DramaRama Reunion Part One

Atlanta queen porshaThe Real Housewives of Atlanta – Season 10, Episode 19, Reunion Part 1

What a long season, and looking at least year’s Atlanta Reunion, this one might be just as vicious. We see a little behind the scenes action of all the ladies getting ready.  Andy talks to Tyrone on the phone!   Also, Porsha is dressed like a Disney Princess. I love that she is wearing a velvet cape with that crown.  Let’s get to it!

Porsha is asked about why she is dressed like a queen.  Porsha explains that her outfit means she is the goddess of love.  Kenya announces she is having a baby later this year!

Andy does a look back at a decade of Atlanta Housewives looks.  Season one Nene, and Sheree are amazing, I love these montages of everyone’s looks.
Sheree is asked about She by Sheree, and she gives a non-answer, that gets reactions from most of the group. It was really more of a collection of words that made no sense in a sentence.  Sheree says something will be happening in September, but no one seems convinced.  The camera keeps focusing on Nene, who makes a different face every second.

Andy brings up Kandi’s Essence party, and asks why Kandi invited Porsha if she does not like her.  Kandi and Porsha have a little back and forth.  Kandi explains that Porsha almost killed her brand, she put her through a lot of grief, because she accused her of rape, and it is going to take her a lot of time to get over it all.  Kandi also tells Porsha that she never felt like either apology she gave her was genuine, because it was on camera.  Porsha says she is taking ownership about everything that came out in the argument at the last reunion.  Kandi tries to explain what she wanted to hear from Porsha.  Porsha says she is not going to apologize again, and says that Kandi is playing the victim.
Nene says she wanted Porsha to talk to Kandi, and all the women to apologize.  Andy puts the conversation on hold until later, and Kandi asks if they could please not revisit it again.

Marlo comes out on stage, floating on a lilac cloud of a strapless dress with lots of tulle.
Kenya brings up that she did not like it when Marlo told her that if her mother does not love her, there must be a reason.  Marlo does not like this, calls Kenya a good actress, and runs off some insults. Marlo is defensive.  Kenya keeps going, and Marlo does not look good right now. It was a cruel comment, and a dismissive response to Kenya talking about it.
Kenya brings up John, and says that Marlo tries to blackmail over John.  Kenya says that Marlo accused John of being a “john”, and Marlo blackmailed Nene for twenty thousand dollars.  Nene says she did not appreciate hearing that Marlo talked about their private conversation with somewhere else.

Andy brings up how all season Kenya kept her husband secret, until Marc showed up at Keny’s event. Surprise!  Kenya does not say anything we have not heard all season. At one point, Marlo and Kenya insult each other back and forth, and Kenya tells her to get a new face.  Kenya does tell us that Marc has never watched the show.  Marlo says she does not believe Kenya, because she is manipulative.  Sheree is asked if she really wants a nose ring, or was she just throwing shade at Marc.  Kenya says he would rather her man have a piercing than handcuffs.  Andy asks the group who did not believe that Kenya was married, and Marlo says she still does not believe it.  So much time was spent on this topic, and there still are no answers besides the probable reason, Marc wanted nothing to do with this show.

Andy once again brings up the issue between Kandi, and Porsha, and the fact that the women think Porsha should apologize. I feel bad for Kandi right now, and know things are not going to go well. Oyyyy.  Instead of talking to Kandi, the conversation turns to Shamea, and why Porsha told her not to trust Sheree. Porsha asks Sheree to explain something, and Sheree fires back that they are talking about Porsha right now.  Porsha points out they are talking about Sheree as well.  At least Kandi gets to just sit and watch!
Sheree and Nene  end up fighting.  Andy reminds the women that Kim is about to be brought out, and no one is thrilled, especially not Sheree and Nene, who stopped arguing to comment on Kim.

What did we learn this week- We did not learn anything new about Kenya keeping her marriage secret, but I’m sure that was the point.

I wonder how many more reunion episodes before Kim finally comes out on set.

-Aoife, TV Guru


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