Ronnie, Destroyer of Toilets

jersey snookiJersey Shore Family Vacation – Season One, Episode 3, Sunday Vinny

Snooki is still crying on the phone to her dad.  Everyone outside searches with flashlights, and some on their hands and knees around the pool area, looking for the lost wedding ring.  Snooki is afraid to tell Jionni, and can’t stop sobbing to her father.

Thankfully Deena finds the ring!  Deena says it is a good thing the ring was so expensive, because it was huge and easier to find.
Everyone is relieved.  Snooki is still upset, and Ronnie talks her into just going to sleep.

The next morning, Jenni gets filled in by Mike on the ring incident.
We then see black and white footage of Ronnie, his sneaker collection, and him going to the bathroom.
Mike, and Jenni talk about how Mike got completely sober. Jenni talks about she and Roger lost a baby before the Italy season, and the medication she took made her groggy, so she took uppers to balance it out.
Mike seems to have changed the most out of everyone, and for the best.
Fade back to Ronnie in black and white, who has clogged his bedroom bathroom again.

Vinny, Ronnie, and Pauly wonder if Snooki will go home.  Nicole comes downstairs, and still feels confused, and decides to call her children.  She seems comforted by the video chat, even though she misses her kids so much. Snooki decides to stay, because she wants time for herself right now.

Breaking News:  Ronnie has clogged up the main bathroom, and the situation is vile.
The women are also freaked out by a vibrantly colored spider, but it “flies” away.

The group decides to leave the clogged bathrooms and spider behind do to some rock climbing.  The rock climbing turns out to be climbing up walls, but everyone is having a good time.
The men make a bet between Snooki and Deena, whoever makes it up the wall first wins, and the loser has to clean up Ronnie’s toilet mess. Deena wins.
Back at the house, Snooki prepares to clean the toilet, and I do not know why Ronnie does not deal with it since he is a grown ass man.
Snooki makes her own version of a Hazmat suit.  Keep in mind this toilet has been clogged for hours now.
Snooki enters the bathroom, and the smell instantly nauseates her hard.  She takes a sip of wine after viewing the situation.  Again, why can Ronnie not unclog his own mess?  Why did he not take care of this hours ago?  Ronnie, what’s good?
Snooki calls for Deena to help.  Ask Ronnie for help!  What is this??
Everyone ends up going into this bathroom, and everyone almost vomits.  Ronnie still has no plans on cleaning this mess. Deena says Ronnie is a “disgust”, and he is such a “disgust”.
Poor Snooki wonders how she will clean  this up.  Why??   She nearly vomits over and over.  I will not even repeat the descriptions everyone made.
In the end, it is decided a plumber will be called to the house.  Ronnie is called a disgust again. A plumber should have been called before the rock climbing wall.

Jen, Ronnie’s girlfriend at the time of shooting the season, calls the house.  Vinny talks to her for a few minutes, and finds out she has a twelve year old son.  Vinny jokes to Jen that her son is probably taller than Ronnie.  They talk, and then Ronnie brings up Sammi after the call.  Pauly tells us he cannot believe Ron is not over Sammi at this point.  At least he didn’t tell Jen he destroyed every toilet in the house!

The guys question and grill Deena if she could get be pregnant. She was complaining of hand issues, and Pauly teases her that if her problem is in both hands, it means she is having twins.  It is revealed that Deena and her husband use condoms for birth control.  Deena cannot be on birth control, because of the side effects.  The men understand, and back off. Did they need to know all of this?  Do they feel better knowing that birth control gives Deena side effects with which she cannot deal?
Deena complains about Ronnie using the term “busted” as a sex term, which starts a stream of bleeps from all of the guys listing sex phrases that are too hot for TV.

Vinny is feeling a little sensitive, because the Meatballs keep saying he is the worst, and making fun of how he holds his alcohol.
However, Cabs Are Here!
There is some awkwardness between Vinny and Snooki because they hooked up in the past.  Vinny was not invited to Nicole’s wedding, and he thinks Jionni hates him.
The verbally poke at each other a bit in the cab, but nothing serious.

At the daytime club,Vinny declares that on the Seventh Day, he parties.  Pauly comments that it only takes one drink for Vinny to get really drunk.
Vinny sees some women walking around in body paint, and wants to be painted too.  He gets the Italian flag painted on him.  Ronnie also gets, “Who wrote the note” body painted on his chest.  Everyone is bummed by this, and thinks Ronnie needs to move on from Sammi.
Vinny tries to dance on Snooki, but Snooki wants him to back off.  Vinny says he did not mean anything by it, he just wants to be friends again.
The group gets home, and Vinny is still trying to be physical with Snooki.  She tries to do confessional, and Vinny busts in.  Nicole flees, and says she does not need Vinny ruining her marriage.  Vinny comes out, and asks Nicole what the ground rules between them are.  Snookie tells him to stop, and that he is disrespecting her husband.  They are both drunk, and should not be having this discussion at this time.  Jenni tries to get Snooki to calm down.  Snooki spells it out, they are friends, but Vinny sets her off.  She storms off upstairs.
Jenni explains to Vinny that Snooki is upset because he tried to dry hump her. Jenni goes upstairs to check on Snooki.  Snooki does not want to talk about things, says that Jenni is “egging this on”, and calls her an idiot.  That sets off Jenni, and the two of them start yelling at each other. Ronnie tells us he is so out of it, he has no idea what is going on.
Jenni walks away after fighting some more with Snooki.  Snooki hears her talking, and screams at Jenni from the stairs.
The episode ends with Snooki and Jenni fighting upstairs.

What did we learn this week- If you clog up a toilet, clean it up your damned self, if you are able!  That is super nasty. Do not be super nasty.
Why was it left to the women to clean up Ronnie’s nasty mess?  What year is this? What world is this?

Vinny was wondering what the “ground rules” were between him and Nicole.  Simple.  If someone is in a serious relationship, or married, and it is not an open relationship, do not try to dry hump them at a club, or anywhere else.  Do not try to give sloppy hugs that are more than friend hugs.  No one wants to be touched like this.
You know what, don’t dry hump your friends at all, unless you are both into it.  This is not hard to figure out, respect people.

-Aoife, TV Guru


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