Will Sonja Morgan Please Leave the Hamptons?

Housewives of nyc season 10 episode 4 dorinda sonjaThe Real Housewives of New York City – Season 10, Episode 4, War and P.O.S.

Last time, Dorinda was telling Sonja that a husband dying is not the same as divorcing a husband. She says this is especially true since Sonja had an affair, implying that is why Sonja’s marriage ended. Dorinda demands an apology.  She tells the rest of the women she will not be going to dinner with Sonja, and has to leave the room.  Sonja is hurt by the accusations of cheating, but Ramona tells Sonja she was out of line, and should apologize.
LuAnn tries to comfort Dorinda.  Dorinda puts on her jacket, gets ready to leave, and tells Sonja if Richard was alive they would be happy together.  Ramona demands that Sonja go apologize to Dorinda, but Sonja will not do it.  Dorinda cannot be comforted by LuAnn, and leaves.
Ramona freaks out because she does not want her party to be a dramafest after this brunch.

Bethenny, Carole, and Tinsley go check out an investment property of Bethenny’s.  Bethenny says when she looks for real estate, she looks for a property that just needs a little bit of work.  It is a beautiful house, with a built-in pool.  Again, we learn not to comment on things we do not know a la Ramona on this property.
Dorinda calls Carole, and she tells the women what happened with Sonja at brunch.  Carole is not happy to hear this, as someone who also lost their spouse.

Later on, Dorinda and Ramona get ready together for Ramona’s dinner.  They talk about real estate as well. Ramona tells us that she is a business woman, and she did everything herself.
Dorinda is eager to talk more to Kirk, since Ramona cannot stop talking about him.  Ramona flirts with Kirk, and could not be more obvious.  This is great, I love watching Ramona at work when it comes to romance.
John arrives as a surprise for Dorinda, and Bethenny’s kind-of-boyfriend, Dennis, is in attendance,
Carole, the guest of honor arrives, looking fun!  She is wearing a tattoo body suit, covered with leather shorts, and a black, sleeveless top that shows off her fake tats.  Tinsley notes that Ramona’s friends are all there, and it does not seem like a party in Carol’s honor.
Bethenny comments that everyone’s outfit looks out of control, including her own.
housewives of nyc season 10 episode 4 bethenny
Sonja tells Ramona she should have stuck up for her at brunch.  Tinsley notices there is a lot of yelling going on fro Sonja and Ramona’s direction, and Dorinda tells Tinsley she should go talk to Sonja. Dorinda tells us that sometimes, she loves being a pot-stirrer.

Carole notes there is nothing at the party to that would suggest this party is for her finishing the marathon.  Ramona gives a toast to Carole.  Carole tells us this party was just an excuse for her to get close to Kirk, and has nothing to do with her.
Dorinda tells a story about Richard, and Bethenny notices that Dorinda really talks a lot about Richard.  She also says that Sonja gets grief for talking about her ex husband once, when Dorinda talks about Richard all the time.  Why should Dorinda not be able to talk about her husband who passed?
LuAnn makes some snide comment at Bethenny, and Bethenny tells her it was rude, and to apologize to Dennis, which LuAnn does.
Sonja is upset that she has been banished to the end of the table, while Dorinda is in the middle.  She thanks god for her Hamptons friends.  Sonja, do us all a favor and go have dinner with them now.
Sonja and Tinsley get into a yelling fight from across the table screaming the other one is lying. Dorinda stirs this pot. Carole tells Sonja to not talk about someone like that.  Tinsley tells Sonja to shut up, and shut her legs, and goes in the other room. Dorinda tells us that she did tell Tinsley to speak up to Sonja, but not to go this far.  Please note Dorinda is still enjoying every moment of this.
Sonja keeps yelling at the table, and Bethenny calls her out.
Tinsley brings in a check for Sonja which Bethenny burns with a candle on the table.
Sonja lashes out at Ramona again for not sticking up for her, and demanding that she apologize to Dorinda at brunch.
A cake comes out for Carole! I am all about the cakes on the Housewives shows. Also, it breaks up the fighting.
Sonja and Dorinda go talk in another room. Sonja gets teary, and Dorinda says that she is not buying the tears.  Sonja says she is coming off of an anti-depressant, and maybe that is she why she said those things at brunch.  Dorinda feels like this is not an apology, and more of Sonja trying to work out her own thought process.
Bethenny tells us that another night in the Hamptons was destroyed by everyone arguing, and wearing bad outfits.  Sometimes, Bethenny’s comments are so good, and so spot on.  This is one of those times.  Rejoice, Hamptons!

The next morning, Ramona and Dorinda are in the kitchen.  Ramona says she has really come a long way with getting along with John.
Ramona reads Dorinda the angry texts Sonja sent her about  not standing up for her at brunch.  Sonja called her a P.O.S.
Carole, and Tinsley are the first to arrive at brunch.  Tinsley stopped at Jo Malone beforehand!  All the women stream in.  Sonja tells us she would rather just make her Jitney, but she is not going to turn down an expensive brunch.
Ramon whispers to Carole about the text that Sonja sent her, and asks to change her seat, since she is sitting across from Sonja.  Carole notes that it is not just Ramona having problems with Sonja, but it feels like everyone in the group is having problems with Sonja.
Sonja tells us that Ramona moved because she knows she cannot fight her, she is a loser, and she has to go run to the other end of the table to kiss everyone’s behind. Sonja, is there anything else you want to say about Ramona?
Sonja kind of gets into things with everyone, except Bethenny and LuAnn. Bethenny even gets into things with LuAnn a bit over Sonja.   Bethenny had to tell LuAnn that she was talking to Sonja at the table, because Sonja is a human being.
Sonja compares herself to Cersei in Game of Thrones, being forced  to run through the streets  while everyone shamed her. Sonja, get over yourself!

What did we learn this week-  If you throw a party for someone, make sure the party is really for them!  Cake is always nice, though. Be like Dorinda, and make it nice! Cake!

Sonja. I do not know what she could do to redeem herself with this group.
She was so nasty when talking about Ramona in confessional.  Perhaps she is misdirecting her anger, because almost everyone piled on her at Ramona’s party. I hope the rest of the season is not everyone vs. Sonja, there is only so much of this one can take.

I am living for Bethenny’s comments about how awful the outfits were, that everyone wore to Ramona’s party. I’ve seen this group do worse, but every outfit was really fun in its own way, even LuAnn’s sweater.

-Aoife, TV Guru


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