Part Three: All Kim, All The Time

atlanta reunion 3 funThe Real Housewives of Atlanta – Season 10, Episode 21, Reunion Part 3

It is the last part of this reunion, and it is the Kim show. Will Nene get all ableist again? How much trash will Kim talk about everyone?  Let us see!

Nene and Kim keep yelling, and yelling. Nene calls her trash, and calls Kim a hundred things in thirty seconds.  This has to be some kind of insult record.
The handicapped parking lot photo comes up again. Andy, stop trying to get Nene to get all ableist again!  Nene asks Kim over and over, where is her scooter, since she is the one who is “handicapped”.  Andy tries to say something, but they ignore him, and keep yelling at each other.

Andy shifts the focus to Sheree, especially to her relationship Tyrone.  We are shown a montage of the ladies, and Sheree’s daughter all being concerned that Sheree is dating Tyrone.  Kim says she is happy for Sheree, and she is glad Sheree is in a good relationship.  Sheree says she and Tyrone are not engaged, she will see what happens when he gets home.  She also tells Andy that if his appeal is not granted, she will not wait another two years for him to get out.
Kim and Nene get into a back and forth about who opens their legs to married men, and who was a bigger stripper back in the day.  Kim is asked if Big Poppa ever left his wife, Nene jumps in to say no, Kim says she does not now.
Nene is also questioned about her relationship in the past with Tyrone, and says nothing happened. Sheree says she believes this is true. Tyrone told Andy that Nene was a stalker, and once showed up to stalk him in Philly.  Tyrone…

Focus shifts on Kenya and Kim.  The, “you pimped your daughter out for John Legend tickets” comment comes up repeatedly in the video montage.  Andy asks the women why they have such a big problem with each other.  Kenya says it started at Sheree’s party, when Kim started with her.
There is a whole bunch of back and forth between Kenya and Kim, with Kenya getting in a few good lines.
Nene’s party comes up, and Cynthia reminds Kim that Kenya did not say anything to her then, and Kim disagrees.
Kenya and Kim talk about who between the two of them has balls in their mouth. Again, Kenya talks about Kim pimping out her daughter for John Legend tickets.  Kim says she and Chrissy Teigen are friends, and text all the time.

Nene asks the question we have all been asking ourselves for years.  Kim, why do you have your own show? Kim talks about her success, and claims her fashion line made her fifteen million dollars one year. Porsha and Kenya call her out on this. Porsha tells Kim she must be making as much as Kim Kardashian.
Kim is asked why it is alright to talk about Kenya’s husband, when she says talking about her husband is off limits. The non-answer eventually results in Nene and Kenya making some great faces. Atlanta nene kim reunion one

We are actually shown a clip of John Legend, and Chrissy Teigen on WWHL. Chrissy and Kim are actually friends! Is your mind blown too?

The focus goes back to Kim and Nene, their relationship over the last ten years, and a montage of clips.
We are shown Nene’s ableist outburst from the bus on the way to the Barcelona trip. Again, the focus seems to shift on the roach video comments instead in the clips we are shown.
As in Barcelona, no one says anything about what Nene said on that bus.  Rather, Kim is asked what she thought of Nene and Gregg’s costume. Alright, Andy.  In case you were wondering, Kim says she did not care. I am so glad that burning question has finally been put to rest, and Nene’s ableist rant gets no attention, after being used as a storyline. Noted.
Kim spreading rumors about Nene being on drugs comes up, and Kandi says that kind of statement can really damage someone’s reputation.
Kim is asked if Nene seems like she is on drugs today, and Kim says she cannot tell.  Kim is ridiculous.
Kandi is asked about her relationship with Kim, and says she thought the two of them were good going into this season, but they are not good now. This is because Kim said that Kandi asked if she could give her oral sex, and saying that Kandi and Todd wanted to have sex with her. Kim told this to Sheree, so the women come for Sheree’s title as The Bone Collector.
Kim does not like that in this situation, she is being shown like everything is her fault.  It is your fault Kim, and we are shown video receipts.
atlanta reunion two kim nene kandi
Kandi says she never asked Kim that, and that she and Todd never asked Kim to do anything with them.  Kandi, we know, we know.

The roach video comes up again, and Kim is asked how she would feel if someone came into her house did that.  Finally, Kim yells at Nene for mocking her about her health problems.  Nene completely dodges this again, and once again none of the other women have anything to say about those comments.
The issue of racism with the roach video comes up.  Kim is furious that she is being called a racist.  Kandi tries to explain why this is so, but Kim is still insistent that she is not racist.
Kim tells Andy she wants to leave, and Nene yells for her to go.  Kim tells her not to be so loud. Finally, Kim exits the stage. Bye, Kim!

Andy wraps things up by asking all the women what they have learned this season.  Everyone toasts to peaches!

It is not over. Backstage, Kim cries to Andy.  She says she was never able to get a word out on the set.  Sheree comes over to talk to her.  Kim cries about being called a racist, and that not one of the women had anything positive to say about her.  Andy tries to console her, and Kim cries in his arms. What is this ending??

What did we learn this week-  I guess Nene’s ableist comments are never going to be addressed, despite it being made part of the storyline.   Again, I do not understand why the producers did this.  I certainly do not understand why any of the other women did not say something to Nene, despite the fact that she was talking about Kim.  Bravo, this was a really bad way to handle this.

-Aoife, TV Guru



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