Proportionizing at DragCon

Drag race season 10 episode 6 Monique sitting on a secretRuPaul’s Drag Race – Season 10, Episode 6, Drag Con Panel Extravaganza

Our weary queens return to the work room after the denim and diamonds elimination.  Monet feels really defeated, since she has been in the bottom two for two weeks in a row. Cracker tells Monet that she killed it with LYSFYL, which she most certainly did.  Monet says she destroyed her outfit in the process, and Monique tells her she will by another one that actually fits correctly. This brings Monet, and all some laughs. Eureka cannot understand how Monet is the funniest queen in NYC, but is buckling under the pressure in this competition. Cracker talks about how she keeps coming close to winning, but never does. She feels like she really needs to step it up on the show, and start winning.  Everyone goes to change, and Kameron says she cannot wait to take off her “country couture clown suit”. Drag race untucked season 10 episode 6 Kameron
Aquaria gives Monet a hug, and tells her she is so glad that she is still here.  Aquaria, so are we!  Asia tells us that Monet’s drag is hit or miss, and she needs to stop wearing “Dennis the Menace wigs”.  I need a wig manufacturer to make a line of Monet the Menace wigs right now.

I love this group, another week, another time everyone comes singing into the workroom!  Blair tells us she is so happy to be there, and siiiiiings!drag race season 10 episode 6 workroom
Ru comes in and announces the mini-challenge, Sitting on a Secret. Everyone will be blindfolded, and will have to sit on mystery objects to try and identify them.
First up, Monique, who has to sit on a fax machine. Asia goes next, and is able to correctly identify it.
Aquaria, and Monet sit on an eggplant.  They both thing it’s mushy and big, but only Aquaria is able to name this object.
Next, up a traffic cone. The Vixen has a hard time finding it, and Asia is able to make another correct identification!
The next item is a bag of Sweet Maui Onion potato chips…I say extra points if anyone is able to get that specific on this one. Cracker is able to guess the object.
A porkchop is the next mystery item. Monique is able to identify it.  Cracker reminds Ru she is Jewish, and asks if she is sitting on ham.  Close!
Next, marshmallows.  Poor Vixen thinks it is spaghetti, and gets them all over her butt and thighs.  The same thing happens to Kameron, but she correctly guesses she was sitting on marshmallows.  They are all over her thighs.  Kameron fans may be drooling right now.
A fish is the next item.  Blair thinks it’s bacon, and Eureka does her Kiegels, but does not guess correctly. Cracker thinks it is flat, and a little cold, so she guesses Aquaria.  No one gets the fish right.
Next up cake, which I wish I could rescue and eat. Everyone gets their behind full of icing on this one, and Kameron, Asia, and Aquaria get it right.
Asia wins the challenge as the person with the most correct answers! Hooray that this mini-challenge was brought back!

Ru talks about why he created DragCon, and it ties into this week’s challenge.  Everyone will be working in groups of three to create a Drag Con panel.  Each panel will need to prepare a panel discussion, a demo, and to answer questions from a live audience.  The panel focus is one on Body,  another on Face, and the last on Wigs.  Everyone will choose their own teams, and pick which panel focus they want.
Monet is afraid no one will pick her, because of how she did over the last two weeks.
The groups end up being Blair, The Vixen, and Miz Cracker are Team Wig, Monet, Kameron and Eureka are Team Body, and Asia, Monique and Aquaria are Team Face. Asia comments that this is a speaking challenge, but Kameron is quiet, Eureka talks too much, and Monet has been in the bottom two the last two weeks. She is curious to see how this will turn out, and so are we.

Everyone gets to work! Eureka talks about her experience at DragCon, and the group decides she will moderate.  Eureka invents a word, “proportionizing”, which is their tagline, and means creating a silhouette.  Monique and Cracker wish they would stop, though.
Ru comes over to gives each of the groups advice.  When talking to Team Face, she reminds them to bring out the joy of makeup.  Asia says she has picked up all of Ru’s chicken nuggets of wisdom, and is dipping them in sauce.
Ru is concerned Team Wig has no moderator.  Cracker says she wants it to be more like the three of them just hanging out and talking, but Ru does not like this concept for a Con panel.
Ru tells Team Body to focus on the joy, and makes sure Monet will be giving it her all this week.
Before he leaves, Ru reminds them how much a Con can mean for a performer in terms of fans, so the live audience tomorrow will be voting for their favorite panel, and their favorite queen.  This puts another level of pressure on everyone.

Elimination Day, and everyone marches into the workroom with confidence.  Monet tells Eureka that her accent makes it all ok.
Blair reminds her group that they have to make sure they get the attention of the fans, and shows us her book of statistics she has been keeping on the season so far.  I love you, Blair.  If you know someone who loves statistics in your life, it is a good thing.
Monique reminds everyone that she came to this competition with glitter and Jesus, “and I’m making it work, Okayyy”.
Kameron has a before and after photo before and after she started doing drag.  She did not work out before she did drag, and did not do it because of an ex relationship.
Cracker talks to Monet about her family not knowing she does drag.  Monet explains that the Caribbean is not the most welcoming place for LGBTQ folks.  She says she was outed when the only newspaper on St. Lucia printed a photo of her in drag.  Monet felt like she could not tell her family the truth, and told them she was just doing a movie.
There are calls of Vanjie!, as everyone keeps doing their makeup.

DragCon time!  Today’s judges are comedian Kumail Nanjiani, and actor, and also Kumail’s wife, Emily Blunt. Drag drace season 10 epsiode 6 Ru Kumail Emily
The audience is full of fans, and Team Body goes first.  They do very well, and introduce the world to proportionizing, and at one point they get the room to say it, including Michelle! Monet is really funny, and works that audience. They really have a good panel.
They have a lot of fun with their demo, padding one of the members of the Pit Crew. I learned some fun things about padding tonight, and we do not even get to see entire presentation.

Team Face is next, and Monique is the moderator.  They all have the interest of the fans from the very beginning.  For their demo, they give the dragged-up member of the Pit Crew some shimmer highlights.  Thank you Monique, I now know how to apply shimmer quickly.  Aquaria teaches us how to do a glitter lip with eyelash glue, as Asia teaches us how to apply lashes.  Her secret is using a blow dryer to get the glue to set.  Again, I learned a lot, and they were fun to watch.

Team Wig comes out, as Wigs Anonymous.  They introduce themselves as if they were in an AA meeting,  At one point, the audience is asked who is wearing a wig, and Cracker says she smells a merkin,  During the demo, Blair styles the wig, Cracker teaches us to use a wig cap taped down with duct tape.
Afterward, they throw gifts of hair extensions into the audience.  Another great panel, but  Blair kept getting talked over by Aquaria and The Vixen, and we shall see how that goes with the judges.

Here comes the runway, which has a hat theme. drag race season 10 episode 6 girls
I love Monet’s Church Lady outfit.  Aqauria gives an androgynous rabbit and top hat magician look.  Monique also dresses like a Church Lady, but one who attends a church made of disco queens, ravers, and anyone who loves some holographic shine.
Asia is a dandelion, with a giant, round headpiece, and looks absolutely amazing.  No one is topping this look. Cracker wears a hat she made out of hair, and gives us a My Fair Lady look.  Miz Cracker should start a line of wig hats.
Again, I love our Season 10 queens, they are such a talented bunch of drag artists.

Ru announces her decisions, Monet, Kameron and Eureka are the top three of the week. Blair, Miz Cracker, and The Vixen are in the bottom three.  Ru tells Asia, who is safe, what a great job she did this week.  Asia, that runway look was everything!
Monet gets a lot of praise from the judges this week, and it feels good just to watch this.
All the judges will be saying proportionizing for weeks.
Cracker gets praise for her wig hat.  Michelle thinks that Cracker that her digs should have been funny, and it just seemed like she was  being men to Blair.  Blair is called out for being too sweet, and Blair tells the judges about how she makes her drag positive, and bright because she is trying to fight against a dark force.  Blair tells everyone that she was raped in college, and just tries so hard to stay positive and wants to make everything pretty.  Vixen tells Blair she cannot wait to meet the person who did that to her, and I’m with Vixen and shaking as I write this.
Vixen gets some harsh reviews for also seeming like she was picking on Blair, and especially for her runway piece.
Ru says Blair is understandably throwing rainbows on everything to make things better, and is attempting to walk through her fear and pain to get to the other side.
Eureka is the winner of this week’s challenge!  She notes that she is the first contestant to win two challenges in a row, so YAY!
Blair and The Vixen are up for elimination, and will have to LSFYL to Diana Ross’s I’m Coming Out. Blair is giving it her all, but Vixen blows her out of the water. I love watching Blair though, she is having fun with this, and that’s not something we see a lot. This also makes The Vixen more playful, as she flips, and dances around that stage.
The Vixen is safe, and Blair is eliminated.  Blair gets hugs from everyone before she leaves the stage.  Miss Congeniality  of Season 10 says we have not seen the last of her.

Number of New York Queens Remaining – 3
Number of Boy Butter Commericals – 0
Number of Commercials for Trixie Mattel-  Lost Count

What have we learned this week- Oxford English Dictionary, Webster’s, it is time to add proportionizing to your tomes. We have a new word for the ages!

CW: Rape, Sexual Assault:


Many survivors are never able to tell their stories to anyone, even parents, or spouses. It must have taken a lot of work for Blair to be able to share her story in the most public way possible. She said this was the first time she was ever able to say the word rape, as it related to her experience.  This is a big move for Blair, and she helped a lot of survivors tonight.

If you, or someone you know has survived a rape, or sexual assault and needs resources, advice on talking to police, and lawyers, or just someone to talk with, please contact RAINN:
Phone number: 1-800-656-4673
Online chat:

-Aoife, TV Guru



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