The Apocalypse is not RuPaul’s Friend Race

drag race end of worldRuPaul’s Drag Race – Season 10, Episode 4, The Last Ball on Earth

There are heels on the floor, and a mirror message on the mirror from Yuhua.  Mayhem is happy she is still in the competition.

Monique is quiet.  She says during Untucked last week, she felt like her teammates had thrown her under the bus.  Mayhem says her side, but gets cut off by Monique.  Mayhem says she did not throw her under the bus, and Monique says she kept trying to see if Mayhem was comfortable with her role.  Mayhem says she is tired of the more assertive queens keeping the others quiet, she also announces this is not RuPaul’s Friend Race. Monique says this is noted.

Everyone wonders what the next challenge will be, Monet wishes for a hair challenge, but Monique teases her that her hair is flat. Ru arrives wearing a nightmare ’70s print suit.   He says today’s mini challenge is to photobomb some very memorable photos, and everyone has fifteen minutes for quick drag. It is really remarkable what everyone can do in fifteen minutes!
Miz Cracker photobombs Venus Williams, winning one of many tournaments.  Dusty Ray Bottoms does a fantastic Oprah photo bomb.  Aquaria brings it up a notch, by making it look like she is picking up prop poop that Kim Kardashian left on the red carpet. Everyone is hilarious, and does a great job. However, it is no surprise Aquaria wins.

Ru then scares everyone about how climate change will kill us all.  Good news though, there will be a ball!  Three looks, “Alaskan Realness”, “Miami Summer Realness”, and “Martian Eleganza”, to slay the runway on our new home planet, Mars. Three separate looks!  This is going to be super stressful.  Ru, Miami will be under the sea in a few decades, and you did not present this as an Atlantis theme.  We’ll allow it, since there have to be frozen looks.

The queens grab materials of all sorts, and start on their works. Monet is having some problems with one look, and prays to a little piece of her sponge outfit to help.  Miz Cracker is working full throttle on her Mars piece, and shares a bit of her father’s advice upon wining, when you win something, you better win again, or people will think it was an accident.  Shouts of Vanjie!, can be heard as one of the queens continues to struggle with one of her looks.
Asia is being all types of kind, helping some of the contestants with their work, including Monique.
Blair notes that Aquaria has been working for a while, but there is no garment to speak of.  We see a collection of twisted tubes on a dress form.
There are more last minute issues, and Eureka’s zipper busts, Dusty hot glue gun burns herself getting some metal together.
Ru talks to Asia for a while,  and Asia talks about her side business, sewing outfits for celebrities and dance and cheerleading teams.   Ru seems pretty confident in Asia after her Tweety Bird look win last week.
Vixen tells Ru that her grandmother taught her to sew.  She is asked about what she is like back home.  She mentions her drag at home gets very political, and we are shown photos from show.  I want to see one of her Chicago shows now, please.
Ru asks Blair how she got into drag.  Blair was a theater kid, but also went to school for hair and makeup. Ru calls Blair kiddo, which is sweet.
Ru talks to Monet, and Cracker tells us that Monet is all about personality, which flies in New York City, and drives audiences wild, but this is Drag Race.

Everyone is psyched for runway day, and come singing into that workroom.  Monique is freaking out. Monet vogues with Eureka, and it is a really fun moment all around.
Blair tells Asia she is so nurturing , and that she looks at her as a mom figure.  Asia says she lost her parents, and her drag family became her family.
Miz Cracker tells Aquaria there is a rumor going around New York City that she has a sugar daddy.  It’s really a discussion, and Aquaria talks about how hard she works.  It ends with Cracker saying she is not saying she would not like a sugar daddy.
Accents come up. Monet says that English people used to talk like “Americans”, and then something happened, and they all started to have English accents.  A bunch of the queens flip out laughing, and quiz Monet on world history.  It’s all hilarious, and if you can find a clip of these, it is a must watch moment on this series. I love Monet, I love this group.

Runway Time!  I love Ru’s look, wearing a visor, a rainbow swirl dress, and rainbow swirl makeup all over her face like a mask.
Drag race space ru

Tisha Campbell Martin is a judge, and I am happy because I will always love her as Gina on Martin. Yes, we love Little Shop of Horrors, but come on, she was Gina!
The Alaska challenge is full of summer looks.  Most of the queens just look like they are summering, versus surviving climate change.  One exception is The Vixen, who comes out in a clear plastic bikini, and giant plastic fan. It looks like she could have made that bikini out of items found after a disaster.
Miz Cracker wears a bikini made out of blonde hair, which is just creative and different than most of these Alaska Winter looks.
Miami Summer Realness brings us a lot of Snow Queen looks. Monet even blows out some frozen vapor as she enters the stage. Aquaria makes her look very colorful, with faux fur she dyed herself. Asia gives us year 3000, neon, leopard print with a visor, and it fits the challenge.  Miz Cracker is dressed for apocalyptic winter survival in pink.
Mars Challenge!  Finally, the looks are futuristic, and everyone is over the top.
Monique comes out with a triple outfit, the coat comes off, there is a bodysuit look, and it turns into a dress. I love Asia’s outfit, and has a story line for it.  What more could one ask for?
All of the contestants had to do three looks this week, and that is really hard.
Ru sends off the safe girls, and the rest are critiqued.   Tisha Campbell Martin is a great judge and needs to come back every season.  Asia almost cries on stage, because the judges are not thrilled with her looks.  It comes up that Asia helps all the queens with their outfits, something to which everyone on the stage all attest. The judges tell her she needs to take care of herself first, then help everyone else.
When the contestants are backstage, the judges have an Aquaria vs. Cracker discussion.  They are both considered winners this week, and it will be hard to choose.
Ru declares Aquaria the winner for the challenge this week.  Monet and Dusty have to LSFYL to Pound The Alarm by Nicki Minaj.  Monet immediately starts blowing up the stage, one cannot take their eyes off her, and she has the judges laughing.  She also busts out some dance moves that make the voguing she did in the workroom look tame.
Ru loves the lip sync, and chooses Monet to stay.  I’m sad to see Dusty go, but she is so gracious and grateful.

Boy Butter Commercials -1
Number of Remaining New York Queens – 3

What did we learn this week? Aquaria killed it this week, and won both challenges!  I was afraid her Mars outfit would be a series of tubes, but thankfully, that was not the case at allllllllllllllllllllll!

Monet is deadly on a stage, and I want to see her now. Is she doing a show tonight in New York City?

This accent discussion was one of the most fun things I have ever seen on Drag Race in ten seasons, and three All Stars.  I implore you all to watch this part of the episode.

-Aoife, TV Guru


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