Boat Rides, Latex, and Lingerie: End of The Berlin Trip

beverly berlin lingerie twoThe Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills – Season 8, Episode 17, Better Latex Than Never

The morning after Berlin drama night, Rinna and Dorit have some spa time.  Dorit says she is glad to not be around the fake women.

Erika keeps Kyle, and Teddi waiting at the Berlin Zoo,  When she arrives, she explains she has a bad cold.  As they walk toward the panda exhibit.  Kyle is shocked to learn how little pandas are left in the wild.  The three ladies get an exclusive look at panda feeding time, and take some adorable photos.  The panda does seem to like the company through the pane of glass.
Dorit and Rinna get massages, and the topic of Kyle comes up.  Dorit thinks the two of them can work things out.  Rinna encourages her to try, then reminds her everyone is going to be stuck together on a boat tonight.

Everyone is glammed up for this costume party boat ride, and Rinna is wearing lingerie under a short jacket.  Erika however, is running late, and keeping everyone waiting in the Berlin drama van. They decide to leave, and hold the boat.
During the ride, Dorit and Kyle get to talk things out.  Kyle says she wants to move on, just because she does not want to go on about things right now.
Erika gets her late behind in a cab.  She is still not feeling well, and she had to get into some latex, which takes time.
Finally Erika arrives.  Rinna tells us that Erika did not disappoint with her look, in fact a lot of the ladies gush over Erika in latex.  She apologizes for being late.
This particular Berlin boat tour is the one touristy boat ride I would try, as one gets to see all the city lights.
The ladies go inside the cabin for shots.  Everyone asks Erika how she got into the latex bodysuit, and tells them about the need to use lube and baby powder.
Kyle tries to get Lisa to take off her coat.  She takes off her jacket to reveal she is wearing some lovely lingerie and all the women scream with joy.  Rinna mentions everyone is having such a good time, and wonders if it is because Vanderpump went back home.

The women stop at an invitation-only restaurant for dinner, almost all of the ladies go to the bathroom together, leaving Kyle and Erika alone at the table. Kyle confesses that Erika’s breasts look amazing in the latex, and she kind of wants to touch them.
Teddi makes the mistake of bringing up her issue with Erika again.  Erika is just as biting as she was the first time.  Teddi explains that she is not used to people like Erika, and she scares her. She tells Erika that yelling at her hurt her feelings, she did not want to come on this trip, and she is hurting right now.  Erika apologizes and tells Teddi that they had a great time on the trip, she does not want to be mean, and certainly does not one anyone to be afraid of her.  Erika also tells us she needs to work on her temper.
Dorit invites all the women to her fashion show, which will happen shortly after the women come home from Berlin. Excitement!

Back in Beverly Hills, Vanderpump is at Vanderpump Dogs. Everyone talks about being covered in puppy poop, but that goes along with the rescue center! I could watch scenes shot here all day, so many puppies, and puppy bellies.  I know a lot of you feel me on this.
Faye helps Kyle pack up to move to the new house.  Kyle is understandably emotional, and Faye is very comforting.

Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle visit.  Kyle tells Lisa she missed her at the end of the Berlin trip, and that they saw pandas.  The topic moves on to Dorit, and Kyle tells Lisa they are fine, but Lisa notes it does not look like that.  Kyle does not seem to like Dorit, or her behavior.

What did we learn this week-  I hope this ends the Erika and Teddi issue, but it will probably be brought up again.

Every episode of the Beverly Hills Housewives franchise should apparently include a latex, lingerie drink party. It’s the most fun we’ve seen the women have all season.

-Aoife, TV Guru


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