There’s a Roach At This Party!

atlanta halloweenThe Real Housewives of Atlanta – Season 10, Episode 18, Nightmare on Peachtree Street

Oh, it has been such a looooooong season. So many great lines, so many things said that went over the line, Kim, Eva being set up like she is going to be on the show in the future.  It has been another neverending season in the Housewife series, without a Luck Dragon.

Vivica A. Fox is on Dish Nation. She and Porsha are in a play together, on tour, and the production is currently in Atlanta.  Porsha says she really wants to make sure she gives a great performance for her hometown.

Eva, and Kandi are having a play date for their children, at a pumpkin patch.  Kandi says she really likes Eva, thinks she is completely down to earth, and does not understand how she earned the nickname, “Eva the Diva”.
Eva tells Kandi that she just moved to Atlanta a few days ago, and is throwing a Birthday Halloween party. Eva does this every year.
She and Kandi talk about who to invite, and Kim will be invited.  Kandi is however less than thrilled when Eva mentions she will also be inviting Porsha.  Kandi is a grown adult, and says she does not have a problem, it is Eva’s party, and she should invite whoever she wants there.  The children take the most adorable photo ever by the pumpkins. Eva, professional model, has her daughter say “peanut butter and jelly” instead of “cheese”.  Parents, take note!

Cynthia and Nene go to what looks like “the nice mall” to go Halloween costume shopping with Eva.  Eva asks Cynthia if she is bringing Will, which she is.  Eva says she talked to Kandi about who to invite, and she is inviting Kim.  Nene says she will “be good” at the party.  Cynthia says that Kandi said Kim is not racist, but Nene says no one has known Kim as long as she has.  Nene wants to set up an opportunity for Porsha to apologize to Kandi in front of all the women, but Cynthia tells her to make sure she first informs Porsha.

Kandi comes by Chateau Sheree.  Sheree is excited to show off her renovated basement. Sheree says she invited all the women, but only a few of the ladies could make it.  The basement looks beautiful.  There is a man cave, a home theater, and a spa room set up for massages.  There are also champagne and cookies, just like at Erika Jayne’s house on Beverly Hills.  I like this Housewives trend.

It is the night of Porsha’s show. Cynthia, and Kenya come out to support her.  I love Vivica onstage, and there is a reference to Freaks Come Out At Night  in the play! I mention this one minute moment on the episode because of these two things.
Kenya says Vivica is acting the same she did twenty years, and twenty surgeries ago.  Kenya, how many elective plastic surgeries will you have had by the time you are Vivica’s age? Why do people shame others when they do the same thing?

Eva, aka Cleopatra’s Halloween-Birthday party is all set up at an old church.  Eva is hoping for a really good night. Eva, I just hope it isn’t too bad.  Cynthia gets her drag king on, dressing as 50 Cent, or rather 50 Cynt, as is described to us on the bottom of our screens.
atlanta cynthia halloween

Kenya is dressed like a Victoria’s Secret model.  Kenya spies Cynthia, and wonder who this fine man is, and loves that it is Cynthia.  Sheree also shows up as Cleopatra, and hooray for double Cleopatra.
Kim arrives as a Playboy Bunny, and Kroy is in a bad Hugh Hefner costume.
Cynthia’s daughter Noelle is in attendance, and meets Will for the first time.  Marlo arrives, dressed as Halle Berry’s character in B.A.P.S., with the orange, vinyl pants and jacket.

Most of the ladies are all over Cynthia, and Nene and Gregg arrive!  Nene is dressed as an exterminator, complete with a canister of spray poison, and Gregg is a roach.  I love this so! This is such a fun way to get back  at someone talking trash about you. It is worlds better than making fun of someone about their medical history.  Also, this reminds me of Tracy Turnblad’s Auto Show coronation gown with roaches all over it, in the real, and superior 1988 Hairspray.
Kim looks pissed off, and I am not sad about that.  Everyone comes over to love on these costumes, except for Kim, who just stands off to the side giving stank face to all.  Kroy even appreciates the costumes, but Kim is furious.  After Kim talks to Eva for a minute, Eva walks over to talk to other guests.  Kim takes this opportunity to tell Sheree that she is the better Cleopatra, and Eva looks awful, and cheap.  Wow Kim, you are such a gracious guest. You may also want to take back those comments, considering your bunny outfit. Go back to Party City, where you belong!

Porsha, and Sheree have a moment, when Sheree asks Porsha why she said none of the ladies care about her when she clearly has for years. Mermaid Shamea is in the middle of this, because she talked to Sheree about this.  Sheree winds up walking off, feeling like Porsha does not know how to be a friend.
Nene pulls Porsha off to the side, and talks to her about saying she was wrong.  Marlo comes over, offers some unwanted advice, and Porsha walks away. Marlo, you do not have to butt in every time Nene talks to someone by herself!
Nene chases after Porsha.  You know Nene is determined to make this happen, because mostly, she does not go running after anyone.  Marlo follows her as well.  Porsha stops and tells Nene and Marlo to stop following her.  Marlo says she will never again apologize to Porsha in her life.
Kandi tries to turn things positive, and offers a birthday toast to Eva.
Nene still ends up talking to Porsha, about taking accountability, but Porsha does not want to do that right now.  Nene feels that trying to get Porsha to apologize to Kandi has been a waste.

Eva announces the winner of her costume contest, and it is Cynthia!  Marlo won second place, no surprise.

What did we learn this week-  Never invite Kim anywhere, ever. She may possibly be the worst party guest in the country.  Kroy seems like a good guest, though.  Invite Kroy instead.

Do you all remember the twelve part Atlanta Housewives reunion last season?  I have a feeling this reunion may be even worse.

-Aoife, TV Guru


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