Untucked, Episode 5

Drag race mayhem untucked
RuPaul’s Drag Race, Untucked – Season 10, Episode 5

The queens declared safe head back stage.
  The group asks each other if anyone has ever slept with a woman.  Kameron says she slept with women for years before sleeping with a man in Venezuela.
They talk about who needs to bring their game up.  Blair thinks Vixen, Aquria thinks Monet, Asia says Mayhem.  They call for the other girls!
Monique gets down to business, and tells everyone who the judges love.
Monet tells the group she feels like the judges think she is the worst drag queen in the world.
Mayhem feels like she did not do enough this week, and is prepared to LSFYL.  Blair tells Mayhem she is so glad that Mayhem said earlier that this day was one of the best days of her life.  Mayhem acknowledges that she was able to let go a little this week, and have fun.  She is still happy with her decision, and had fun doing it.
drag race untucked season 10 episode 5 blair
Cracker talks about how down she was on her performance, and Mahyem comments that Cracker was down on herself, but the judges love her.  Cracker says that she apologizes if she has brought the mood down ever, and she does it because she doubts herself, and does not love herself. She tells the young people watching that when you do not love yourself, it effects the people around you.  Cracker says she is going to work on loving herself.
Eureka notes that as of this episode, she has stayed longer on this season than last season.  Some people look bored, but others are happy for Eureka.

Monet looks so down, standing in front of a mirror. Asia tells her not to get down right now, and keep her head in the game.  Eureka tells her to be herself.  Monet cries, and says she came here to impress her family.  Eureka tells Monet is the Lip Sync Assassin, and I fully agree with that title!!  Thank you, Eureka. I really hope Monet takes these experiences and comes at the rest of the season as hard as possible.

Mayhem cries as she packs up, and there are a lot of notes for her.  She was grateful for her time on the show, she had fun, and is excited for what is next.  Mayhem you have a bright future ahead of you!

What did we learn this week-  Yes, the title fits!  Monet is the Lip Sync Assassin.  I wonder if she is for hire, she has some deadly skills.

That said, I really hope Monet is able to really get it together and bring everything with full force. She is too good a drag queen to go home because of self-doubt issues.  I enjoy her LSFYL, but I would rather see her win challenges.

Number of times I teared up, or cried watching Untucked – 3

-Aoife, TV Guru


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