Courtney Does Not Love Your App

drag race tap app mini challengeRuPaul’s Drag Race, Season 10, Episode 3, Tap That App

The weary queens come back to the workroom, to see Kalorie’s lovely message. Monet talks about how she should could not believe she was in the bottom, when there were other contestants who should not have been safe. Monique produces a piece of sponge, and reminds Monet she was safe when she wore sponges.  That was such a creative outfit!

The next morning, everyone runs singing into the workroom.  Ah, the early part of the season!  Ru comes in and announces that the mini challenge will be to sell his new chocolate bar.  The scenario is, the queens are fresh off the bus in LA, and have to make Ru laugh in their first commercial audition.
Ru makes the queens do ridiculous things on camera to, and with the chocolate bar.  Miz Cracker wonders if she is on an episode of Twin Peaks, after doing a monologue as the chocolate bar.
Blair has to do speed tap-dancing as Ru demands she goes faster, and faster Blair is able to pull it off.  Someone get Blair in a Broadway production right now!
Monet tells Ru she is Irish, and ends up singing to the chocolate bar in real Irish.  Hey, knowing Erin go bragh is better than knowing no Irish at all.
Blair, Monique, and Monet win the mini challenge.

Ru announces the maxi challenged will be to make a Dating App, either End of Days, for people who think the end of the world is coming, Madam Butterface for people with beautiful bodies, but ugly faces, and fibstr, where people who catfish might find love.
Monet, Team Butterface, is a little annoyed at Yuhua, who was not chosen,and joined her group.
Eureka, on End of Days, jumps in with a million ideas to her group.  The Vixen wishes she would let everyone work as a team.

While everyone gets ready, people tell Yuhua she should not put on a prosthetic nose, because her others two teammates are doing that look.  Yuhua yells at Aquaria to stop yelling at her, and Aquaria notes she is talking loudly, because they are in a full room, and they do not have so much time to get ready.  Asia feels for Monet, regarding working with Yuhua, and says she understands what it is like to have Yuhua on her team.
Yuhua is still not making herself look ugly, and almost everyone makes some kind of comment about it.
Monique gets everyone doing a chorus of Vanjie!  I love it.

It is time to shoot the commercials, with Michelle and Carson! Team fibstr goes first, and Michelle is pleased Monique has giant, fake boobs.  She and Carson laugh when she self-directs, but also seem impressed by it.  Mayhem is not sure what to do in her scene, and Monique directs again. She’s good!
Team End of Days comes out trying to give confidence.  They do a great job, but Vixen feels like Eureka is getting on her nerves.
Monet, and Team Butterface do their ad.  Yuhua has to do her scene over, and over, and over.  It’s hard to watch and no, Yuhua did not make herself “ugly”.  Aquaria notices this from the sidelines, and in confessional, does Yuhua’s line in what would have been one take. Aquaria says she is enjoying watching Yuhua, and it is making her laugh.

Everyone is getting ready for runway.  Blair says she misses her mom, and she is having a hard time.  Eureka tells Blair she has several drag children, and she will be her mom.  I love that.
An argument breaks out between The Vixen and Aquaria argue about who did worse on last week’s Best Drag runway, and Vixen verbally hands Aquaria her small behind.
Blair talks about her mom again.  She mentions she is from a very Christian family, but her parents really support her. Blair’s mom wears her t shirts. Hearing this always makes me so happy, moms of the queens, who support their children, are the best drag fans.
Dusty says she barely talks to her family, and they do not even know she is here.  She talks about how her parents found out she was gay, and her parents dragged her to church to be exorcised.  Dusty had to go to therapy, and “Straight Camp”, and relates some of the painful things adults said to her.  She says there was a point where she could not take it anymore, and she packed up and left home.
Dusty says has a great life now with her fiance.
Monet is heartbroken that Dusty and others have gone through this.  She tells the group  she goes to choir practice at her church in drag.  Everyone loves that, and she invites them all to go to her church in Harlem.
Aquaria says she will not be going to brunch with them after church, which is ignored by, or gets a few chuckles from everyone, except for The Vixen, who tells her she is not being funny.  They get into a yelling fest, which momentarily stops when Monet sees a spider! Everyone screams, and those afraid of spiders have a minor freak out.  Monet, if you freak out like this over a spider, what do you do when you see one of NYC’s roaches or waterbugs?  FYI, I freak out over waterbugs more than Monet freaked out over that spider. I will not front on that.
Sadly, the spider sighting does not save Aquaria from The Vixen loudly putting Aquaria in her place, as the two get back into yelling at each other again.

Runway time!!  Courtney Love is a guest judge, wearing a pinkish red muppet coat that I want, please. For those of you who were not alive back, or were children then, Ru is the godmother of Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain’s daughter, Francis Bean.Drag race ru courtney  Francis is a kickass woman like her parents, follow her on social media!
Runway theme is feathers.  Eureka comes out in a “Queen of the Crows” look, black feathers, elegant looks.  The Vixen does a great peacock look, and we find out Vixen used to work at a zoo! Kameron Michaels gives us “evil queen”, another dark, brooding look, pun intended. She looks like she walked off a set for a fantasy movie,  Asia comes out as Tweety Bird’s head, and looks amazing! Aquaria says her arrow-pierced look this week is part St. Sebastian and swan.  I love that lore of the Saints is everywhere.
We get a look at the commercials!  They are all great!  This is why I love challenges where the queens get to really be creative.

Ru names Blair, Eureka, and Asia as the tops of the week. Mayhem, Kameron and Yuhua are the bottom three. Eureka gets great critiques from the judges for good reason.  Mayhem is critiqued for her performance in the App commercial.  She is asked is something went wrong from behind the scenes.  She says that her group leader dictated everything. Monet asked you if you wanted to be the narrator, Mayhem.  Yuhua also complains that she did badly in the commercial challenge because her team was yelling at her.  Yuhua, please sashay away, but I have a feeling you will be safe.
Ru names Asia as the winner of the week, everyone loved her Tweety Bird look, and her role in her ad.
Yuhua and Mayhem will have to LSFYL to Celebrity Skin, by Hole.  That is Courtney Love’s old band, and yes I listened to them in the ’90s.  Mayhem is doing really well, Yuhua is rocking out, doing splits.
Yuhua has to sashay away.  Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Number of Remaining New York Queens – 4

What did we learn this week-  Again, Do NOT come for The Vixen.  Why do people keep trying?

If you are curious about Hole, listen to their early albums for their rawest music.

-Aoife, TV Guru


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