Here Comes The Marc

Atlanta nene
The Real Housewives of Atlanta – Season 10, Episode 17, ReMarcable

Porsha needs to blow off some steam, and spends the day roller skating with coworker and friend, Rickey Smiley.

At one point, Porsha wipes out, and like a real friend, Rickey goes down on the floor in solidarity,  Afterward, they talk about what Porsha wants out of life in terms of having a family.  Porsha says she does not have time for a baby right now, and then Rickey offers up his services if she wants to try.  Flirty flirty!

Kenya comes to meet Cynthia at an event space.  She has been with Marc for a while, but is back in Atlanta.  The topic of babies comes up, and Kenya tells us in confessional that she and Marc are trying IVF. Kenya asks how Nene is doing after all the drama, and Cynthia mentions Kim served Nene a C&D.  Kenya jokes, and says she would like to team up with Nene for a class action lawsuit against Kim.
Cynthia changes the subject to Kenya’s PSA on domestic violence.  Kenya wants to see the space for the event for her organization, to view the video.

Sheree is redoing her basement at Chateau Sheree, in order to make it a man cave for Tyrone, and an entertainment space. Tyrone calls, and Sheree tells him she is redoing the basement.  Sheree hopes that Tyrone is able to come home in the next year, and is thinking about a destination wedding.  Tyrone  you had better be nothing but good to Sheree!

Cynthia brings Noelle lunch.  Noelle is doing an internship at a prosthodontist’s office, because she has always had an interest in dentistry.  Noelle asks if she can finally meet Will, and Cynthia agrees. I’m just mentioning all of this because this is an adorable mom and daughter moment, and Cynthia is a great mom. Cynthia also reflects on her first job, at Taco Bell, and is glad her daughter has a better opportunity.  I’m also sure a lot of moms wish they could bring their children lunch at their first job.

For Kenya’s event, there are ten domestic violence survivors who are getting makeovers, and gowns for the event.  Kenya says they are in various stages of fleeing their situation.  Kenya also reflects on her grandmother’s kind words, which helped her get through her own experience with domestic violence when she was 16.  One of the women talks about her own experiences, and thanks Kenya for this experience.

Kenya’s PSA event is in full swing.  Porsha tells Shamea she has not talked to any of the women since she got back from Barcelona, except for Nene.
Cynthia and her mom arrive.  The women ask Kenya if Marc is coming, but Kenya says no.
Kenya gives a speech, and a mystery man walks into the event. It is Marc!
The women are surprised he is there, and Kenya is thrilled.  His presence does not convince everyone though, Sheree tells us that just because there is a man there does not mean it is her real husband.
The PSA is aired, everyone is in tears.  It is very well received.
Afterward, Sheree goes up to Will and says she cannot believe he is real.  In confessional Kenya  is not happy about Sheree’s question at all. Porsha has a talk with Nene, and Nene thinks Porsha is very close to apologizing to Kandi. I hope Nene is right.

What did we learn this week-  After almost every Housewives episode that is full of drama action is followed by a snoozefest of an episode.  Sadly, this week’s episode kept up with this trend.  The only interesting part of the episode were parts about Kenya’s event.

Next week’s episode is the season finale, and I hope we get to see more of Marc.

-Aoife, TV Guru




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