Hot Mess Conference

Potomac Karen
The Real Housewives Of Potomac – Season 3, Episode 2, Meet The Press

Monique takes a break from moving things into her new home, and invites Karen over. She arrives in an amazing new Jaguar.  Monique tells us in confessional that if her husband owed one hundred thousand dollars, they would not be getting a new are.  Karen is happy that Monique and Chris have a new home.  Monique has a fish tank, and has a small shark named “Grand Dame”, in Karen’s honor.

Gizelle arrives at Robyn’s house.  She tells us in confessional that she hates driving to Robyn’s house because it is so out of the way.  Gizelle asks if she is moving.  Robyn is moving, but to a different house in the same development in which they are currently living.
Karen, and Monique talk about Karen, and Ray’s current issues.  Karen says Monique is being very supportive, and not just talking to her about this to be a gossip.
Gizelle and Robyn say to each other that they don’t believe that Ray got into these problems without Karen knowing.
Karen tells Monique that she and Ray do not even have a joint bank account.
Robyn makes fun of Karen yelling at her for telling the ladies about her and Ray.  Robyn reminds everyone that this information was in the Washington Post before she said anything.  She and Gizelle joke that Karen has been practicing telling her story in front of the mirror.
Karen tells Monique that Robyn was like a wolf coming at her with a knife.  A wolf with a knife.  I’m going to let everyone just think about that for a moment.

Ashley is at Oz, making sure the patrons are pleased.  Ashley says the restaurant is finally making money, and that she and Michael are mending their relationship.
Ashley hosts a brunch for  number of her friends.  Monique attends.  Ashley’s friend Candiace, Potomac’s newest Housewife arrives.  She is a pageant winner many times over.  Ashley says she invited Monique and Candiace to this event, because she wants all the younger women to get together.  Monique tells Ashley about Karen’s new car, and Ashley also wonders in confessional how, if they are in a lot of debt, how Karen can afford a one hundred thousand dollar car, and a mansion that costs ten thousand dollars a month.
Candiace, and Monique are getting along great.  Ashley says they sound like yapping chihuahuas, and is a little annoyed.  Monique warns Candiace about some of the other ladies in the group, but does not name anyone.

Karen tells us that with everything in the news, she has heard nasty things all over social media, but the things the ladies said hurt.  Karen is going to hold a press conference, and calls the ladies to tell them they need to discuss this.  Gizelle tells us in confessional that she knows how to read the Washington Post, and already knows everything Karen is going to tell them…at her press conference.  Press conference.

Karen’s press conference table is all set up, thanks to Karen’s assistant.  Everyone’s setting includes water, a pencil, and there are peanuts on the table.
Gizelle had some t-shirts made that say #GodBlessTheHugars, #FreeKaren, #FreeUncleBen, and #TaxReform.
Karen is wearing a military cammo jumpuit, with an oversized Gucci belt, and when Ashley arrives, she calls her G.I. Jane.
The women all arrive, but Karen’s assistant is in the room for some reason. housewives of potomac season 3 karen and matt
Gizelle and Robyn arrive.  Gizelle only shows the front of her t shirt, which says #GodBlessTheHugars, everything else is on the back.  Gizelle shows the women the front of her shirt, and everyone loves it, but Karen does not seem to love it as she fake-hugs Gizelle.
Karen opens the meeting by telling the women how much they have hurt her.  Her assistant is taking notes, and the women do not want to talk in front of him.  He does not go anywhere, and neither does a man who is there to make sure the ladies have champagne at all times.
Karen has paper hand-outs for the ladies with tweets made about her by Gizelle. Karen asks Gizelle if she is her friend or her enemy. Gizelle says she is not her enemy, and that everyone was wondering what was going on with Karen.  Robyn asks Karen if the move is a result of the tax issues.  Karen says no.  Gizelle asks about what was in the Washington Post. Karen once again explains that she has nothing to do with Ray’s finances.  The man pouring the champagne for the women almost bursts out laughing.
The women do not believe that Ray never told her anything.  Karen says Ray talked to her about it once, and she forgot about it. The women ask some more questions, and finally Karen says she is not legally allowed to say anything else about the issue, and never wants to talk about it again.  Karen, do you know what press conference means?  Ashley asks Karen if she in being indicted.  Karen cackles, then responds by asking if Michael is being indicted for “swinging his ding-a-ling all over Instagram”.  Really Karen?  A no would suffice. You wanted to talk about this, the women have questions for you.
Again, the camera focuses on the man pouring the champagne, who looks like he is still about to laugh. potomac champagne man
Karen repeats to the women that she does not file her taxes with Ray, and knew nothing.
She announces the meeting is over, and the women need to mind their business.
Gizelle tells Karen the group is hearing different things from different sources, but they want to hear the truth from her.  Monique says it is hard to defend her, when they do not know what is really going on.  Robyn reminds Karen that “Karen Hugar invited us to a meeting to talk about Karen Hugar”.  Thank you Robyn!

What did we learn this week-  Before you call a press conference know what happens during press conferences, especially if you take questions.
Also, if you want to talk to your friends, tell them you want to talk to them, and don’t call it a press conference.  Don’t have your assistant in the room, either!  Please know the man with the champagne definitely told someone about his absolutely ridiculous day of work. Raise a glass to the man with the champagne!

-Aoife, TV Guru


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