Untucked, Episode Three

Drag race vixen untuckedRuPaul’s Drag Race, Untucked, Season 10, Episode 3

The queens named safe this week go backstage and are all in need of cocktails.  None of them were happy to be deemed safe, but everyone is glad that they were all judged individually.

Everyone talks about how Yuhua did badly.
Monique is wondering if Kameron or Mayhem will be thrown under the bus, because they might say their own bad performances were the fault of their group leader.
Monique brings up the “elephant in the room”, bad blood between the girls, namely what is wrong between Aquaria and The Vixen.  Miz Cracker tries to be a mediator, but obviously, Aquaria does not want to hear anything from Cracker.  I am sure the look Aquaria gives Cracker will be a meme by morning.
The Vixen explains why she came for Aquaria, while reading her again in the process. Aquaria escalates the situation by repeating again,that Vixen did not bring her best drag last week.  Dusty calls Aquaria out, Monique calls Aquaria out. Aquaria is asked what the difference between her making a nasty comment, and Vixen saying someting nasty.  Aquaria cannot answer, and the tears fall..  Vixen brings up how this is a race issue.  Aquaria is crying, and Vixen is going to be presented as an angry black person.  Monique agrees with this.  Vixen tells Aquaria  to leave her alone, this is not what she feels should be put out to the public, and she has no desire to be a part of this. Yes Vixen, Yes!
Aquaria cries again, and no one comforts her.  Vixen says she feels like she looks like a  “bitch” right now, because she is trying to say how she feels, and Aquaria is crying.  Monique tells her that she should not feel that way.
Cracker tells Vixen to dial things back from a ten, and Vixen says no, she will not be doing that when someone comes for her.

The remaining queens come backstage, and are told that they all just had a big fight over Aquaria, and Vixen.  The two of them come to an understanding for the moment.  Yuhua ,and Mayhem are asked what the judges said to them.  Eureka asks Yuhua, and Mayhem why they were throwing Monique under the bus.  Monique does not want to hear it, because she gave Mayhem a chance to speak up.  Mayhem walks away, to prepare for LSFYL.  Kameron tries to comfort her.  Monique watches them from across the room like a hawk,  and looks most displeased. Mayhem says she took her head out of the game, and says she should have said something about the challenge when she was asked.

Everyone heads to the mainstage.  Yuhua is understandably sad, and crying as she packs up. She got letters from some of the girls.

What did we learn this week- I said this in the recap of the show, but why still come for The Vixen? Do not do this!

-Aoife, TV Guru


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