Dogs, More Dogs, and Berlin Trip

beverly erika avatarThe Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Season 8, Episode 15, Dames, Dogs and Danke

Ken and Lisa are grieving the loss of Pink Dog, and Pikachu.  The next night is the premiere of their documentary on the Yu Lin Dog Meat Festival. Lisa does not feel up to going to the event, but she decides to go anyway, because it is so important to her.

Erika has some of the ladies over for cookies and champagne.  Rinna arrives first, and Dorit shows up late.  Erika shows them a life-size cardboard avatar of her in the Kardashian game.  Dorit talks about her swim suit line, and I am just fixated on the selection of cookies Erika has chosen.

Teddi talks to her husband Eddie about her hesitation to go on the Berlin trip.  She is nervous about him properly taking care of their children, while she is away.  She has prepared a detailed list that makes me wonder how he does not know the schedules of his own children.
He then asks Teddi if she might be worried about the women.  Teddi tells Eddie that she and Erika have made up, but she does not know what is going on with her, and Dorit right now.  Teddi is not sure that she accepted her apology, but is sure she can talk to Dorit about it one on one.

Lisa is in her amazing closet, which is bigger than most of our houses, or apartments, getting ready for the Yu Lin event.  Lisa is grieving and cannot stop crying.  Dorit calls her, and tries to comfort Lisa, but Lisa tells her she is just trying to pull herself together to do this public event.

Dorit and her business partner look at their swimsuits, and decide what to change, and what they like on each one.  One has side boob, and Dorit likes that.  Dorit tells her partner that she is going to Berlin for a week, and will be back the following week.  She promises him she will work twice as hard when she gets back.

Everyone is at Lisa’s event on the red carpet, even Lance Bass.  The other women, and PK are seated together in the theater, and all have popcorn.  Erika gives everyone some Sour Patch Kids, because sharing is caring!
The film begins, narrated by Lisa.  Thankfully we are not shown the film, as we are shown how the audience reacts, crying, wincing, and otherwise physically reacting to what they are watching.  The films ends to applause.

It’s time to party with people and dogs!  Lisa is very sad, and says she really appreciates all the women for showing up to support this event, even Rinna.  Teddi is able to apologize to Dorit face to face over champagne, and they are able to move on.
Erika mentions that one thing they will be doing on the trip is horseback riding, which she hopes Teddi will enjoy.

Erika and Mikey prepare to pack up Erika to Berlin.  She teaches us the proper way to put on a latex garment.  I love that Erika believes in education.
Lisa puts on the furriest Muppet coats and hats. Lisa is feeling a little emotional about visiting Germany, because her Nanny Kay survived Nazi bombing in England.
Everyone arrives at the airport.  All the women try to speak German in confessional.  The only one who can say anything useful is Dorit, who can ask for a beer.

When the ladies arrive in Berlin, Dorit mentions she is not feeling well.  Dorit was sick on the plane, but got an anti-emetic from Rinna, and her infamous pill baggie! I hope when Dorit took that pill, she remembered all the drug addict rumors she spread about Lisa, and felt bad.   Kyle wants to call a doctor as soon as they get to the hotel.
Once they arrive, the hotel medic arrives.  It turns out Dorit took some antibiotics and Tamiflu before she got on the plane.  The medic tells her the medications are not supposed to be used at the same time, and that is probably why she got sick.  At least Dorit is not sick on a girls trip in Berlin!

Dorit calls Vanderpump, and is not feeling well enough to join everyone for drinks. She tells Lisa she has FOMO, which she then has to explain to Lisa.  How has no one on Vanderpump Rules ever used the term FOMO with Lisa?
The other ladies sit down for drinks, and are waiting on Erika, who is getting styled.  Vanderpump tells Rinna that she has seemed less engaged, and invested in the group.  Rinna tells us that it is not that she is less engaged with everyone, she just does not have the same drama levels of some of the other ladies.  Erika arrives, and apologizes, saying she was planning out their itinerary for the next day.
Vanderpump brings up her grandmother Nanny Kay, and Kyle asks who is that.  Lisa is shocked that Kyle does not remember her grandmother’s name.  Erika then asks about something specific about Nanny Kay, and the family restaurant, and Vanderpump appreciates it. Erika makes it a point to say that she “actually listens” when people tell her anything.  Kyle asks us in confessional  she wonders if Vanderpump knows the name of her grandmother, to whom Kyle was really close.

What did we learn this week-   I want to go to Erika’s place, and have cookies and Sour Patch Kids.

I really hope this Nanny Kay thing is not the new drama between Kyle, and Vanderpump. Hopefully, it is too late in this season for this to become a storyline.

-Aoife, TV Guru


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