“Once Again”, A Very Special Night Was Ruined

beverly doritThe Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Season 8, Episode 18, The Runaway Runway

It is the day of Dorit’s fashion show for her bathing suit line. Dorit makes sure everything is perfect, and is really excited about her show.

The ladies all gather together in the pre-show lounge.  It has the palm trees Dorit wanted.  Camille shows off her new engagement ring!  Vanderpump says she has seen Camille go through a lot with divorces and is thrilled for her.

Kyle talks to Erika about Dorit bringing up the underpants incident, which is old news.  Kyle tells us she does not appreciate Dorit trying to get between her and Erika.  Erika tells Kyle that they are good, and what Dorit brought up is history.

Everyone gathers around a curtain, which reveals the runway, and seats.  The women love her designs!  Erika says Dorit needs to come over with a tape measure, because she needs several suits, and a custom fitting. Dorit is happy, and feels back in her element as a designer.
Backstage, PK waits with flowers, and it is just a genuinely nice moment.
The group congratulates Dorit, and tell her how much they love her suits.  She thanks them for being there for her.  Vanderpump tells us she loves Dorit, and is very happy for her right now. She is loving everyone in confessional tonight.
Out of nowhere, Kyle asks Vanderpump when the Beverly Hills Lifestyle article is coming out, featuring  Dorit’s photo shoot .  Lisa says that Dorit’s photos were removed. Lisa says Dorit was not happy about the photo shoot, and the photographer thought Dorit was unhappy with the photos.  Dorit is upset about not even being consulted about this,  and Vanderpump tells Dorit the decision was made the day before.  Meanwhile, we know this decision happened weeks before, and video receipts are shown.
Kyle makes some slightly shady comment about this. Dorit tells Kyle that Kyle has some unresolved feelings about her that need to be cleared up. Kyle tells Dorit she cannot not expect any repercussions about what happened in Erika’s hotel room. Erika says she is fine, and there is no problem here , but Kyle and Dorit continue to go back and forth about this.  Vanderpump jumps in and says the underwear thing is a ridiculous.  Kyle asks Dorit if she could give them some clarity about the situation.
Kyle is not happy that Erika is keeping silent, and not defending Kyle.  Erika says Kyle is so worked up she is not noticing she was defending her.
Kyle walks off, but first says goodbye, and kisses Dorit on the cheek.  Dorit says that move was a little too Beverly Hills for her liking.  That just upsets Kyle more, who runs off,  because the world is against her.  Mauricio asks Kyle what happened, and Kyle replies that everyone is up everyone else’s “ass”,  Kyle tells us that she feels like everyone s being fake, and she “doesn’t feel like being at a party with a bunch of bullshitters”.
Erika, Rinna and Teddi all discuss what happened.  Teddi thinks Erika should have spoken up about Kyle.
The evening ends, and everyone leaves.  Dorit is very upset that Kyle “once again”, had to ruin a very special night for her.
Erika calls Kyle’s phone, and gets her voicemail.
Kyle tells Mauricio in the car that she is upset with Erika for not speaking up.  Am I the only one who noticed Erika constantly interrupting the back and forth between Kyle and Dorit?

Teddi and Kyle go workout together, a few days after the fashion show.  Teddi says sometimes everyone needs to stop kissing “ass”, and be real.  She also says that Erika should have told Dorit to stop,  Kyle agrees. but says she wants to get past her frustration with the group.  Teddi says she absolutely understands why Kyle got so upset. Kyle is having a housewarming event at her house, and Teddi tells her they both need to get ready for that.

Kyle’s new house is amazing, and she cannot find anything in her beautiful, new personal bathroom.  Everyone arrives for her housewarming, and everyone loves the house for different reasons.  Dorit says again, “Even though Kyle ruined yet another special night for me”, that she will be at this party to support Dorit.
Kyle apologize to Dorit in a toast.  Erika tells Kyle again, she has absolutely no problems with her whatsoever.  Dorit appreciates that Kyle apologized, but still has some issues with her.
Kyle gives the ladies the grand tour, and then they watch American Woman, in Kyle’s living room.  Kyle cries at a scene where the character based on Kyle’s mother is telling her children she and their father are divorcing, and it brings Teddi back to when her parents got divorced.
Everyone gives each other some schmaltzy hugs, and schmaltzier moments, as we see what the women are doing now.

What did we learn this week-  If you have noticed the titles of my Beverly Hills Housewives recaps over this season, they usually involve Dorit ruining good times.  Do any of you remember any time this season, besides the fashion show, where Kyle ruined a “very special” night for Dorit?

This reunion is going to be a mess between Dorit vs. Kyle, Kyle vs. Vanderpump, Teddi vs. Erika, and probably more people vs. Dorit.

-Aoife, TV Guru



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