home this week?

Number of times I teared up/cried this episode of Untucked – 4

-Aoife, TV Guru


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