Andy Cohen: Real Midwife of Atlanta

Atlanta reunion kandi
The Real Housewives of Atlanta – Season 10, Episode 20, Reunion Part 2

Eva is having contractions backstage at the reunion, and is hoping these women do not make her have a baby on stage. Dr. Jackie is her OBGYN!  I would want Dr. Jackie or Dr. Simone as my doctor, too.

Kim arrives with Kroy. We know it’s going to take a while for her to get ready, and I wonder if we will even see her this week.

Marlo goes after Porsha again. Portia is asked why she put an object in Marlo’s face, when Kenya did that to her, and she did not appreciate it.  Porsha says she could not care less about what happened with Marlo.  Marlo is asked about why she goes after Porsha when she has a criminal background, and Marlo says that is all in her past.
It’s really hard to listen to Porsha, and not be distracted by her crown, and cape.  I am watching a Disney Princess go off next to Andy Cohen right now.
Kandi is asked if she will ever change her attitude toward Porsha.  Kandi says she never got  genuine apology, so Porsha tries to give her one.  No one wants to hear it, and Kenya loudly asks if they can all get some cocktails.
Porsha keeps apologizing on the I just want this to be done with tip. Porsha… Kandi says they should let things go, because she is sick of people’s questions about this, and wants to move on.

Eva is still lying down.  Kim is gettng ready to change, and Sheree goes backstage.  Sheree tells Kim that in regards to Nene, everyone is “kissing her ass”.

It’s time for Nene footage, and Nene quotes montage. I am waiting to see if they show her ableist comments about Kim. Nope!
Gregg is doing great, and taking medicine for his heart.
Andy brings up the comedy show disaster, and asks Nene how she could wish rape on someone.  Sheree says as a survivor of domestic abuse, she would never say that. Nene deeply regrets what she said.
Marlo is asked about her job, she says she invests well, and has businesses. She also dated a billionaire who bought a lot of homes for her and her family.
Marlo leaves the stage, so Eva can make an appearance before her baby gets here!

I do not know how Eva is making her way to the stage with contractions, in a gown, and nice shoes that probably do not feel good on her feet.  She tells the group she is not trying to have a reunion baby. Andy wants to deliver the baby, but Eva says Dr. Jackie is on call in case something happens.   Eva says she and Michael are engaged.
Cynthia is asked why she came for Kandi so hard in Barcelona, and Cynthia says because it was on her bucket list.  Kandi reveals that Cynthia bought her a pair of shoes. The two of them seem to be in a great place. Andy, stop going places that do not even exist!
We see a never-before scene of Kandi freestyling about penis while they were in Barcelona.  She continues on stage, reading lyrics off her phone, and everyone loves it.  She mentions Black Panther’s “D” as well.  I love Kandi!

The issue of Will and Cynthia comes up. We are shown a montage of cute dates, and the women telling Cynthia they do not trust her man.
Eva is asked why it was different when Shamea asked her about Missy Elliot, and Eva says because that was a rumor, and what she told Cynthia was true.
Cynthia says the only thing she cares about with Will,was what happened when they started dating.  It comes out that the incident with Eva’s friend happened when she started seeing each other.
Cynthia says she didn’t listen to Porsha when she tried to warn her about Will, because it was Porsha who was the messenger.
Cynthia mentions she is dating someone new, but they are not yet in a relationship.

For some reason, Eva is asked about her experience with women in a really inconsiderate way. Andy, really?? Eva says it is not anyone’s place to out anyone, and that being LGBT is not something negative.  Eva is told to leave and get herself to the hospital!

Kim comes out on stage. The time has arrived.  She comes out to complete silence, except for Andy talking.
Nene is already making faces.  Andy tells Kim her lips are considerably bigger, and asks her if she is going to go bigger.
Andy shows the Elephant Room montage, why are we starting there?  Oh right, that whole scene with Kim and Mbele!
Kandi says that two other psychics have told her she has powers, but has no idea how to use them.  Andy asks for a prediction, Kandi says it is about to blow up in this reunion in about ten minutes.  That’s so Kandi!!
Kim is asked about why she is a higher power.  Kenya wonders if it is the devil.
Kim is asked why she said Cynthia would not be successful if she was not beautiful.  Kim first says she did not say that. We are shown a video where she says this to Sheree.  Sheree says she cannot remember this.  Nene makes some great faces.
Nene is asked why she did not share her elephants at the Elephant Room.  Nene says the issue is Kim, and the handicapped parking spot photos are brought up.
They start screaming about it immediately, and Andy cannot ask follow up questions. Kim says someone else at the mall took the photo of Nene’s car, and not her.  Really Kim??
This episode of the reunion ends in mid-fight.

What did we learn this week-  You do not want to put yourself in a situation where Andy Cohen might have to help deliver your baby.  A plea to all future pregnant people on Bravo reunion shows, please do not show up if you are having contractions that are ten minutes apart.

I do not think Porsha’s apology to Kandi is going to hold any weight with these women, even if Kandi accepted it tonight.

-Aoife, TV Guru


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