Nobody Parties Without Dorinda!

New York halloween partyThe Real Housewives of New York – Season 10, Episode 1, Gouls Just Wanna Have Fun

New York is back!  Hooray for a new season, hooray for all of the quotable delights that Dorinda will give us.  This might be a painful season for Luann. I am certain that the rest of you dislike Tom as much, or more than I do, and we all think she is better off without him.  I might cry, as Luann discusses her marriage, the divorce, and how she was feeling at the time of taping.  Let’s watch!

The group gets ready for Bethenny’s charity event at the Museum of Natural History, to help people who are hurricane victims here and in Puerto Rico.  Bethenny went to Puerto Rico, was able to deliver food, money, water, and other goods to many different communities.  They were able to establish a warehouse.  Some of the other NYC Housewives gave generously.  I love seeing Bethenny take charge for such a great cause.
In confessional, Ramona notes that Carole is not there, and wonders where she is, since the two are such good friends.  Ramona, we are not even ten minutes in, you are at a charity event, and you are being a yenta already.

The next day, Luann, and Dorinda have a meal at  Dorinda’s place.  Luann talks about what happened with Tom.  She says she was in denial about Tom’s cheating, and finally she just could not take it anymore. Luann say she is staying in the Hamptons, but it looking for a place in the city.
Luann mentions that Carole has never reached out to her.  Dorinda explains that perhaps it was because she never believed in the relationship.  We then see clips of all the other NYC housewives talking about how doomed this relationship was. It is brutal, but yes, no one wanted to see Luann marry Tom.

Tinsley has Carole over.  They have become really good friends over the last few months.  It is great to see Tinsley happy in her hotel room, that looks more like an apartment, complete with room service. She does not live in Sonja’s townhouse anymore! Tinsley and Scott broke up, so that is a bummer.  It was a long distance relationship, and it did not work out.  Carole and Adam are broken up, but have coffee and sex every day.  That works out for both of them.

It’s Dorinda’s Halloween Party!  Dorinda is Lady Gaga in her plastic bubble dress look.  Luann arrives as Diana Ross, wearing a giant afro, wearing the darkest shade of bronzer possible, and holding a microphone. Luann, what’s good? Carole, dressed as Amelia Earhart, notes that Luann is completely tone deaf when it comes to her costume. How did Luann think this would be a good idea?
Ramona is dressed as Britney Spears,  also carrying a microphone, and dressed in a red, vinyl catsuit.  Tinsley is dressed like ’80s Madonna in white.  Sonja arrives dressed as unintentionally scary I Love Lucy, with her date Rocco, and does not come over to say hello. Dorinda goes off about it to the other ladies, and finally, Sonja comes over. Bethenny arrives as “Drag Barbie/ Texas Prostitute”. She says that she wanted to be Barbie, but was dressed by two drag queens. Whatever this is supposed to be, I love the results!
Carole smokes, because she always smokes when she is in costume.  Someone comments that Carole is running a marathon in a few days, and probably should not be smoking.
Dorinda is “level 8” drunk, and that means things are fun. Tom takes Dorinda home, as plastic bubble pieces fall off her dress.  I love Dorinda.

Luann starts talking about Tom, and it’s hard to not ignore that she looks like she does.  She attacks Carole for not texting her after hearing the news about the divorce.  Carole says they were friends and then they were not.  She had no intention of texting Luann about a relationship, about which everyone warned Luann.  Also, they are not friends, so why would Carole reach out to her?  As Carole mentions, Luann did not call her to console her when she and Adam broke up.
Bethenny, and Ramona have a loud back and forth about real estate, who is a real businesswoman, and Scary Lucy Sonja tries to interrupt and get them to stop. It does not work. Bethenny tells Ramona that she is unkind, and she pretty much wants nothing to do with her, if this is how she is going to be. Ramona defends herself, saying she always stands up for other women.  The episode ends with the two of them still yelling at each other.  Well, that was not the best start for the season.

What did we learn this week-  Ramona : Still one of the biggest yentas not just in New York City, but the entire Tri-State Area.
Dorinda: Still adorable, and too much fun when she parties.

Is anyone going to talk to Luann about her costume?  I know Carole probably did not say anything because she did not want to get into it with Luann at this party.  Will anyone say anything to her next week?

I hope Bethenny and Ramona avoid each other as much as possible this season.  I do not want to watch them fighting like this every time they are together.

-Aoife, TV Guru


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