“i ComE aCrOsS A memE aNd It’S yOuR pAgE”

The Real Housewives of Potomac – Season 3, Episode 3, Meme Your Own Business

Karen is still yelling, her assistant’s face is still red, and he is still making that expression.
potomac press conference assistant

Karen says she has not been indicted, but cannot answer any more questions for legal reasons. Gizelle tells us in confessional she is disappointed, because she thought she would be able to have a conversation about what is going on with her friend.  Karen sees all the hashtags on the back of Gizelle’s shirt, and says she is done with Gizelle as a friend.  Monique does not think that shirt is funny. Karen goes after Gizelle about it, Gizelle and Robyn laugh at Karen,  then Karen leaves the building.
She gets in her car, and then Gizelle and Robyn come inside to talk.  Karen is done, and goes home.

Monique and Ashley get together poolside at Monique’s for drinks.  Monique tells Ashley  she is throwing Chris a fortieth birthday party.  She mentions Chris has not talked to his mom since she called Monique a heifer.  Ashley says she is in a similar situation with her mom. They have had a rocky situation over the last number of years, and right now, her mom is in financial trouble.  Ashley and Michael want to help, but her mom is with a man who is bad for her.  Monique asks Ashley who she would choose, her mother or her husband. Monique tells Ashley she should let her mother figure things out.
Candace comes by, and all the ladies smoke cigars, dipping their feet in the pool.
Monique and Ashley fill Candace in on the other women.  They explain Robyn and Juan’s relationship.  Robyn also has some problems with Monique and Ashley.
They talk about how old the other women are compared to their moms.

It is the day of Chris’s birthday party!  It is a white t-shirt affair. Monique and Charisse are still friends, and Charisse arrives with Robyn.
Karen and Ray are going out for the first time in public since the news about Ray’s tax problems were made public.
Monique makes a toast to Chris, and invites some of his former teammates to come up and say some words.  Chris’s father also says a few words, but Chris’s mother is not present.
Karen and Ray run into Michael, who offers to help them out with their tax issues.  Karen wishes Michael would stay in his lane.
Monique asks Robyn why she has a problem with her.  The answer is there is a meme of Robyn that showed up on Monique’s fan page, and Robyn thinks Monique had something to do with it.  Monique says she does not run her fan page.  Robyn says maybe it’s the people Monique pays to run the page.  Monique says she does not pay anyone to make a fan page for her, and then storms off, as Robyn keeps talks trash.  Robyn, please learn how the internet works.
Robyn says she does not understand why she is being made fun of….Robyn, were you not just part of that conversation? You were just making fun of Monique.
Ashley comes over to where Robyn and Charisse are now standing, and asks what happened.  Robyn talks about finding the meme online.  Ashley says that Robyn can be mean in a very subtle way, and she has felt that from her before as well.  She says Gizelle said Robyn hates her.  Robyn says she does not, but Ashley assumes a lot of things that are not true.  Ashley crosses a line and starts talking about Juan cheating on Robyn, which ends up in the two of them fighting, and Robyn wanting nothing to do with Ashley anymore.
Then, Monique and Robyn start fighting again, except outside, and Chris comes over to try and get them to stop because they are at a party.
Robyn leaves, later Robyn.
Candace’s husband jumps in the pool from the second floor balcony, and that embarrasses Candace, but she decides is not the time to discuss it, and she will bring it up later.
Chris looks like he is having a great time, and I am happy he was able to enjoy himself, despite these fights at his party.

What did we learn this week-  Learn how the internet works before you go after someone for something with which they had no involvement.  It’s good to learn things.
Also on the other side, if you have fans going after someone, tell them not to do this. In this case, Monique telling fans to stop would make it worse, this meme was tame. There are so many other Robyn memes floating around out there, does she blame all the other ladies for all of them?

I don’t know if Ashley brought up Juan to hurt Robyn to get her back for making Monique upset, but that was really low.  It also sounded really scripted. Hmmmm

-Aoife, TV Guru


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