Ron Ron Juice: The Deadly Reboot Craze

Jersey shore family vacation ronnie french girlJersey Shore: Family Vacation, Season 1, Episode 4, Ron Ron Juice

Jenni and Snooki continue to fight and yell.  I wish Jenni would just tell Snooki to go to bed, since Snooki would not be saying these things if she was not drunk.

Mike and Deena go to the other room to avoid hearing the fight.
Vinny says that Nicole was always the one to initiate the hook ups, but she treats him like he was the one who was going after her all the time, years ago.
Snooki packs up, and Pauly comes in to talk to her.  She cries again, and tells him again she doesn’t want this to ruin her marriage.  Pauly realizes at this moment in time, Snooki cannot hear any rational advice.
Vinny says he and Snooki have not talked in four years, he has a girlfriend, and is not interested in anything happening between him and Snooki. He does not understand why she is doing this.
Pauly brings Snooki a glass of white wine, and goes to talk to her again.  She is able to talk about things, and says she is confused.  She does not want to disrespect Jionni, but she feels horrible about how she just treated Jenni, and Vinny.
Pauly goes out to tell Jenni she should talk to Nicole.
Jenni walks into the room. As soon as the door opens, both women burst into tears, run to each other, hug each other, and apologize. They are close like sisters, and everyone fights sometimes.
In the hot tub, Vinny says Snooki was being really mean.  Pauly tells Deena and Vinny about their discussion.  Vinny is happy Snooki acknowledges what she did was wrong, then Snooki comes outside to talk to Vinny.  Pauly excuses himself to go check out his hair extensions.
Vinny apologizes for anything mean he did, he tells her they are both in relationships, and he gets where Jionni is coming from, and everything has changed.  Snooki says it was all her, she was being dramatic, and she apologizes.  They want to be friends, and it is great they were able to make up.

The next day, Pauly decides it is a GTL day!  Everyone is down, but Deena wonders who does laundry on vacation.  Mike and Jenni drive to the gym together, and discuss Mike’s sentence.  His brother was also indicted too.  Jenni feels like Mike’s family got him into this mess, and really feels for Mike.
Everyone is at the gym working out, except Deena, who is doing to T in GTL, poolside.

Before they all go out for the night, Ronnie decides to make some of his famous  Ron Ron juiceJersey Shore also old Ron Ron Juice
Vinny tells us in confessional that a night with Ron Ron juice has never ended well for Ronnie.  A night of Ron Ron juice will mess up anyone, though it is meant to be consumed only before one heads out to drink and fist pump all night.
Ronnie, in the cab with Deena, Snooki and Jenni, calls Deena sweetie, and that leads to an argument about Sammi.  It doesn’t all revolve around you, Ron! Deena says no, she does not like the Sammi doll.  Ronnie tells her to go call Sammi about it.  Come on Ronnie, don’t ruin a good night with this.  You’ll still feel the same way about Sammi after tonight.

Everyone arrives at the club.  Mike feels weird on the dance floor when he gets surrounded by girls, so he goes back to the VIP table.  Two girls come over to the table, are told to leave, and keep coming back.  They get into it with Deena, but Deena is not taking it from them.  Deena throws some ice, one of the girls tries to throw a bottle of champagne at Deena.  Vinny grabs the bottle, and empties the contents on the girl, as she is gathered up by security.  Deena has to be held back by Pauly.  Deena is so grateful to Vinny, and says perhaps she will thank him by steaming his shirt.  Jenni spots a very pretty girl and her friend, tries to set her up with Pauly, and brings them over to the table.  Jenni is the best wingman ever.
However, Ronnie starts talking to this pretty, blonde, French girl instead.  Ronnie, you have a girlfriend who is pregnant with your child.  Jenni is not thrilled about this.  Vinny and Pauly note that he is close to cheating.What happens next?  The girls are invited home.  Snooki and Deena try to talk Ron out of it, but he insists on bringing the girls home.

Snooki walks to the cabs saying stop, and Jenni comes up to the window of the cab and tell Ron no, but four girls come home.
Everyone wants to get in the hot tub, and the ladies of the house continue to talk Ron out of doing this.  Jenni asks Ron if he brought condoms on this trip.  The answer is no, and Jenni just says Okay in a way that lets you know you are about to mess up your life.
The girls strip down.
Snooki makes the girls drinks. Jersey shore family vacation snooki  She makes them extra strong, in hopes the girls will pass out, and not sleep with Ronnie.  She then makes them chug the drinks in front of her. Her job is done.
Four girls are in the hot tub, Pauly and Vinny join them.  They decide to play truth or dare.  Vinny gets two of the girls to kiss, then Pauly makes out with one of them.  Ronnie has his hand on another girls behind.  Jenni notes that last time Ron cheated, she wrote a note, and got punched in the face for it.  This time, Jenni decides she will head to bed and miss this.
Suddenly, the Snooki drinks hit two of the girls very hard.  One of the girls is puking on the couch, and Snooki is very concerned about how she is feeling.
Ronnie talks to the French girl, who says she wants to see his house before she leaves.  He takes her directly up to his room.  The grand tour.
Not good.

What did we learn this week-  It is true.  Starting the night with Ron Ron juice never ends well for Ronnie.  I am sure he had a good time, but this is one way to completely ruin your relationship with your girlfriend who is pregnant with your child.  At least everyone tried to stop this, except Pauly, who probably thought he could keep Ronnie away from all the ladies from the club, somehow.

-Aoife, TV Guru


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