Reunion Part One: Dorit vs. Everyone

beverly hills housewives reunion part one erika dorit vanderpumpThe Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Season 8, Episode 19, Reunion Part 1

This season, we had a new Housewife join the group, a painful, drawn-out, and absolutely boring, continuing fight between Kyle, and Dorit over Lisa’s “friendship”.
They went to Berlin, Erika taught the women how to wear latex, Vanderpump got a new dog after the passing of Pink Dog, and Pikachu.  Erika went off on Teddi, and even though she apologized, it’s going to come up tonight.  Why?  Because, reunion.  Let’s see what happens!

Andy talks about how all the women are successful in their forties, and how this reflects the world today.  Vanderpump notes how much things have changed for women.  Keep in mind, these are already wealthy women who have the capital to start their own businesses and careers, and easily get business partners.

Erika is asked if she has ever completely lost her temper, and she says no.  We are shown the clip of her going off on Teddi, and Erika explains she was just frustrated.   Vanderpump says Erika needs to learn to control her temper.  Erika’s book comes up, and she says no one in her family has read it including Tom.  Andy finds that weird.
Rinna is asked by a fan if she would go back to play Billie on Days of Our Lives.  I am sorry DOOL fans, she says she would not do it not full time, and the pay is almost nothing.  Lisa, please make frequent guest appearances on Days! We need more Billie.

Andy mentions that Dorit did not name a bathing suit after Teddi, or Camille.  Dorit says Teddi is one person to her face, and another behind her back.  Teddi says she had no idea that Dorit felt the way she does about her until she watched this season.  Teddi tells Dorit she is completely dismissive when she talks to Teddi.  Dorit says she was hurt by Teddi, and Teddi apologizes, while noting that Dorit is dismissive of her, and does not see Teddi as a friend.
We are shown a Teddi montage, and Teddi gets emotional when talking about how hard it was to have children.   Teddi talks about how she really wants another child and Dorit suggests getting a dog from Vanderpump Dogs instead. Gee, thanks Dorit.
Rinna asks why the group has never met her dad or Meg Ryan, who is a friend of Teddi’s.  Andy asks Erika if she would do a collaboration with John Mellencamp, and Erika says he is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and does not need to collaborate with anyone.

The focus is on Lisa Rinna, and how she has changed into the “nice Lisa Rinna”.  She has been very mindful of her behavior and how she treats people lately. She is still a lot of fun though, as we are reminded from the Berlin lingerie party.  Andy asked if she was motivated by fans being angry at her, and she says it was more about being disturbed by watching her behavior, and she wanted to change.  Mindfulness is cool!
Lisa is asked if fans have problems with her sometimes sexy Instagram account, and she says if people do they do not have to look at her photos.

The Dorit and Kyle feud over Vanderpump is brought up, and we are shown a montage of everything that went down this season.
Lisa brings up how bad it makes her feel when people call her out on treating her friends like puppets, especially when it came to this months-long fight. Kyle tries to say how she feels, and Lisa tells her to stop talking.  If there was any question as to how Vanderpump treats people she considers friends, you can rewind that part.  On another tip, I do not think she would ever talk to PK like this, or any of her cis-hetero men friends.
Kyle keeps talking anyway, and Lisa tries to shout her down, by screaming, “that’s not true” over and over. Andy asks Kyle if she feels like she is competing with Dorit for Lisa’s friendship, and Kyle says no. Vanderpump notes that she has watched the season.  She tells to Kyle, that the things she said to her bout Dorit were designed to create a wedge between them.
Dorit is asked by Andy why she did not come clean about calling her insecure and other things when she was asked.  Lisa says she was upset when she saw the show, but since then they have tears, and does not want to be accused of holding a grudge. Dorit says she thinks Kyle is a bit competitive with Lisa.  She says that Kyle told her that Lisa controls her.  Kyle denies this, and says she does not remember saying that. beverly hills housewives reunion part 1 kyle dorit
Kyle is asked why she had to ruin Dorit’s Bella party.  Dorit sets the record straight, and says she was uncomfortable being alone with Erika at the beach house, and that whole drama comes up.  Kyle says that we have seen Dorit exaggerated, and Dorit goes off, saying this is not true. Dorit, we have all seen you on video doing exactly this. beverly hills housewives reunion part one rinna teddi kyle
Erika tells Kyle she does not have a problem with Dorit.  She says she did not speak up at the beach house, because she was so confused.
Kyle gets a question about everyone “being up everyone’s ass”. Erika asks Kyle why she tried to make something out of nothing.  Kyle mentions that she did apologize to Erika.
Andy brings up she also apologized to Dorit for “ruining” her fashion show. Dorit says she feels like their friendship is fractured.  Rinna suggest they let things go and move on.  Erika agrees, with Rinna adding that it is freeing. I agree with Rinna and Erika, these women should move on and stop fighting over

What did we learn this week-  I do not know what Vanderpump’s definition of friend is, but again, it seems more like a puppet than a friend. It all makes me wonder how much of this is script, since she is so kind on Vanderpump Rules.

Dorit needs to learn how to be among other people.  Not throwing temper tantrums is one of them, and not yelling at people out of nowhere would be another. We all have things to work on, this is something that would be very beneficial for Dorit.  Dorit, if Rinna can learn to control her reactions, and be mindful of her behavior, so can you!

-Aoife, TV Guru


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