Untucked, Episode Two

drag race untucked twoRuPaul’s Drag Race, Untucked – Season 10, Episode 2

Are you all ready to get really emotional?  Let’s dive into this week’s Untucked!

The Vixen’s team heads backstage, and they are all so proud of their work!  They toast to their success, and Monet takes off her heels.  Monet wonders why Asia’s team lost, and Mayhem, and the rest of the group agree that they worked more as a team.  The Vixen says she did not pick Aquaria for the team, because she will not be on Drag Race that long.

The safe contestants on Team Asia arrives backstage, in need of drinks.  Everyone on The Vixen’s team is happy that Dusty did great, and they give her much love.
Asia ruins the mood by saying her group had the harder routine, and choreography. No one else on her team agrees. Dusty says The Vixen’s team had a fair win, no questions asked.  Asia also feels like she should be in the bottom because she failed her team, and her teammates tells her that is not true.
Kalorie cries because she feels like she is going to go home, and is heartbroken that she might leave.  She tells everyone that they were the best part of this whole experience, and gets much love from everyone.
Mayhem comforts a crying Eureka, and Kalorie comes out to comfort her.  Mayhem comforts both of them, and gives them both pep talks.  The Vixen comes over, and mentions to Kalorie that her LSFYL last week impressed everyone back home.
They all go back inside, and Eureka is still crying, but does not feel support from the rest of the queens.  She goes to her mirror, and practices the lip sync song.

Aquaria screams about how the judges said she looked like Linda Evangelista, while Eureka practices her lip sync.
Monique tells the others that she is afraid her mother is going to see her on the show.  She says her mom knows she does drag, but would not like that she is on Drag Race.  She talks about how she did not talk to her mom for four years, because she feels like one cannot be black and gay, and be loved and accepted.  She also mentions she is fifth generation ministry, and drag is considered heresy.  Of course, the group comforts her, and encourages her to stay true to herself.

We are shown the LSFYL, we are shown Kalorie being sent home.  Kalorie is crying hard as she leaves the stage, and the producers check with her backstage, to see if she is alright.  They tell her to breathe, and escort her away.
Kalorie is still in tears as she packs up, but sees letters left by Yuhua, Eureka, and others.  She says she has never felt so embraced, and loves all the queens.  Kalorie takes comfort in knowing she will see them again.

Number of Times I Teared Up, or Cried Watching Tonight’s Untucked – 6

What did we learn this week – I love the queens of Season 10 because of their drag, and who they are.  They seem like genuinely kind people, and are always quick to comfort each other, and support each other.  This was only the second episode and second Untucked, and everyone has been so good to each other, with the exception of Aquaria and Miz Cracker, and their prior history.  I love it when this happens on a season of Drag Race.

Every elimination this season is going to be hard.  I was sad to see Vanessa go last week, and it was only the first week!  I am sad to see Kalorie go home this week.  It will just get harder from here.

-Aoife, TV Guru



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